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The One Productivity Strategy That Works for Everyone


DSC_9704-1 The One Productivity Strategy That Works for EveryoneOne thing you’ll quickly realize when you run a small-business is that you aren’t awarding “employee of the month” each month! (I mean I miss the cake in the breakroom if I’m really being honest!) I have to take a second to give a mega shout out to my newest team member, my sister, my best friend, my podcast producer, Kate. She has been hustling so hard since joining us and has elevated the Goal Digger Podcast by adding so much value. Last month we recorded 20 episodes in one week. TWENTY! Get excited because we’ll be talking to some really amazing new guests and covering topics I’ve never shared about on the show before.


How we batch work in my business

Trust me when I say: I KNEW I couldn’t chance getting sick on such a wild recording week (can you imagine a nasal-y voice for 20 episodes? Nope!) I took my health seriously and took every precaution to protect this host-voice for you! Hot lemon water became my best friend and as a girl with a child’s taste buds, Ricola’s herbal immunity gummies made an appearance in my life (and I may have eaten the entire bottle!) You may have heard we do a little thing called batch working around here where we take a chunk of time (whether it’s a day, an afternoon, a week or even an entire month) and focus on one task or area of the business. If you’ve ever wondered how we manage to do “all the things,” I’d like to take a moment to give a standing ovation to: batch working. This allows us to be laser focused and not distracted by having to switch gears to another task.

Last month, our batch working was all things Goal Digger Podcast. We were planning interviews, reaching out to guests, rocking solo shows, and making sure we are creating the best content to stay at the top of the charts. I’ve been in the zone recording podcasts like a machine which freed me up in January to solely focus on my mastermind. Give it a try, the mental space cleared up from being so ahead in one area of business will give you such a sense of accomplishment and the freedom to attack the next project with more clarity, intention and the time and space to make it happen.


Here are some tips to getting in the zone (and staying there!) while batch working:

1. Schedule the work on your calendar and keep it as if it were an appointment with someone else. Don’t just make a to-do list, map out the time it will take to accomplish each task! The important work and promises you make to yourself deserve a spot on your calendar.
2. Remove other distractions. Don’t trust yourself to ignore that inbox or social media. I literally remove these things as an option. While recording this week, I was up in my attic, away from my normal working space with my phone in airplane mode and only one internet tab open (I know, I know, bravo!)
3. When I batch work, it can be really long hours so I can accomplish a lot of work at once. While recording this week, I made sure to keep my immunity up by not only getting enough sleep, but taking every boost I can find like Ricola’s Herbal Immunity line. It’s full of all the goodness like ginseng, Vitamin C, B6 and B12 to keep me on top of my wellness game. You’re not going to be any help to you, your business or anyone else if you run yourself into the ground.
4. Give yourself a reward to look forward to when it’s all done. Whether that’s unwinding with your favorite tv show and a glass of wine or a date night – make sure there’s something at the end of the tunnel that will make all your hard work worth it (besides checking something major off your to-do list of course, because that’s a huge win!)


So, if you could batch your next month, what projects would you be working on and how would YOU ensure that you were healthy, happy, and excited to tackle even those long days? If you’ve ever wondered how to balance being multi-passionate, the secrets to our success lie right in this post: plan ahead, write your schedule out, take care of yourself, and get to work!

by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Lizzie Bee

    January 21st, 2018 at 10:48 am

    I LOVE the idea of batch working, and the first place I heard about it was actually on your Goal Digger podcast. I’ve been doing it a little bit here and there in the past, but I’ve been doing it so much as soon as I realised it’s potential. It’s helped me focus so much!

    For the rest of the month I’m heavily focussing on my blog – creating and planning lots of content, as well as taking some time out every Sunday afternoon to catch up on some blog reading!

  2. Jenna Kutcher

    January 21st, 2018 at 11:40 am

    So awesome! Excited for you Lizzie!


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