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January 5, 2018


Trust me, this is a crazy one and it wasn’t exactly on our vision board but we are entirely excited about how life has unfolded in the recent months. So maybe you’re wondering what this “big announcement” is… well, we’re moving to Minnesota, Duluth to be exact… my home. I wanted to share a little bit about how this big move transpired and how God’s hand was in every little piece of it and also what our plan is going to be moving forward.

Why Duluth, Minnesota?

I grew up just outside of the city on Lake Superior and it’s always been home to me. My entire family is nestled on the hill and though I spent the last 11 years in the great cheesehead state of Wisconsin, my heart definitely is happiest in Minnesota. When I left for college, I never guessed I would stay here and since Drew and I started dating, we always had Minnesota on our ten-year plan… but we never really thought about the how, when, or where we would end up back home.

How did this come about?

Well, to be entirely honest, it started as a total joke. I was randomly looking at real estate websites (I swear I never do this) and avoiding work when I started searching for property in Duluth. We had planned to build our next house and had joked that we would buy land off of my brother and build a family compound, but the logistics of building while being six hours away scared the crap out of me. I typed in neighboring towns and landed on the house. It was the literal home I would build if we were to build from the ground up. I (as a joke) sent a text to my family saying, “Maybe this will be the next Kutcher craftsman” while Drew was on a run and within 30 minutes there were over 100 text messages from my family cheering on the sale.

Drew came back from his run and I was laughing because of our phones going nuts and I asked him, “Did you see that house?” Confused, he had no clue what I was talking about, so I pulled up the link and the first thing he said was, “Well we’re going to move eventually anyway, why not.”  Umm… not what I thought he would say so it got my wheels turning.

The more we thought about it…

The more it started to make sense. For the last eleven years, I’ve been over 5 hours from home. We usually only make the trek up north 2x a year and now that my entire family is settled there and my grandparents are still with us, it was pulling us in. (Kudos to my family for texting us photos of everyone together EXCEPT for us… you win, Sheleruds, you win.) We were missing family dinners, nephews milestones, and precious time with the people we love the most because of the miles. I can’t imagine having babies without having my mom nearby and I knew that when the time would come for us, I would yearn to want to be closer to my family but as you know, that road hasn’t been the easiest for us.

What this means for the business:

Nothing will really change! In fact, seeing how things have lined up, there’s no denying God’s hand in it. The fact that Drew started his business that he can run from anywhere, the fact that I cut back on weddings so we could focus on having a baby, the fact that I’ve focused on growing an online business with a remote team, the fact that I’ve hired my sister on full time (and my mom) to help me run this little empire… there’s so much that has happened in the last year that prepared us to be able to pick up and move without too much commotion or issue! We are so, so fortunate to be able to work from wherever – whether it be the islands of Hawaii or in the tundra of Duluth.

We’re sad to be moving away from…

Drew’s family! They’ve been within an hour of us for the last 7 years and we’ve loved being able to meet in the middle for dinner or hang to watch the football game on the couch. I had one superpower, it would be to move our families closer together but now we’ll just be reversing our road trips and hosting our loved ones more. We’re also super sad to be leaving our friends. Over the last 5 years, we’ve made some incredible friends (mostly thanks to Crossfit Fort Atkinson and Real Hope Community Church) and they’ve been our family in so many ways. We find ourselves saying, “If only we could move the gym and the people with us!” and we’re forever thankful for people taking us in and loving us so well while we’ve settled into life in small-town Wisconsin.

So tell us about the house:

Well, it’s beautiful. We fell in love with not just the house but the humans who built and designed it (and their sweet baby girl!) We want to write in the contract that they have to remain our friends! After looking at it online for over a month, I knew that when I walked into it I would either feel it or I wouldn’t. It’s safe to say Drew was sold after a short little walkthrough, but I had to take it all in. It’s a home that looks like Joanna Gaines designed: shiplap, subway tile, a clawfoot tub, and built-ins.

It’s the perfect mix of our styles and tastes: I love character and charm, Drew loves new and fresh. There’s plenty of space to entertain (this is your invitation!) and I can visualize bringing a baby home into that house. It’s about 20 minutes from all of my family, 2 blocks from a Crossfit gym, and located by all the things we’ve missed over the last few years: Target, good coffee shops, and fun breweries!

