A Confidence Pep Talk: How to Really Believe in Yourself with Tiff McFierce

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February 10, 2020


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I’m saying it, this woman is a badass. Tiff McFierce is the first woman and first black woman to be resident DJ at Madison Square Garden, for one thing. And with her “Look IN vs. Lookin’” events she combines music with health and wellness, leading meditations, vision board parties, “twerkouts” and more where phones are OFF and connection is ON.

Tiff McFierce carries herself with such a strong, confident, energetic and positive vibe. It’s contagious. She’s on The Goal Digger Podcast to talk about harnessing your own confidence, connecting with yourself in a world addicted to scrolling, and so much more. Here she is, the badass Tiff McFierce.

Music, Movement and Meditation

Her love of music and movement started as just a little baby. Tiff says she was dancing to the beat of her favorite songs even as young as 1-year old. That love of music stayed with her and turned into a career of music directing and DJing.

Tiff also organizes and hosts her Look IN vs. Lookin’ events which encourage people to put down the phone and connect with themselves through music, movement, and a new one for Tiff, meditation.

Meditation is new to Tiff because she, like a lot of us, thought she’d never be able to slow down and be quiet with herself. These events help people figure out what meditation looks like for them. Tiff knows the importance of slowing down, connecting with yourself, and really looking into yourself.

“Stillness is your own. It’s whatever you feel closest to, whether that’s running, writing, reading, talking with a friend, anything. Stillness needs to be tailor made to you, especially to be IN the world and not of it, especially now,” Tiff shared.

Tiff’s Vision Board

Part of these events is often creating a vision board, and not a vision board with things that you think you’re “sup-post” to be. She says “sup-post” as in Instagram POST, because we often dream up a life for ourselves based on what we’re seeing on our screens, but that’s not what a vision board is intended to be.

Tiff’s vision board has always included inner peace, but in the last decade it’s transformed into something she sought to do all on her own, into seeking support systems that work for her to achieve that vision of peace. “What is it that I truly and honestly need to be the best Tiffany I can be, and by best that doesn’t mean perfect,” Tiff explained.

She talked about how her career keeps her going and performing in front of a lot of people and speaking on big stages, and it got to the point where she was neglecting herself and what she needed. Have you felt that before? I know I have. Tiff says vision boarding is a great way to re-center and get back to what you truly need so you can say confidently say no to the things that aren’t for you.

Becoming an Aerie Real Role Model

“The first thought that I had when they asked me, besides thinking they weren’t really asking me… I then think, I really didn’t lose all the weight I wanted to lose. That was my first thought,” Tiff opened up about what it was like becoming an Aerie Real Role Model.

That inner dialog was something that told Tiff she had more growth that needed to happen inside of her. That inner dialog almost kept her from saying yes to the opportunity. But then she snapped back to realize that the opportunity was about body positivity and that it was exactly what she should be saying YES to at that stage.

Tiff shut down the voice of doubt in her head at the shoot, saying to herself, “Not today, you will not ruin this for me.” Tiff is so excited to be in the Aerie Real Role Model Movement because they allow her to be exactly who she wants to be. They don’t stifle the true Tiff to sell a product, which can sometimes be the case in business.

Finding Confidence

Despite her popularity, her following, and her career, Tiff feels like the odd ball out. She doesn’t feel like she fits in. At first, this confident air she carries wasn’t really a “fake it ‘til you make it” situation even if it felt like it at times.

She told me this: “Whenever you see someone who is confident and confident from a true place, that lives in all of us. It’s less about changing myself [to find my confidence], it’s more about uncovering myself.”

Tiff realized that she didn’t fit in because she’s not supposed to. She told herself, “There might not be anything for you, so go create that.” That was where Tiff found her confidence.

Filling that gap and creating what she knew the world needed gave Tiff confidence, but she also took it on as a responsibility. She’s breaking down walls and barriers and opening doors for women and Black women in the DJ space.

“I always leave the door open behind me,” Tiff explained, “If I’m the first person to walk through a door or build that door, I’m not going to make it hard for anybody else, especially another woman. As a Black woman, I have a duty to make sure that the door is open.”

More from this Episode

If confidence is something you struggle to find within yourself, press play on this episode and hear Tiff’s advice for digging into your soul and uncovering the confidence that lies within you. She is one of my most favorite people and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.



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