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5 Ways to Outsource Your Life


Outsource 5 Ways to Outsource Your Life

Trust me when I tell ya, I didn’t always do things like this. I was that one-woman show who believed she could do it and I lived like that for a few years… in fact, I was SO resistant to asking for help… it was like I was allergic to it. I was white knuckling my business and thus white knuckling my life and until I started to loosen my grip on control, I couldn’t see my way out. Once I started outsourcing, I couldn’t stop. Here are 5 ways we are outsourcing our lives this year and let me tell you, it’s been worth every single penny.

1.) Get a food delivery service:

We thought these were so fancy and ritzy until we got one. We gave Hellofresh a try and boom, we’ve been hooked. Literally every Tuesday when the box shows up on our porch we are the happiest campers. It’s like we don’t even know how to cook dinner without it. Basically once a week we get a box with 4 different dinners: all the ingredients and the recipes. It’s all healthy and so dang delicious and the meals take about 30 minutes to make. The truth was, before we started getting our dinners delivered, we would eat out a few times a week because we didn’t have the right groceries on hand and we couldn’t whip something up BUT since we started getting Hellofresh, we rarely eat out and have saved a lot of money and calories. Fun fact: I HATE the grocery store, I know it’s so weird but I literally hate going to the grocery store, so this is a game changer for me. This is NOT a sponsored ad, however, if you do want to try it out, you can save $40 on your first box at and know that you’re helping us get our fave dinners too!

2.) Hire a house cleaner:

This is something we haven’t done but we’ve definitely talked about and want to. Yes, yes, Drew is a neat freak and so our house usually looks like it jumped off the pages of Country Living BUT let’s be honest, we aren’t scrubbing our floors or cleaning our floorboards or dusting the guest bedrooms each month and so we’ve talked about hiring someone to come once or twice a month to do some of the bigger stuff that we never really get around to! When I think about what I want to do on a Sunday afternoon, it’s not cleaning the house for 4 hours and to claim back that time of rest and have a space that feels neat and clean? Yup, sign me up.

3.)  Use a travel agent:

I know I sound old school, but I SWEAR by this. We have THE best travel agents in the world and since I have flown almost 1x a month for the last 4 years straight, it’s been such a time saver and godsend. While everything is super accessible online these days, I would find myself with 10 tabs open and get so overwhelmed trying to compare times, costs, and features that I’ve gladly handed that our to our fave ladies and they always get better deals than I can find and can send over one reservation with all the information we need instead of having to dig through a bunch of emails. It’s also come in super handy since I’m flying my team places this year and coordinating 5 flights is not in my wheelhouse! To get in touch, email: for flight/hotel packages and mention you heard about them here! 

4.)  Get a VA:

Seriously, hiring a virtual assistant should already be on your list if you listen to this show. Even if you got back a few hours of your life, it would likely be worth it. I’ve told the story on the show before about how resistant I was to getting help (listen to Caitlyn’s episode 7 to hear that story) but having someone in my inbox, keeping a pulse on the business, and taking care of the 90% of emails that come in so that I only have to respond to the few that only I can respond to has been one of the most life-changing things I’ve done in my journey. YES, you CAN do it, but should you? What if you paid someone $20/hour to work a few hours a week so that you could focus on doing the things that truly only you can do? Having a gatekeeper has saved me so much stress and has given me back my life.

5.) Get a customer relationship management system:

Honeybook is my CRM of choice and if you want to check it out and save 50%, I have a video on how I use it, but before I got my systems online, I was straight up old school. I had filing cabinets and did everything through the US Postal Service and I believed the lie that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But since getting Honeybook set up – you can choose whatever one works best for your needs – so much of my business is automated from invoices to reminders to contracts and more. We can see when our messages are viewed, schedule out sequences to be delivered to our clients, and have automatic follow-ups for payments. This is something that you can set up right the first time and let it run on your behalf freeing you back up to get to what you love.

There ya have it. Five ways you can outsource your life and claim back your time! I’d love to remind you guys that time is a non-renewable resource but money? It’s renewable. If you want to have a full life you have to make sure you’re spending each day filling it with the things that light you up and inspire you. Of course, you can do a lot of these things on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to.

I’d challenge you to think bigger and think of ways you can get things off your plate and flex that “asking for help” muscle. Because at the end of the day, you’re only one human and I want this to be the year that you wake up excited about what you’re about to do each day.




by Jenna Kutcher 

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