The Busy Entrepreneur’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2020 Edition

November 27, 2020


I can’t believe we’re approaching the holidays after this rollercoaster of a year. Whew! It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve walked through since January. Whether you’ve found glimmers of hope or just decided to call this year quits, I have a feeling you’re just as ready for a new year and a fresh slate as I am.

But first… we celebrate.

Because I know this: When things go horribly wrong, life has a funny way of showing up with small slices of joy just when we need it. To me, that’s what the holidays are this year.

No matter what you celebrate, no matter who you’re celebrating with—whether it’s your whole family, a close couple of friends, your partner, or your adorable dog—you deserve celebration, friend.

We’ve {almost} made it through 2020, a year that threw more curveballs than I think most of us have ever experienced. So if you have friends or loved ones who have been workin’ their tails off through the storm, I hope this gives you some ideas to celebrate, love on, and gift them with something meaningful that they’ll love. 

The busy entrepreneur’s holiday gift guide

Yep, it’s another gift guide, but this isn’t just any gift guide.

It’s a cool gift guide—one curated by my team and I so that you can find something special for all the hustlin’, movin’, and groovin’ entrepreneurs and go-getters on your list.

(Even if that go-getter is you! Hey, I’m all for gifting yourself a little something-something, too. You deserve it.)

01. A cozy PJ or lounge set

Y’all, we deserve all the cozies, this year (and this TIME of year) especially. I am living for comfy pajama and loungewear sets, HBU? Like, you don’t have to think about what goes with what because it’s already done for you. These are a few on my list:

02. A luxurious at-home face mask

Facials have been few and far between this year, and so I’ve been loving giving myself a little at-home spa sesh with a heavenly, all-natural face mask. This one is great for plumping fine lines and giving your skin a hydrating boost, and I’m also obsessed with this one (made with CBD) to reduce oiliness, heal acne, and give you a natural, healthy glow. You can get 10% off either mask with my code JK10!

03. AirPods Pro earbuds

“Are they really worth it?” Yes. Yes, they are. I wasn’t totally sold either… I mean, do earbuds really need to cost more than a hundred bucks? But I gave ‘em a shot and literally won’t use anything else ever again. I am an AirPods Pro convert. There’s just something about those Apple products… they know what they’re doing over there! I wear them mostly for long work seshes or long walks to listen to podcasts.

04. A 2021 planner

While we’re focusing on (and chomping at the bit for) a new year, you might as well fully embrace waltzing into 2021 with a planner. Your busy friends will thank you for it, too. I’m a sucker for a pretty one that looks good on my desk AND has amazing functionality (double-bonus). Here are a few I have my eye on:

05. An iPhone stand

I’m declaring it now: iPhone stands/tripods are the new selfie stick. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! For real, these are such nifty tools for anytime you want to go LIVE on social media, record longer IG stories, or film a tutorial or short webinar for your people. I like this one, and you can’t beat the price.

06. A mug that *actually* keeps your coffee warm

I mean… GAME CHANGER. These aren’t cheapo mugs from Target (which I do also love), but they last and they keep your beverage warm allll day long. So, like, worth it? Absolutely. Your most caffeinated friends will adore you for this one.

07. A portable phone charger

I’m hoping that in 2021, we’ll be able to be a bit more on-the-go than we were this year. And whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, a phone charger that goes with you is a necessity. I like that this one can fit in my purse, and it’s under $30.

08. A Polaroid camera to be more present

Scrapbooking may be a dying art, but I firmly believe that capturing memories (and printing them—not just posting them) will never go out of style. These fun mini polaroid cameras are cute, easy to bring along anywhere, and print your photos immediately. It’s a perfect way to be in the moment and hang onto memories.

09. A HappyLight

If you live somewhere frigid or work in front of a screen all day, you will LOVE the HappyLight. It helps with eye fatigue, boosts your mood (seasonal depression is real for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere…), improves sleep, and heightens energy and focus! Love, love, love.

10. A Honeybook subscription

Honeybook is a dang lifesaver for entrepreneurs, and if your business-owner friends aren’t on board yet, you’ve gotta be the one to introduce them. From client communications and inquiries to bookkeeping, task management, and beyond, Honeybook has e v e r y t h i n g for small businesses handled, and totally simplified, too. You can get a FREE trial and my personal templates by signing up here!

These goodies, y’all!

*passes out from excitement*

I hope that this little list gives you some ideas for how to love on your ambitious pals well this season (and maybe yourself, too)! But to me, the small stuff matters most. A kind note of encouragement, a phone call that invigorates you, a text just to say, “Thinking of you.”

So even if you can’t give out gifts to everyone this season, just know that you and your friendship mean more to your people than anything else! Keep shining for them, and for you.

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