Before & After Digital Course Academy: 3 Students Share Their Fears and Success

September 9, 2020


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Making a big investment in yourself doesn’t always feel like slipping into a warm bubble bath, especially not at first. It feels like diving head first into cold, dark water. Your heart races, your teeth chatter, and your brain is shouting, “Did I really just do that?” But then, there’s the precious moment when you resurface and take that first big gulping breath of air. You climb your way out of the water, wrap up in your coziest towel and think, hey, that was actually… Super refreshing. You’re telling everyone still standing on the edge of the water, “You know, it’s a lot nicer once you get in.”

These three students decided to take their own plunge by investing in themselves and enrolling in Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. This program is the gold standard for anyone who wants to create, launch, and scale an online course… And that’s exactly what Danielle, Chrissy, and Nicole have done over the last year. But investing in the program wasn’t a decision that came lightly. Their fear and reservations could’ve prevented them from diving into the water — could’ve held them back from all of the success they’ve seen since making the understandably fear-filled decision to invest. Is that you? Are you standing on the edge thinking, sure, creating an online course sounds great, but should I, could I really dive in?

That’s actually why Danielle, Chrissy, and Nicole are on the Goal Digger Podcast. They know better than anyone what it’s like to be where you’re standing, debating if this is the right jump. You’ll hear their before, during, and after stories of Digital Course Academy, as well as the reservations they had and how those went out the window as they started the course. I am so thrilled to have them here so you can picture yourself in their successes.

Nicole Nieves

Nicole was gainfully employed, working in a full time corporate position that had all the traditional trappings of success — title, steady paycheck, and assumed stability. But then the bottom dropped out and she was laid off.

That sudden shift in her employment also made her think differently about what she wanted to do next with her career. Nicole has three kids, and she wanted to be present with them as they grew up. She wanted freedom of time in a way that corporate America just couldn’t deliver.

Nicole invested in Digital Course Academy and committed to starting her own business and launching her first program around the same time she was offered a new job as a creative director. Her business was off to a powerful start, but this job was everything she had hoped for.

You might think I’m about to tell you she turned down that full-time job to continue focusing on her business. But that’s not what happened. Instead, Nicole did both — she continued with her budding business and took on the new position, all while continuing to raise her three children. “I’m not going to say it was easy, but it was possible,” Nicole shared.

Nicole’s story shows what’s possible when you’re ready for a shift in your life and career that will lead to more time, more financial freedom, and not to mention, making a greater impact with what you know. Hit play to hear what Nicole’s business looks like now.

Chrissy Allison

If you’re struggling with seeing yourself as an expert, or you’re not sure if what you know is worth sharing in an online course, you need to hear Chrissy Allison’s story.

As a math educator, she knew the education space in it’s more traditional format. But she held a lot of mindset blocks when it came to offering her own online program in the same niche. Still, Chrissy felt called to explore the digital course space, and so she asked for Digital Course Academy as a Mother’s Day gift.

“It was an expensive Mother’s Day gift!” she laughed. Chrissy explained that with the different paces offered within the course, she was able to work through the content at a pace that allowed her to still keep up with her learning while also working her day job. The 6 month track was perfect for her.

Chrissy launched her course in the midst of the pandemic, to a student base that she describes as “triple niched”. Still, her launch was a success. Now she’s working on a program that will help parents who are homeschooling their kids this year. Hit play to hear the full story from Chrissy herself, because I think you’ll see yourself in it.

Danielle Slagel

Danielle was living her best life with her dream job. On the outside, her VP level position seemed so glamorous and enviable. But on the inside, Danielle was facing burnout. She had been thinking about resigning for a year, and kept putting off the phone call. When she finally did call her boss to resign, Danielle learned quickly the meaning of being “replaceable”. Less than 15 seconds on the phone and she was out of her dream job.

Two weeks post-resignation, Danielle invested in Digital Course Academy. She was the true definition of starting from scratch. She had no business to speak of, no email list, and no social media. But what she did have was a desire to create a new vision for her career that wouldn’t lead to burn out.

Through DCA, Danielle unlocked her superpower — selling. At first she didn’t see it as her zone of genius because she was simply too close to it. But putting her expertise into a program proved to be the idea that would turn into the scalable business she wanted. With five launches under her belt and a sixth on the way, Danielle has officially doubled the six-figure corporate salary that she left.

Danielle is one of those success stories that proves with desire and focus, you can create the business and life you’ve dreamed of, too. Press play on this episode to hear more from Danielle.

The Big Picture

How did these student success stories make you feel? Do you hear yourself in their challenges and dream of their successes? I truly believe that everyone has a digital course inside of them, and Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy is the best way to unleash it. To learn more and start your DCA journey, go to I hope I’ll be hearing YOUR success story this time next year.

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