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5 Templates You NEED for Your Business

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Looking for ways to streamline your business and make it all the more efficient? Who isn’t?! One of my favorite ways to optimize the impact of my content is by utilizing 5 specific templates (and I truly believe these are templates you need for your business.) Whether you run a product, service, or online business, you can use these templates to your advantage. They’ll make your life so much easier when pushing out your work, and as a new mama, I am ALL about easy.

And I personally love using PicMonkey for creating and updating templates because it’s such a simple design interface. Seriously, even if you have ZERO design experience (holla), you’ll be able to navigate their straightforward design tools with ease. Pinky promise. I’m not a design wiz by any means, but I have no problem creating beautiful templates in just a few minutes on their site.

They have sizing options to easily create the correct specs for social posts, ads, and more. And they have starter designs for you to use if you’re not sure where to begin in terms of an eye-catching, attractive look and feel. You can update the colors and fonts to match your branding, and voila! You’ve got templates to update with every new piece of content you push out.

The 5 Templates You Need for Your Business

For the sake of simplifying this, let’s look at one of my past blog posts: Our Best Instagram Tips EVER. We’re going to walk through the five templates that we could use to publicize this post, and then reuse for future blog posts or podcast episodes — or really any content we want to share with my audience. 

(Pst! Sign up for PicMonkey and click on the templates you like below if you want to download and use them for your own biz.)

1. Blog Graphic Template:

Let’s start with the most straightforward! For some blog posts, especially if it’s a recap of an episode of Goal Digger, I love using a template that tells what episode it is and that matches my branding colors and style.

Then, when I share it on Facebook, my community can get a quick snapshot of what the post and episode is about. They know what to look for in the podcast app, and hopefully they feel more inclined to tap on it to read more or listen in because it’s a pretty design! In PicMonkey, I can quickly choose the best size specs and design colors to fit in with the rest of my website design.

2. Instagram Story Template:

Whether or not you have the swipe up feature, IG stories is one of the best places to share your new pieces of content. For this blog post, we’d probably share a graphic of the title of the post and maybe even another one with a pull quote, something that stood out in the copy or would make a lasting impact on the reader.

You can then direct your people either to your link in bio or to swipe up to catch the episode. I find people like the opportunity to click through to my new content from Instagram. It’s just one more place to get more eyes on your work, and you should be sharing EVERY new piece of content there.

3. Pinterest Pin Template:

You already know that I’m a lover of using Pinterest as an SEO source and way to market your materials. If you aren’t using Pinterest to search keywords and phrases in your industry, you’re missing out! People are constantly looking up DIY tips and marketing hacks and branding questions there, on top of fashion, lifestyle, food, and more.

So, use it to your advantage by pinning all your digital content! PicMonkey has the right sized templates for you to create your own branded Pins that you can reuse over and over again, every time you have a new piece of content to share. You can even create multiple Pins for the same piece of content to test what design Pinners gravitate toward the most.

4. Freebie Template:

For our blog post about our best Instagram tips, we also created a beautiful, branded freebie to encourage readers to join our email list. We designed the 5 Must-Have Apps for Instagram opt-in to go hand-in-hand with the content from the blog post.

That way, those who are really wanting to up their IG game have an opportunity to receive another resource on the topic. AND we have the opportunity to communicate with them in their inbox. Win-win for everyone, right? For your most actionable content, I highly recommend creating complementary freebies. And having a template to just add the freebie content to will make your life super easy.

After you design one freebie template in PicMonkey, you can use it again and again to offer multiple opt-in opportunities to your readers. It makes the process of growing your email list easy as can be and fast, too (which you know I’m all about).

5. Facebook Ad Template:

If you offer corresponding courses, products, or services to your content, then Facebook ads are an incredible tool to increase your reach. Our corresponding course with the blog post about Instagram tips would be The Instagram Lab, all about how to attract the best followers for your specific brand or business and convert them into customers.

Facebook ads can have a considerably low buy-in with a big reach if done the right way, and you guessed it! The design of the graphic used in an ad has a lot to do with it. Using a well-designed, clean, and attractive template to showcase your goods in an ad is the fastest way to improve your reach. People want to click on and buy pretty things, and PicMonkey makes it easy to make yours gorgeous!

Templates to make business, and life, so much smoother

So, are you feeling all the feels to get on the template train?! It’s seriously a boost for all aspects of streamlining your content creation and sharing with the world. I love PicMonkey’s easy-to-use system, and know you’ll fall in love with their simplified, fool-proof design experience. I can’t wait to see the big things you do with your branding and your business.


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