3 Ways to Send the Perfect Care Package


3 Ways to Send the PERFECT Care Package

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Remember when you went to summer camp and your mom sent you the BEST care package that you couldn’t wait to unwrap? Yeah. We need more of that excitement in our adult lives. Let’s be honest, this time of year is one where the seasonal funks set in, the common cold hits and you’re left feeling like you need a vacation (anyone else? Ahem, thought so.) I’ll be the first to admit that I always have THE best intentions in sending off little care packages to my loved ones and then totally stinking at getting them together and to the post office but this season, I am committed to change. So let me walk you through the 3 ways to put together the perfect care package (that your friends are going to be stoked to receive!)

1.) Keep it fun:

You always have to have something fun in the box, something that your gal pal will LOVE but probably wouldn’t buy for herself. I love cheeky quotes so throw in a print or a mug or something that brings a smile and can serve as a constant reminder in your friend’s life everytime she reaches for it. That’s right, I’m giving away the best tip to always be the favorite friend: stay front of mind!

2.) Be thoughtful:

The start of winter is ALWAYS the prime-time for cold season and chances are, your friend in need might have a sore throat, cough or the sniffles. What if you could equip her with a little relief packing in Ricola’s Dual Action cough drops? Trust me, you’ll rise to the top of the ranks when you don’t just help suppress her cough but you soothe her sweet throat… because if she’s anything like me, having that raspy voice and sore throat isn’t getting her to where she wants to go in life. Help her find relief so she can get back to her best work!

3.) Pamper her:

I love tossing in a little pampering, whether it’s a little bubble bath, a candle, some essential oils, or some good smelling lotion, it’s time to pamper her. I love including a few goodies that will aid in the self-care department and help your girl feel like a million bucks (instead of feeling under the weather!) Add in a few little pieces that will pamper and help her focus on her health… because we all know we’re usually the last people to take care of ourselves.

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling on top of my gifting game this season and getting to send this baby out to a friend in need brings me joy! Have fun this holiday season pampering your friends, and always remember that a little effort goes a long way! In a world with countless digital messages, nothing beats going to the mailbox to find something wrapped with love!

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  1. Christine Mueller says:

    Bonnie and Bud to the rescue for this busy lady! I love sending care packages and I found a company that sends the most beautifully designed boxes…basically, in my dreamworld of when I first get the idea to send one to someone for a birthdays or new baby, I have these gorgeous plans, but they dont work, and then I found Bonnie and Bud and they literally design the PERFECT box. They make it truly an art and its like Christmas, not only for the receiver but also the Giver 🙂


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