Goal Digger Episode 009: What Worked, What Didn’t Work and What’s Next with Jenna Kutcher

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December 28, 2016


Today I will be taking a trip through 2016 and walking through the things that worked, the things that didn’t work, and how I was able to have my most profitable, exciting year in business – all while working smarter, not harder… Oh, and I’ll be sharing my three big goals for 2017. Here we go!


“I finally learned how to delegate and outsource in some of the biggest ways possible” (6:05)

“While I spent more money then I could have ever imagined in the past year, I also made more money than I knew was even possible” (6:10)

“Hiring a team was the second biggest change and win for me this year” (6:40)

“We have been able to pay for two complete water projects in third world countries to provide water that is fresh and clean for communities, we have been able to sponsor children and help out in our neighborhood.” (10:20)

“You have become a community of people that rise up around whatever it is I’ve dreaming of doing; you are the ones that say go for it and we will follow and we will support.” (11:55)

“The podcast has been one of the first projects in a long time that just fires me up” (12:10)

“Definitely setting more boundaries and sticking to them and really just fostering a full life and not just a life full of work has been a really big win” (14:10)

“One of the things that I really struggled with this year is that I would set aside time as down time” (15:50)

“I am going to be a lot more aware of what I’m saying ‘Yes’ to and what I am saying ‘No’ to” (18:22)

“This year I really wanted to be able to consistently invest in myself in my own education and not focus solely on just serving others” (19:12)

“Focus on growth and growing our lives and not just our businesses” (20:13)

“It’s one of those things where life is just so short and nothing is promised and we want to inspire people to acknowledge that and to live as full as you can” (28:34)

“When you face something that is really life altering or changing, everything shifts into perspective and everything becomes a little bit more clear” (35:29)


Start Planner from Kristy Dickerson

Power Sheets from Lara Casey

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  1. Donna Londot says:

    Your podcast are so refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for your Sharing.,


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