Tips for Working with Family for Business with Laura Hooper Calligraphy


Tips for Working With Family for Business

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Today we get to do something we’ve never done on the podcast – talk to two guests (who just happen to be sisters)! Meet Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy and her sister, and partner-in-crime, Alyssa Law. I’m so excited to talk with them about establishing their different roles in the business, what it’s like to work with family and how they’ve evolved from just starting with calligraphy all the way to offering international workshops and even writing a book!  Don’t miss their free screensaver downloads below!


Laura started out 15 years ago doing modern calligraphy in the wedding industry and Alyssa joined the team full time four years ago. (1:09)

Alyssa started out taking over the blog and then eventually started handling more and more tasks and duties, until she was responsible for all client relations as well. (5:04)

(Alyssa) “Laura already had a huge brand within the wedding industry so it was then that we really started to expand and that was when we started teaching our workshops.” (7:48)

They were receiving many inquiries from people about how to get started in calligraphy, so they decided to launch a calligraphy starter kit. (8:00)

(Alyssa) “Once we did the kits then we had the framework for the workshops, so we started doing the classes, now we have taught over 3800 people in over 30 cities.” (10:48)

For people starting out in business, the biggest piece of advice they have is to set the legal foundation of the business from the start. (13:39)

(Laura) “Get started legally, don’t skip those steps, and lay that legal foundation” (13:48)

As sisters working together, Laura and Alyssa says it has really brought them closer. (20:23)

(Laura) “We just kind of had our separate lives and this has really brought us closer together and now she is my best friend” (20:41)

Laura struggled at first with doing the workshops and kits because she isn’t professionally trained as an artist, but rather is trained in business. (24:11)

(Laura) “For a long time I considered myself a business person rather than an artist or calligrapher; now we are artists and educators and business women.” (24:26)

Laura and Alyssa comment how much social media has played a part in the growth of their business. (37:09)

“It really has been a great platform just to have access to such a wide audience and also to connect.” (38:49)

Laura has had the struggles with being an introvert in business but recognizing her weaknesses and strengths has been key.  (40:12)

“In the beginning I kind of felt like something was wrong with me. I’m socially awkward and I am not good in those situations.” (40:12)


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