The Ultimate Entrepreneur Gift Guide 2021

December 9, 2021


Looking for something fun and fabulous to gift your favorite entrepreneur friend this holiday season?! I’ll be honest, gift-giving isn’t a natural skill for me, but it’s been something I’ve been working on getting better at because I love showing the people I care about that they are important and loved! Browse on through this entrepreneur gift guide 2021 for some gift ideas for efficiency lovers, balance seekers, and productivity enthusiasts in your life.

The entrepreneur gift guide 2021

I had so much fun curating this list for my entrepreneur gift guide 2021, and I can’t wait to see you love on your business owner gal pals with something off this list! And, if nothing else, I’m always a fan of handwritten notes of appreciation as a simple (and free!) gift that means something special to anyone who receives it. Happy holidays, babes! Also, a quick heads up that some of the links used here are affiliate links! Don’t worry, using these links won’t cost you a penny more but they will support me and my team and help us to keep sharing our fave recommendations! 

1. Daily Harvest gift card:

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Daily Harvest for years now, but if you want to give it as a gift, it’s sometimes hard to guess or know someone else’s flavor or item preferences. A gift card solves that problem and lets them pick and choose their smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, and more to their heart’s content!

Some people say gift cards are impersonal but for a gift like this, I’m Team Gift Card all the way so that your friend can pick out exactly what they like and want to try! If you’re buying for someone with kiddos or who’s always on the go, this is an awesome option for them to have nourishing, delicious, healthy meals that take practically zero time to make… even though they taste gourmet as all get out.

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2. The most spa-like natural skincare products:

Yeah, if you’ve been around these parts for any amount of time, you already know my love connection with all things Primally Pure. Made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that come from mama earth, Primally Pure is the ONLY thing I use on my skin nowadays and, ummm no brag, but it’s 10000% changed the look and feel of my skin.

While I used to suffer from acne, melasma, and discoloration, these products have totally cleared up all of my skin woes and left it radiant and moisturized instead. I’m partial to all of the clarifying collection products, but you honestly can’t go wrong with anything. Even the chapsticks are next-level!

Here are some fun products you might want to gift your favorite go-getter girlfriend.

  • Dry brush: This is a great gift for the efficiency lovers in your life because it multitasks! It exfoliates the skin, improves blood circulation, wakes you up, and so much more. It’s totally relaxing, too.
  • Everything spray: This is a gentle pick-me-up to spray on your skin (face, pits, wherever!) throughout the day, or use it as a toner! It smells incredible and can be used on (you guessed it) everything.
  • Plumping mask: Their masks are INSANELY good… like, your skin *actually* feels better as soon as you use them. And they smell fabulous, so there’s that. This one fills fine lines and makes your skin feel super supple… yes, please.
  • The starter kit: Gift your gal pal a little bit of everything to try if she’s not familiar with Primally Pure products just yet! It comes with their body butter, deodorant, everything spray, and three chapsticks to try.
  • Sea soak bath salts: This is my go-to to use in a bath after a long day and it actually makes me feel like I’ve left the building (aka, my house) and gone to a 5-star spa.
  • Any of their body butters: I mean, body butter? It just sounds lavish (and they are!) You honestly can’t go wrong with any scent, but I’m partial to the lavender + eucalyptus one.

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3. The planner of all planners:

I love this planner because it doesn’t just help you map out your workday or your obligations and events—it actually helps you track everything, from goals, wellness habits, and water intake to meal planning, important reminders, and creative brainstorming.

It literally has it all when it comes to planning and tracking the life you want to create, and it’s also sustainable (they plant a tree for each planner purchased!) This is *theeee* gift of gifts for productivity-obsessed planners who want an all-in-one place to keep up with their goals, habits, to-dos, tasks, events, and beyond.

4. A time cube:

Time blocking is a work hack I SWEAR by in terms of getting more done in less time. With so many notifications and distractions pulling us away from the task at hand these days, time blocking allows you to focus in on one task at a time for a set amount of time.

It’s pretty incredible how much you can really get done when you set a timer and set off to complete one task at a time. And I love using a time cube to stay accountable to the clock. It allows you to pick a set amount of time on your cube, and then a timer goes off when the time’s up, signaling that you can either take a break or move on to something else. I love this gift for folks who are into efficiency and productivity as much as I am!

