From Bachelorette To Business Lady: Kaitlyn Bristowe on Pivoting

July 30, 2018


Known for her ability to tell it like it is and make everyone laugh until they cry, the bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe is on the Goal Digger Podcast talking about pivoting into a personal brand and entrepreneur after the show.

I am SO excited for today’s episode because we are interviewing one of MY favorite podcasters, Kaitlyn Bristowe, of Off the Vine Podcast. From the small town of Leduc, Alberta to the global stage, Kaitlyn Bristowe is the Canadian girl making waves– in a big way. You might recognize her as the fun-loving women who made Bachelorette history on her dramatic 11th season run. Known for her innate ability to captivate any audience, Kaitlyn is a natural born entertainer… and now a businesswoman!

Since the end of her season, Kaitlyn has taken the social media, podcast, and business world by storm (with over 1M loyal Instagram followers) and continues to showcase her personality and unique perspective in so many ways.

And today we are going to talk about her launch into stardom, transitioning with her career, handling criticism, pivoting in your work, and SO MUCH MORE. While hearing her story is wayyyy too much fun on its own, you’ll also learn exactly how you too can transition with your career if you feel “boxed in”, easy strategies to handling criticism, what being on the Bachelorette is really like, creating a brand, and capitalizing on an opportunity. This episode was ridiculously fun and full of twists and turns, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!


Many people don’t realize how isolated being on the show is: You don’t have a phone, you can’t watch TV, you can’t talk to friends or family… Simply put, it’s just YOU and the show. Imagine living out this experience with no one to talk to while you are picking your life partner. “No one knows the isolation and what you go through, the emotions, the late hours you go through on that show”

Hearing Kaitlyn’s first-hand experience with this show was captivating. And not only the secrets from recording but after… “You’re in this bubble, you live this bubble, and you have to re-live it when the show airs”. Hearing what it was truly like to re-watch that vulnerable experience was soooo eye-opening. Bachelor Nation, you cannot miss this!

We also got an update on her relationship now as they are a few years out from the show. (And we hear the truth as to why she’s not wearing her engagement ring…) Hearing how she made her decision on the show, how the show launched her career, and what it was like rewatching the episodes was SO interesting. (Like, for real. You can’t miss it.)


Kaitlyn was speaking to the fact that she knew she wanted to capitalize on the show but didn’t really have the words to describe it. Social media was just becoming “big” and profitable at that time and she entered at a time when branding yourself was relatively new. She spoke to the fact that with her suddenly big following, she fell prey to quick money in taking sponsorships that she wasn’t particularly aligned with.

She realized quickly that an audience can sense authenticity from a mile away, and she committed to only doing sponsorships that felt right internally. With time, she has figured out the ropes of being a personal brand in facets like sponsorships, her podcast, her new business, and all the way to criticism received while living in the public eye.

She spoke to the fact that it was really hard to receive the negative feedback that she did. “It’s like, I’m happy and in love and just being myself… and just getting hated on for it.” It was great insight to the fact that you can never, ever make everyone happy. While you may be wondering, how this celeb’s experience can relate to your “average joe” life,  Kaitlyn brought it right back to earth when she said “if you do anything big: start a business, go on a limb… someone WILL disagree with it”, and, Goal Diggers, you just have to stay true to you and what is right for YOU. Do your best to always quiet the noise and pursue your path. 


One thing that Kaitlyn and I talked about at length was just being authentic in this world and the right path will open up. We both are girls that forged our own path and trusted our instincts which I think makes all the difference. It would’ve been SO easy for Kaitlyn to stick to her “bachelorette” roots and only be in that domain, but instead, she has capitalized on it in so many ways!

She hosts her own podcast, Off The Vine (literally my favorite!), sells scrunchies, has acted on Broadway, and has carved a super loyal following online. And the best part? She is still the same old girl she has always been because she has let her soul guide her decisions, not other’s opinions. Seriously, this talk with her reminded me that I can accomplish ANYTHING. It may feel like you are boxed in or “trapped” in a certain circumstance: a job, a relationship, a financial setting, whatever it is, Kaitlyn reminds you that YOU are in control of your destiny.

Goal Diggers, I can’t stop listening to this episode! Not only is it hilarious, but it is oh so motivating and empowering! I can’t think of anyone better than Kaitlyn to talk about pivoting, authenticity, and personal branding, and in this episode, we touched on ALL of those (and then some!)

(PSSSST: You just might have to tune into the full episode to hear mine and Kaitlyn’s biggest confessions… Yikes!)

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