How She Did It: Running a Chart-Topping Podcast With Cathy Heller

March 5, 2018


If you’re considering starting a podcast, this episode is for you! Cathy is an inspiration– and she is also a brilliant businesswoman and podcaster. I knew she would be open about the nitty gritty process of starting a podcast and she did not disappoint.

I hate to say the cliche of “and so much more”, but TRULY, this episode is packed with inspiration, motivation, and advice for every career- not just the social media world! Cathy is just so refreshing that her positivity seeped far beyond the world of podcasting! If you are looking for a kick in the pants to live out your potential, you’re in the right place!


It was so fun to reflect on the beginning of starting my podcast with someone who “gets it”. Cathy and I both talked about how we just kind of jumped into the podcasting world and built our wings along the way. We mentioned how the beginning can feel a bit overwhelming because you have to figure out #AllTheThings very quickly, but it is a great opportunity to clarify your vision and hope for your show.

Our best tip was to define a really clear mission statement for your show. What do you want it to be focused on? Who will be your audience? What is your end goal? Even if these things change with time, it is so important to be clear in your ambitions, in the beginning, to help you lay a foundation. Cathy said it best with “Define your purpose… don’t overthink it: you won’t be perfect in the beginning, but just trust that you’ll figure it out as you go.”


I asked Cathy for “Don’t Keep Your Day Jobs” motive and she summarized it quickly (and beautifully!) “I believe there are no extras in the game of life, I want [my listeners] to figure out and crystallize that thing that calls to them– how they can do it full time. It doesn’t matter if others are doing it, if you’re called to it, you’ll find your way. When you align so deeply with something you care about so deeply, the world will unfold for you if you put the work in.”

This is just to show that you must always be in tune and aligned with your mission. It might (and probably will!) shift slightly over the years, but that’s okay as long as you are aligned with it in all of its stages! (Also, don’t even get us started on picking your podcast’s name… We were laughing that the pressure of naming your show feels like naming a child!)


Now that you’ve clarified your mission, let’s see what your audience thinks! Both Cathy and I chatted about the absolute necessity to assess what your audience needs. There are so many ways to do this: facebook group polls, tracking downloads, quantifying feedback, etc.

While this part can be mentally taxing (Cathy mentioned her least favorite part of podcasting is getting caught up in the numbers: rankings, downloads, etc.), it is incredibly valuable in catering your show to your tribe.


The framework has been laid, now it’s time to build! Hands down the best way to grow your show? Be authentic, be vulnerable, be real:

“Be all the things that you are– the good and the bad. People will relate to both. We are all the same– everyone pretends to be perfect, but everyone is a work in progress.” Cathy mentioned that channeling vulnerability in your show makes you stronger instead of weaker.

There it is, guys. A step by step guide to starting a podcast from two seasoned podcasters. Cathy is truly such a gift and I am so thankful podcasting introduced us– both as collaborators and truly as a friend. There is SO much wisdom packed within this episode, but the biggest takeaway is that no matter what you’re chasing down, if you’re consistent, present, and intentional, things will unfold. You’ve got this, Goal Digger.






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  1. Hannah E. says:

    I love, love, LOVED this episode! Thank you for bringing her to the show – the two of you together create amazing inspiration for this loyal listener! XOXO.



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