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My Top 5 Tips for a KILLER Blog Post


GDP-Squares-085.001 My Top 5 Tips for a KILLER Blog Post

Wowza, I have gone quite the blogging journey in my business lifetime. From a new photographer that published a blog post every day (yes, really) to growing into a strategic, efficient blogger, I have seen every bit of the blogging world– from content creation to strategic wording. And today, I will fill you in on five (okay, okay, more like 6 or 7) blog writing tips and tricks I have learned in order to create killer blog content. This is not about being just popular, it’s about being profitable.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get blogging, babes!

First Thing’s First… Craft Strategic Blog Titles:

You know when you’re checking out at the grocery store and those trashy magazines suck you in with their “You’ll never guess what ____ wore to the Grammy’s!” or “Then and Now.. Where did they end up? You’ll never guess!”…. That’s what you want from your blog post titles. It makes me so sincerely sad when I see someone write brilliant content, but have a bland, passable title. Make eye-catching, intriguing titles and your blog will grow! This takes time to master, but it is totally worth it, you guys!

Make it Highly Readable & Serve Your Clients:

Keep it clear, concise, and an informative. When you serve your audience in that way, they are likely to return again and again because they learned what they came for. I always emphasize this, but “under promise and over deliver!”

What are you going to be working towards in the future? What pieces of information could you educate your audience on that might prepare them for what you will be offering? We teach on the what and the why to try to help your audience with mindset shifts that will show them they need to learn the “how” from you. How are you serving your audience? When you’re looking at content there always has to be a bigger purpose. Whether you’re sending an email to your email list, publishing a blog, posting on social media, there should always be a bigger goal in mind specifically when it comes to your business. What action do you want your audience to take? Where do you want this to lead them? What is the purpose in the content you’re creating. You don’t just want to create to create, you want to have a bigger mission, a bigger vision.

Now, How Are You Going to Write it?

Now that we’ve covered how to know what to talk about and then focusing on converting your readers into email subscribers, let’s talk for a minute about the actual post content. You want your posts to: solve a problem, answer a question, set expectations, entertain, or educate. Each post should have a purpose and a flow.
Try to break up your content into small paragraphs with bold headlines making it easy for people to skim and read the highlights and get the content they are most interested in quickly. If there’s a lot of text, it’s likely they will get overwhelmed and click away. We love to try and create 5 paragraph essays for content so a short intro paragraph, 3 main points, and a closing paragraph so that it’s easy to read, you get the content delivered fast, and there are headlines to get the main points even if you don’t read the whole article.

Writer’s Block?

Guys, the absolute best way to serve your audience is to poll them! Who better to ask about what to create than the people you are creating it for? Ask questions like, “What is your biggest struggle right now”, “If you could have ONE tool to help you with ____ what would it be?”, etc.  Compile the data, look for trends (not just in the responses but the terminology that people are using!) On the Jenna Kutcher team, we keep an ongoing google doc going so that we can keep track of what needs are aligned with what I can teach. I don’t change ME to fit that mold but I look for ways that I can serve my audience based on what they are communicating as a need!

You Wrote It…. Now What?

Ensure people are seeing it! Be strategic with how you write and share it, think creatively and offer a freebie to grow your list to capture email addresses.

60% of my monthly site visitors are people who have visited my site before. But what about that other 40%? If they’ve arrived on my site because they’ve searched for something in Pinterest, found me through a Facebook ad, or listened to a call to action from Instagram. I want to make sure that my website isn’t the end game, that I am aiming to capture them on my email list so that I can start or continue the conversation. The truth is, if they stumbled on my site, it’s not likely they will find their way back again organically so creating an irresistible freebie related to the article they are reading is the best way to get them to hand over their email address so that I can drop into their inbox with more content!

Share It (And Share it Again!)

You’ve written your killer blog post, shared it on your social channels and included it in your newsletter. I’m betting at this point you call it done and forget about it. Here’s my challenge to you: share it and share it again. You want to create with the thought that content has longevity and will be relevant a week/month/even a year from now. 

Here’s the thing no one (except maybe your mom) is blog stalking you and will notice you repurposing content. I cycle through my most popular articles regularly with sites like Meet Edgar and repinning old content in Tailwind.

This was one of my favorite solo episodes because it is SO important, and because blogging held a total learning curve for me! However, the strategies I have learned have convinced me that blogging is NOT dead– if you are utilizing the right tips and tricks along the way. Let’s get writing, Goal Diggers!  


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  1. Sarena

    October 2nd, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Hi Jenna, I LOVE your podcast. So helpful and so many creative thoughts that are also practical. Can I just say that I am ssoooooo ready to you to come out with that devotional you mentioned a few podcasts back? Hustle and Grace or something like that? I bet it will be SO GOOD! I’m thankful for all the hard work you do to serve your audience. <3

  2. Scriptbaron

    May 21st, 2018 at 7:02 am

    This was such a comprehensive post with necessary ideas on how to write the best blog post. Thanks for the insights jenna.

  3. Jenna Kutcher

    May 21st, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Amazing! SO glad it was so helpful!


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