When is it all happening?

We’re still taking our sabbatical in Hawaii (we’ll be gone for 5 weeks) and then we will be coming home, packing up the Kutcher craftsman and heading up north! We’re enjoying the time we have left in Fort Atkinson and loving the house we made a home over the last two years and we’re getting excited about decorating the new space and making it our own. It’s a huge, giant change and one we didn’t anticipate, but one that feels oh-so right. We can’t wait to be closer to family and we’re sad to leave behind the life we’ve built over the last 6 years but we’re ready for change and embracing this next stage of life with our hands open to all the possibilities it holds!


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  1. Megan says:

    Ah!! Duluth is so beautiful! I’m a born and raised Minnesotan and came back “home” a year and a half ago after being in FL for 3 years. There’s no place like home!!

  2. Samantha says:

    This is EVERYTHING! So exciting. Congratulations! XOXO

  3. Britt Fisher says:

    Are those butcher block countertops or a warm stained concrete?! The new place is gorgeous!! Congratulation friend! ❤️

  4. Tanya says:

    Gah!!! So exciting!! I just moved out of MN (msp area) to marry the man of my dreams. So now I live in TX…yet dreaming of being back in MN sometime again. MN really is magical and beautiful and amazing. Congrats on going back home!! Sounds like a great new adventure!

  5. Heidi Pack says:

    Jenna this is so exciting!!! I don’t know you at all but I’m so excited that we are going to live in the same town. Selfishly I hope you make it to some Whiskey Trail shows.

  6. Amanda Smith says:

    This is awesome Jenna! how exciting 🙂

  7. Askemi says:

    Well this is exciting! Duluth and Rochester are about to become the new “twin cities” so great choice!
    Minnesota is awesome! #proudminnesotan

  8. Kait says:

    I’m so happy for you and Drew! Wishing you both all the good things in 2018. This house is a dream come true. Thank you for all that you do. XO

  9. Trina Bailey says:


    I read your post and felt your words.

    Eleven years ago I had my twins and my mom was there every single morning to help me navigate first time motherhood. I can remember Monday mornings when she’d walk in and order me to the shower or her sending me to bed because it was totally obvious that I’d been up all night with one or both of the boys and looked like I desperately needed sleep. I can remember melting into her embrace because I was convinced I was failing miserably at the whole mommy thing. She was there and it was the best gift she ever given me.

    The thing is I never needed or wanted my mother more than when I became a mom.

    My mom died of cancer when my boys were 6 and my daughter was 4. I tell people often that she taught me everything I know except how to live without her.

    We don’t know where life will take us and we’re ever truly ready for life to pull the rug out from under us but it will and it does.

    Enjoy your move home and your beautiful new home. I’m so happy for you and your family!

  10. Tiffany Martin says:

    This is sooooo cute!! I love this! Chelsey and Luke are best friends of mine (Chels is my son’s godmother) They are so excited to know that someone is buying their house that will love and care for it as much as they did! I hope I get the opportunity to meet you guys as you sound like amazing people! Congrats and good luck moving!

  11. Annie says:

    How exciting! That house is STUNNING! I love it. I’ve been traveling to Duluth every other weekend while my boyfriend finishes his second year at Duluth -UMN Medical school and it has such a special place in my heart. I live in Minneapolis, which I love, but Duluth always provides so much peace for me. The outdoor opportunities are endless and everything seems more relaxed there. Obviously you know all this 🙂 Excited for you guys! You should host a workshop or in person meetup. I’d love to meet you!

  12. Liddy MCClain says:

    Good for you & Drew. I ride through Ft.Atkinson, but understand there’s no place like home. . I like riding Minnesota too. Sounds like perfect timing. Good luck

  13. I’m clearly late to the party but I’m from Esko, right outside of Duluth but currently reside in Omaha. I frequently (about every 2 months) still visit, I only moved down here in November, but my father still lives there and I love the feeling of going home. Duluth will always be home in my heart. 🙂 I love to go up and spend a week up there being that I can work from anywhere and it’s always beautiful in every season. I also lived in WI (New Richmond 15 min from Stillwater, MN) for about a year and a half before we made the move into Omaha. I hope your house is bringing you amazing moments! Maybe I’ll see ya around while I’m visiting!


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