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October 1, 2020


It’s no secret that I’m *obsessed* with the newer women-owned email platform Flodesk. When people ask me what platform I recommend when they’re starting their email list, Flodesk is always my #1 go-to. In my experience (and I’ve been around the email-block more than a few times), most platforms lack something major, whether it’s poor user experience, confusing interface, or just plain ugly templates for emails.

Flodesk, on the other hand, has done an absolutely BRILLIANT job of streamlining everything, from making pretty, customizable emails easy to simplifying starting, tracking, and growing your list from scratch. It literally has everything you need in the email list-building sphere, AND makes it all as easy to use as possible.

I could rave for literally days on end about this platform, but today I wanted to feature a few business gals who are using and loving it themselves as they build their own entrepreneurial empires. Check out these Flodesk reviews from real business owners, and while you’re at it, join my free 0-250 list-building mini-course that walks you through exactly how to start your email list using Flodesk at the helm!

1. Flodesk Review from Sales Coach Danielle Slagel

Tell us a little about you + your business:

“After over a decade in corporate sales and strategy, I decided to take my career into my own hands! As a VP of Strategy, I was tired of seeing women struggle in business due to fear of selling or lack of strategy, so I left a male-dominated industry of tech startup sales and started Slagel Langton Co., a consulting and coaching business serving female entrepreneurs looking to scale their business leveraging authentic sales methodologies and proven strategies. Selling is relationship building and storytelling… two things women are innately good at! We offer courses, masterminds, and consulting contracts.”

Why did you choose to go with Flodesk?

“I chose Flodesk before having an email list because it seemed like the most user-friendly. I like having a platform that gives me ideas on what to send or how something can look. It felt like the platform was holding my hand as I embarked on building out my list!”

What kind of content do you send your list?

“I send weekly-ish emails about sales and strategy to my list. Most women are fearful or in the dark on how to best leverage for their business. The goal as CEO is to have an impact AND INCOME. So I like to simplify those two topics. I include a story and mention a concept, tool, or resource they can implement into their own business. Sometimes it’s as simple as providing a bit of inspiration and support to them as well!”

How has your experience been?

“Flodesk allows you to be as creative as you’d like! It offers incredible templates that you can easily customize to fit your brand. If I run into issues or have questions, their team is extremely timely in responding. ”

2. Flodesk Review from Author + Community Leader Caroline Jefferson

Tell me a little about you + your business.

“Hey! I’m Caroline Jefferson, founder of Parents of an Angel. In the fall of 2013, I found out that I was expecting my first son. My husband and I were filled with nothing but joy. In June 2014, my son’s heart stopped beating during my 39th week of pregnancy. I was just a few days shy of my due date.

It felt like my world came crashing down in a matter of seconds. In the months following his passing, my husband and I were desperate to find ways to cope with our loss and connect with each other as bereaved parents. Out of my pain and search for help, Parents of an Angel was born.

Parents of an Angel is a comforting community for grieving parents. Through this online community, I provide resources, comfort, and support to moms (and dads) who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. My goal is to give bereaved families and their support systems an easy way to find the things that I desperately needed when I grieved my son.

In January 2020, I published [the book] ‘Heartache, Healing, & Hope: The story of one mom’s courageous journey after pregnancy loss.’ This book is a collection of short stories that help moms navigate through the different feelings and experiences with grief.

The Parents of an Angel online boutique is also coming soon. I look forward to offering grieving parents a place to shop for memorial keepsakes and products to help with healing.”

Why did you choose Flodesk?

“For me, it was a no-brainer. My mentor told me about Flodesk back in January of this year and everything about it just made sense. It was cost-effective, easy to navigate, and convenient. Balancing entrepreneurship, family, a full-time job, and a (now virtual) social life requires a lot of time management. I love that I can pop into Flodesk and create a beautiful email to my subscribers in less than 30 minutes!

The other major selling point for me was the flat-rate pricing model. I’ll never have to micromanage my subscriber list to make sure I stay under a certain number of subscribers and avoid paying higher subscription fees. Having a flat-rate service reminded me that Flodesk wants to help me grow my subscriber list, not charge me more when my business grows.”

What has your user experience been?

“The user experience was one of the main reasons why I chose Flodesk, and eventually joined Flodesk’s Member Experience team! I love how easy it is to navigate to what I need.

I used to dread email marketing. I knew it was a great way to grow my business and reach my community, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed on the platforms I used before. Now, I look forward to sitting down with my coffee and Motown playlist every week, and just create content for my subscribers. The best part? The templates take the work out of spending hours upon hours trying to craft the perfect message.”

What would you say to someone on the fence?

“You always want to think about what’s best for your business. After all, selecting an email service provider is a big business decision.

For me, saving time and increasing efficiency were important for me. Flodesk allowed me to do both of those things because the platform is so easy to use.

My advice for anyone considering Flodesk would be to start with a 30-day trial and really see how Flodesk can work for your business. There are tons of resources to help you get started.”

2. Flodesk Review from Copywriter Susannah Hutcheson

Tell me a little about you + your business.
“I am a Dallas-based copy and content writer, meaning I do everything from writing marketing collateral and website copy to blog content and journalism articles. I taught for three years before taking the jump to write full-time, and am absolutely obsessed with telling people’s stories by focusing on real connection (and conversion, because duh.) My business, Susie B. & Co., is a full-service copywriting biz dedicated to all sorts of clients and their needs, from their social media copy all the way to their ongoing content. I also freelance write for a variety of publications, because the journalist in me just cannot stop.”
Why did you choose to use Flodesk?
“I had tried soooo many email platforms, and was so disappointed by how hard I found it to actually make my emails look pretty. While I see the value in a text-rich email, I’m also a big fan of gorgeous fonts and beautiful layouts—and Flodesk is the only platform that allows you to build user-facing AND stunning emails without the need for code or complication.”
What kind of content do you send your list?
“I have two bi-weekly newsletters that I send out to my list, and they’re my favorite thing to do each week. I wrote a series for USA Today for several years all about people’s careers, and interviewed everyone from Jimmy Fallon to John Legend—and I have MISSED that connection with people, and fell in love with pulling out stories and advice from people’s lives. I decided that I wanted to do something similar again, which is why I created Making it Through: A Newsletter for Badass Women Just Like You, where I’m interviewing women about their lives, their struggles, their coffee orders, and the ways that they make it through life, even on the days where it’s just hard. It’s so, so stinkin’ fun and I’ve been able to talk to some really incredible women. I also send another newsletter called The Co., which is basically a newsletter where I share musings on life, articles that I found really powerful, and things that made me laugh the week before.”
What’s your favorite part of using Flodesk?
“I love how I can make my emails look like they were professionally designed without the need for a… professional designer. It’s intuitive and easy, and so dang pretty!”

If you want to give Flodesk a try and see what these lovely ladies are talking about, you can get started with a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed) right here!

Plus, wondering how to actually get people ON your list?

Sign up for my free and virtual email list building workshop to go from 0 to 250 subscribers right here!

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