How to Identify Your Hidden Skills to Use for an Online Business

May 6, 2021


The incredible thing about human beings is we all have unique backgrounds and experiences that make what we know one-of-a-kind. That means you might be good at gardening or social media marketing or project management just like 1,000+ other people… BUT because you have a different life experience than them, your approach to those things is special.

Yet, so often the gifts that come naturally or easily to us feel like they would be obvious to everyone. It’s what I call your hidden skills—because to you, they don’t seem like skills or anything special, they just seem natural and normal. So, today I want to talk about 3 ways to identify your hidden skills so that you can turn them into an online business!

How to discover your hidden skills

Here’s the truth: We are all experts in something. Every single person has some unique and valuable hidden skill that could benefit others in some way. I always say that we are the first ones to discount our own hidden skills since they seem so natural or obvious to us. The food blogger who has mastered stunning food styling and photography doesn’t realize this is a skill others would kill to learn… The integrator who can set up systems for ANY kind of business to run without a hitch doesn’t know that her processes aren’t something just anyone can set up…

We all have these “things,” these unique superpowers or talents or personal gifts, whether learned or naturally given to us. But it’s a whole other thing to tap into these things, break down what it is that makes your way different, and then share it with others to serve or benefit them in some way.

So, how do you really discover, hone, and share your hidden skills to help others?

Let’s walk through 3 ways to dig into these gifts that might just seem like common sense to you—but that have the opportunity to support, educate, or encourage hundreds.

Step #1: Consider what makes you stand out.

I want you to think about your different approaches and creative solutions in your business (or life!). Whether you run a successful Etsy shop or offer a service, you bring certain things to the table that are different from how other people do it.

Ask yourself these questions to tap into your where/how you add value:

  • What makes you stand out?
  • What has allowed you to be successful thus far?
  • What makes you the happiest/brings you joy?
  • What are your life turning points?
  • What topic could you speak on for 10 minutes totally unprepared? 
  • What is something people ask you about often, that is total common sense to you?
  • What 3 things do you show up with every day that make people want to work with you?

Once you have a good understanding of some things you do that set you apart and how you show up differently, you can begin developing ways to teach that approach to others.

Step #2: Think about 3 things that have allowed you to be successful.

The truth is, you’ve already found success in areas of your life. There are gifts within you that have allowed you to find success and when you can start to reverse engineer how you came about those successes, you can start to uncover and discover what helps set you apart. What are some things you do for your business that no one else can do for you or like you? Maybe you’re a fantastic numbers person, or you’re really good at listening to others and making them feel heard. It could be that you’re good at organization and scheduling, or writing copy that compels readers to take action.

Write down three things that are key in your success. I have a feeling some part of your work process is a little (orrrr, a lot) different than the norm. THAT is the magic space that others will be yearning to learn about and try for themselves when you share your results.

Step #3: Find the intersection of joy and profits.

Okay, now this part is FUN. I want for you to think of the two things you do in your work that bring you the greatest deal of joy. Ideally, one or both things are also the money-makers in your business.

That special area or two where you are totally obsessed with what you do? That’s the stuff that you’ll never outsource because you love doing it so much and it shows in your profits. When you go into this blissful work mode, your innovation and problem-solving modes are turned up. You are your best self and are able to be most effective.

(Hint hint: these areas are some of your hidden skills!)

Once you reflect on these 3 ways that your approach stands out, you’ll have the outline for the many ways you do things differently. That competitive edge is what makes YOUR individual skill-set and background irreplaceable and worthy. When you can identify your hidden skills, it’s so much simpler to then turn them into actionable education through something like a digital course or online program like a membership!

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  1. ⚜️⚜️NUGGETS OF GOLD ⚱️⚱️

    * What makes you stand out?
    I am a very intuitive and deeply feeling person.
    My healing capabilities.

    * What has allowed you to be successful thus far?
    To learn from the greatest people around me.

    * What makes you the happiest/brings you joy?
    Connection with others and connection with nature.

    * What are your life turning points?
    Meeting and loving Nas, learning with MindValley, going to AfricaBurn, making Oasis, moving to Cape Town, choosing to be an artist, realising that I didn’t have a perfect childhood, understanding that Dad is sick, moving to England, living with Ani, Wanita and Aanya, becoming authentic, reading powerful books, shantaram, India, understating that I am the creator of my life and it is my responsibility,

    * What topic could you speak on for 10 minutes totally unprepared? 
    The way nature interacts with itself.

    * What is something people ask you about often, that is total common sense to you?
    How do I just know something about nature? How am I able to feel something about nature?

    * What 3 things do you show up with every day that make people want to work with you?
    My heart, my creativity and my willingness to learn.



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