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Ask Jenna (And Drew!) Anything… About Our Pregnancy Journey!


Pregnancy Ask Jenna (And Drew!) Anything... About Our Pregnancy Journey!

I present to you another episode “Ask Jenna (and Drew!) Kutcher Anything!” You guys loved our last episode about marriage, and this time we thought we would answer your pregnancy questions… Many of you have walked with us through our miscarriage journey, and we still want to invite you in during this new stage!

We are fully covering ALL the nitty gritty details of your questions… If you’re wondering how we found out we were pregnant, the journey of fertility, or if we are finding out the gender, then this episode is for you!

This episode was totally unscripted, uninhibited, and truly showed what life is like behind the scenes As always, the questions that come out of our FB group and Instagram make my day! Cheers to YOU, my Goal Diggers! Thank you for embarking on this crazy journey with us!



  • Kendra asked: I’m dying to know the story of how you found out and what Drew’s reaction was.
  • Marie Crews I wanna know how you’re feeling overall, being pregnant after a struggle! I know that my miscarriages were tough and my pregnancy has been an amazing blessing, even being sick as a dog.
  • Michelle asked Were you excited to announce or not?! What were your emotions like?
  • Anna on Instagram asked: How are you planning your own mom and Mother in Law’s involvement with Mini Kutch?!
  • kdagaines  My biggest question is how do you think your business life will pivot when baby arrives and how are you planning and preparing in advance to help that transition be smoother? This is something I didn’t really think about when my first was born that I wish I had.
  • Maija Kay asked “I know you’ve done podcasts on miscarriages already and this has less to do with being a mom, but can you explain more of what you did to get to where you are now? Besides being “gluten free”, how did you “increase” your fertility? I’ve had a very similar story so I’m curious!
  • Zivana asked I recall in a podcast that Drew was likely to stay at home. Is that still the plan? Again congrats, so excited for you guys!”
  • laureelise.creates from instagram asked I was wondering how you went through the first weeks before reaching the stage where you had had your two losses? Do you (still?) have fears of loss after you passed the 12weeks’ mark?
  • Keelymassiephoto Congrats! Do you plan to have a birth photographer?!
  • thelovelygeek My question for you is how are your previous losses affecting you with this pregnancy? Any words of wisdom on being able to enjoy a future pregnancy with this lingering fear?
  • Courtney Grace Dooley If you plan to breast feed & what your birth plan looks like!
  • Taking Cara Babies: “Will you find out the gender?”
  • Prichu10 As for baby names- traditional or modern/original?
  • Delaneyspaid  With being pregnant now, do you notice any changes in your energy // has that impacted your productivity / the way you work?
  • Lifeonlarson While being an entrepreneur, woman, mama, wife, what does your self-care routine look like? How do you find the time?
  • myseamlessparty Yay so excited for this episode! My question: Since you’re so creative at decorating too – what are your plans/ideas for decorating baby’s room?
  • My seamless party also asked: Will you be sharing pictures of this aspect of your life? What types of things will you choose to share and what things will you keep personal?
  • sherryhunter asked “How can we get Joanna Gaines to decorate the nursery?” LOL

There ya have it! The real peek into what this pregnancy has been like… Truly from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your love and support and prayers. We feel so lucky to be surrounded by this community, and take you on this journey with us!


Check out the clean skincare I rave about In this episode here!

PHOTO: By Whitley McDonald

by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Nancy Whitting

    August 1st, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Jenna-
    First, a huge thank you to you for all the unbelievably beautiful wedding pics from Laura and Mike’s wedding!! How lucky we were to have you as our photographer-especially since we were the 2nd to last photo shoot! Everyone is still “oohing and ahhing” over the photos and the evening!
    I’m listening to your pregnancy podcast and am sooo hoping you were feeling well when you shot our wedding!! If you were not feeling well, you certainly looked beautiful and not at all “green around the gills” as they say!

    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts for your December delivery!
    You and Drew will rock as parents 🙂
    xoxo Nancy

    I’ve been listening to your pregnancy podcast-


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