Calling All Introverts: How You Can Build a Personable Brand

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June 4, 2018


I get it, social media can seem like it is reserved for the extroverted, the vibrant, the larger than life… But, friends, you belong- and you can THRIVE. There are few people who serve their audience as well as this woman, and I can’t wait for her to teach you about what it TRULY means to wholeheartedly serve your followers (even when you are shier than the average person!).

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist and designer, who specializes in making work for people and their stories. Her song, “Storyteller” has garnered over 1 million Spotify plays and her self-published book of poetry by the same title is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Inspirational Poetry. Morgan lives in Los Angeles, and has made her life’s work about creating for the stories of others, through music, words, art, and design.

Safe to say, this woman does it all, and with such grace and heart– I can’t wait for her to teach you about fully utilizing social media to expand your brand, stay in your comfort zone, and turn your followers into FANS. You have so much to learn from this woman, and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say. Goal Diggers, welcome Morgan Harper Nichols!


As an introvert, Morgan was writing all the things I wish I could’ve said during the day, but I always struggled to say them out loud. She was feeling called to share them online but wasn’t ready to attach her personality to them, and was sharing them anonymously.

Eventually she shared them with a vague name, and later on, took full ownership over them. As you can see, Morgan took one small, brave step forward at a time until she felt confident and whole enough to take credit for your work. My point here is to find your outlet! If there is something you’ve been wanting to do, but just a bit too timid, just take small steps towards it every day.

Morgan found a place on the internet where she felt “safe” and anonymous in Pinterest and began sharing her poem, writings, and notes on there (When she wasn’t “ready” to share it on a more personal platform like Facebook or Instagram)


Morgan said from the very beginning, she was always writing for others, and she said a big reason for doing this was actually because of her introversion. Because in-person she always felt like she struggled to connect with others in person, but was able to “connect” to her words, from afar. At first, she would write for these almost “fictional” people and her followers would say “oh my gosh, you must’ve written about me!”

Although the pieces actually weren’t for that specific person, this was a lightbulb moment that she really could write for her audience as a source of inspiration, connection, and challenge. What followed is a beautiful partnership and collaboration where Morgan’s fans can reach out with a topic and she will write them a poem.


Writing pieces for her followers creates a constant source of connection, and it allows you to gauge your audience and hear more of what they want- and create it! Win, win! 

“You have to keep putting yourself out there more, you can’t hide behind a username and a blog forever,” Morgan noted that since she started writing for her followers in Octobers, Her engagement and reach on Instagram has doubled! In addition, It has taught her not to overthink what she puts out.

An example of this is that Morgan wrote a poem for my sister, Kate, this winter and she was thrilled. There was something about it that just felt so tailored, so customized, and so personal. And it’s safe to say that “gift” is what has caused her business to flourish because her followers turn into true fans (and friends!)


For a long time, Morgan has a nameless Instagram- she felt that social media was more of a place for the extroverts, charismatic, and “larger than life” people. Not introverts. But she still showed up. Even though it started faceless, with time, it grew and became more and more personal.

“When you serve your audience- they are getting to know you and you are getting to them. A connection is still possible in this social media world that is always moving.”

Wow, wow, wow. This episode. Morgan’s story in her own right is captivating, but her tangible action steps are what takes this episode to the next level. If you feel too introverted to thrive, too timid to start, or too scared to connect, please, please listen to this episode. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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  1. Adriana Arias says:

    Thanks Jenna, great episode. I’m an introvert myself so It resonated with me.

  2. Charlie says:

    As someone who blogs for introverted, overwhelmed and exhausted business owners or full time workers, this sounds right up my street. I’ve bookmarked it to listen too this afternoon! 😀

  3. Omobolanle says:

    This has been such a blessing to me! I resonated with every single word and aspect Morgan shared on.
    i literally posted my first pin on pintrest despite having been there since 2012.
    This definitely encouraged me. The Storyteller song is like my life them song, every single line resonates so much.
    thanks JK for bringing her on the show.


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