Behind the Scenes of a Course Launch

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September 18, 2017


Behind The Scenes of a Course Launch

Hey Goal Diggers! I am so giddy to release today’s episode as it is a topic many of us entrepreneurs struggle with: knowing how and when we are ready to teach. I teamed up with the brilliant marketer, educator, and self-proclaimed “nerd”, Kate McKibbin! She is a powerhouse blogger, fashionista, and owner of the “Secret Bloggers Business”– a consulting and education service for bloggers to grow their reach and their impact. Essentially, Kate started her own blog, found success, and eventually realized what she knew about blogging wasn’t “common knowledge” and created courses to teach others how to monetize their sites. Join us as we dig into the many ways YOU could share your insights: from blogging to consulting all the way to launching a course, and we dug into it all!

AND here’s a secret: No one will ever give you permission to teach.

How To Remove Doubt with Teaching

Take comfort that you don’t need to absolutely revolutionize people’s lives. Trust in your knowledge and know that there is no amount of accolades and titles that necessarily make you “ready” to teach! “You don’t have to have A-Z figured out, you just need to give them A-C and the tools to move forward.” Just ask yourself, will your information help them? If yes, then continue on!

What Does Course Creation Look Like?

I wish there was a one size fits all “secret”, but truthfully, it’s all trial and error, baby! From layout, format, you have to learn somewhere. Embrace the experiment of it all! Kate touched on “google university” and always being open to tweaking and fine tuning your courses. We also touched on avoiding the “kitchen sink” course where first-time course makers feel the need to include absolutely eerything they know to make it “worth it’’, but you don’t need to do that! Dig into small topics that mean a lot to you. You don’t need to “wait”– there will never be a perfect green light- just go for it!

How to Launch

Invest in your pre-launch phase.. seek out related content and see what is out there on the market. Also, it is wise to consider creating a waitlist for the course and potentially create a “challenge” to generate hype and excitement of the course! Also, launching is very stressful– you NEED people around you to troubleshoot, support you, and build you up. However, take comfort, that it does get easier- each launch allows you to create systems, get organized, be open to trial and error, get your “flow” down. General rule of thumb: work hard, experiment, and if something works, do it again

Email List

I know I always ramble about this, but absolutely nothing is more important than your email list! While social media is technically rented space, you OWN your email list. How to get people to sign up? Checklists, free downloads, fun blogs, allow you the chance to grow your list and make your followers into clients! Not only does creating free content for email subscribers create the first step in “trust”, it gives you just another chance to make your tribe an uplifting, profitable experience!

All in all, this episode digs in deep to a very rarely talked about topic! I am so excited to see what you learn. My biggest goal for this episode is to leave you feeling motivated and inspired to take the plunge into the teaching world. Trust me when I say, if you are asking yourself “When will I be ready to teach”, you already are!




You can find Kate online at: Website // Instagram // Facebook

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  1. Sophie says:

    Hi jenna, thanks for this. Wondering if you have any recommendations of which are great course building platforms? Pretty sure you didn’t touch on this, but I am sorry if you did and I missed it!


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