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May 10, 2021


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One of the coolest parts about this podcast is it allows me to peel back the curtain on some of my own behind-the-scenes learning, and let you eavesdrop on the conversations I’m having with the business mentors, coaches, and leaders that help me show up and serve you the very best I can. Doing business alongside so many great entrepreneurs, who share so many of the same visions and goals that I have for my own life and business, is truly a gift, and I’m so excited to step up to the mic with two women who I’m learning and growing with right now.

Danielle Canty and Natalie Ellis are the co-founders of BossBabe Inc., an online community for women starting and scaling online businesses. We had the opportunity to come together for a mastermind recently, and I’m excited to download with these powerhouse women and reflect on what we learned and what we’re implementing after that experience. 

We’re talking about: how proximity is power, the different stages of our businesses that led us to our greatest growth, what a mastermind is and how it’s benefitted us, how to discern what type of investment is right for what you’re needing, and so much more. 

And the best part? If you LOVE this interview, there’s a special invite for you at the end but if you’re eager and wanting to learn how you can join us and our mentors for a free five day challenge, head to jennaschallenge.com and sign up for the Own Your Future 5 day free virtual challenge where we’ll all be sharing and learning right with you. 

Why We Love Masterminds

Masterminds can take on many formats — paid and unpaid, multi-day in-person events or simple conversations around a dinner table. What matters is that masterminds allow people from different backgrounds in business and life to come together and share ideas, thoughts, challenges and solutions. 

For Danielle, Natalie, and I, we like to be present at those masterminds and take notes, then allow time to marinate and process what we discussed. Often times, that time and space allows us to fully understand how the ideas that came out of the mastermind can be applied to our own lives and businesses.  

As an entrepreneur, you’re more isolated than most. As an entrepreneur with a completely virtual team, it’s even more challenging to have that in-person opportunity to connect and bounce ideas off other people. Masterminds deliver that opportunity in a very concentrated way. 

Biggest Takeaways

Natalie shared that her biggest takeaway from the mastermind was the idea that proximity is power. She shared, “When you are around people that are doing things, big things, things that you want to be doing, things that you are doing, you feel really comfortable with them,” Natalie continued, “You can just text them and ask them things, that is really powerful. And for me, the way that’s shown up in my life is I feel really supported in my business where something’s going wrong… I have friends that are absolutely killing it. And it opens my mind up to what else is possible because I see them winning and I’m like, wait, they can do it. I can totally do this.”

For Danielle, the importance of diversifying her income was reinforced at the mastermind. Danielle is taking a closer look at her money, how she’s making it work for her, how she’s choosing investments to support her goals, and how to maximize the income that comes from passive sources so she can also have wealth in terms of her own time. 

My big takeaway was in the power of sitting in rooms and at tables with people that push you out of your comfort zone. I likely would not have found myself with this group of people if the mastermind had not brought them together, and yet I gained so much from their presence in the room.

Spend to Learn

The three of us are avid course takers, and we still turn to online programs to learn the things we need to learn in a shorter amount of time. While free and cheap avenues of learning can give you lots of insight and advice, there will be times when an investment will shorten the learning curve and get you to the results you want but faster. We all agree, now that we’ve seen the power of investing in programs, that spending month to save time has always been worth the cost.

But we also agree that sometimes making that jump and truly investing in yourself and your learning is scary. It  can bring up feelings of guilt. Danielle encourages you to rewire the thought, saying, “There’s very few things that you can truly invest in and see exponential growth. I think the first online course I bought teaching me how to start on Instagram and have some online business, I wouldn’t have met Natalie. I wouldn’t have started BossBabe. I wouldn’t be here right now.”

She continued, “What happens when I actually invest in my brain? No one can take that knowledge away from me. I can just build on that.”

More from BossBabe

Did you love this conversation? Do you want to learn more with the three of us? Danielle, Natalie and I are all leading and participating in the free five-day Own Your Future Challenge and we talked about why we’re so excited for this opportunity to teach and learn from so many world-class leaders. 

Imagine if you could sit down at your desk in the morning, piping hot coffee in hand, pop open your laptop 

and double click on a document on your desktop that says “Life Plan” to check on what’s happening this week, this month, or this year… We want to help you create that plan. We’ll spend five days together making a roadmap for your future so that YOU can live all the rest of your days on PURPOSE. You can OWN the future that’s coming your way. 

The five-day Own Your Future Challenge is absolutely free to join. It’ll be five FREE days of learning from incredible world leaders helping YOU uncover who you truly are and leading you to craft a roadmap and set goals aligned with the future meant for you. This is important! Join me and other amazing global leaders and experts to help you own your future, starting May 11, 2021 at jennaschallenge.com

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