5. Ember mug:

Hear me out, I got one of these a few years ago — game changer! Now, I know, I know, who needs another mug? But y’all, I wouldn’t recommend this unless I 100% endorsed it, and… I DO. It’s beyond worth it for the coffee and tea lovers out there, especially those who find themselves reheating their warm bevvie of choice 3x a day! (Guilty.)

This mug is awesome because it keeps your warm drinks, well, warm! What a time to be alive. I’ve gifted a few coffee-loving friends with one of these and they love them! I’m especially partial to this gift for working parents. For some reason when you have kids, you also happen to leave your coffee behind and then reheat it a bunch of times a day. It’s just a part of the gig, but this mug fixes it all.

6. The “worthy” or the “enough” necklace:

My go-to gift and a staple in my life, a little mantra necklace! Visit my shop to find two of my favorite necklaces ever (I wear both and love to gift them to strong women in my life, too)! One says “I am worthy” and the other says “I am enough,” both sentiments that are resoundingly important for all of us to hear all of the time, so we might as well wear them as reminders to ourselves and others.

This could be fun to give as a “friendship” necklace of sorts—give one or both to your group of girlfriends, your sister, mom, mother-in-law, or really any woman in your life who you know is enough and worthy of happiness, love, and so much more. Write them a little note about what you find to be special or unique about them and this gift will be a big hit.

7. Unique wine glasses:

I’m not going to lie, after pregnancy, I am pretty excited to crack open a bottle of bubbly or pour a glass of wine, because duh. It’s not just about the drink, it also has to do with what your beverage of choice is served in. Spoiler alert: during my pregnancy, I’d drink sparkling water or kombucha in a wine glass to feel a little fancy.

I think we could all use more fun vessels for a little pinot at the end of a long day, or even as a way to spice up a La Croix or mocktail for those who may not drink. These ones are so pretty and different from your typical wine glasses. They could even double as a cute bar cart accessory, too. I also really love these martini glasses, these colorful stemless glasses, and these more funky ones.

8. A guided journal:

I’ve admitted that I’m not the best journaler in the world but when I have a strong enough “why” like documenting Coco’s life or being given a guide to follow, I can impress myself. As busy business owners, sometimes it’s hard to find a minute or two to sit down and write down our thoughts, dreams, and desires. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

I know for me, when I have prompts or questions guiding me through a journaling process, it’s so much easier to sit down and put pen to paper on a regular basis. It feels like I spend way less time trying to think of what to write and, instead, I can read the prompt and just brain-dump whatever comes to mind without judgment or uncertainty.

Guided journals give you the best of both worlds: the guidance for what to write and the freedom to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper, even if you’re crunched on time. It’s one of the most healing and uplifting practices to get into the habit of doing and can lead to some incredible new ideas for business, too.

9. An *actually* cute laptop bag:

Not that we’re actually able to get out of the house and head to the coffee shop to work or heck, maybe you’re back to jet-setting around the world, this might be the perfect gift! Working trips, but make it FASHUN. Honestly, I feel like a cute work bag is sort of like having cute workout clothes. When you like what you’re wearing to exercise, it makes exercising so much more FUN. Likewise with your work bag!

When it’s functional AND stylin’, somehow you just feel better carrying it and doing the dang thing. This one is GORGEOUS and can be used for so many things, and this one’s also a cutie for a little less of an investment.

10. Blue light-blocking glasses:

I have become ob-sessed with blue light blockers in recent years and TBH, they actually do work! I’ve tried a handful of different pairs and try to keep them around the house to remind me to pop them on! Plus, who doesn’t love a librarian moment with some cute specs? I find that wearing these really helps my eyes feel less tired at the end of the day, and I sleep better and get fewer headaches on my screen-heavy days. In other words, these are every entrepreneur’s new best friend (and I’m convinced they look good on everyone!)

Tell me, tell me—what’s your favorite thing to gift your entrepreneur and boss friends during the holiday season?! Let us know in the comments to add even more ideas to this list!

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