The Secret to Staying Passionate While Your Business Grows

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July 10, 2023


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Sound the alarm: Lindye Galloway is in the house! No, really… Lindye was in MY house!

A self-taught designer with over 15 years of creative experience, my sweet friend designed and styled rooms in my new home and I was the lucky gal who got to interview her at my beautiful new dining table. 

In this episode, we chat about how her role in her business has transformed over the years, how to expand your team and get out of the weeds, the secret to staying passionate as your roles change, and 3 easy ways to elevate your space wherever you are *as* you listen. 

She seriously is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marrying creativity and business, and I can’t wait for you to tune in.

Lindye’s Interior Design Journey

Lindye’s journey into interior design began unexpectedly, shortly after giving birth to her child. Her husband stumbled upon a house on Zillow that needed some work, and despite just going through the exhausting process of childbirth, Lindye decided to humor him and go take a look.

Little did she know, this visit would ignite her passion for interior design. She could envision the potential of the house and saw what it could become.

With no formal schooling or training in interior design, Lindye embarked on a journey of self-discovery and learning. She completely remodeled the house, making mistakes along the way but also gaining invaluable experience. Lindye’s joy in the process came from the freedom to experiment and explore her own personal style without any constraints.

She documented her progress on Instagram, which eventually caught the attention of others and led to her first few clients.

What sets Lindye apart in her approach to interior design is her desire to create a full vision for a home. I can’t speak from experience: she doesn’t just focus on one room or one aspect; she wants to bring the entire space to life! This holistic approach allows her to consider every detail and ensure that the design flows seamlessly throughout the entire house. 

Embrace Change for Growth

Change is often feared and resisted by many business owners, but according to Lindye: 

“As an entrepreneur, you have to embody change because you’re gonna have this plan and I can one hundred percent tell you right now, it’s not gonna go exactly the way you think it will.”

-Lindye Galloway

Having a rigid plan or vision for the future can be a mistake, as circumstances are bound to change. Instead, she encourages us to embody change and be open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Lindye’s own experiences (and I bet yours, too…. Hellooooo COVID!) demonstrates that unexpected changes can lead to growth and the creation of something even better than originally envisioned.

Does Your House Have These 3 Things?

In this episode, Lindye shares about the importance of designing a home that is not only visually appealing but also comfortable, connected, and inspiring to enhance the overall experience.

She says that although the design may change from project to project, she prioritizes these 3 things in every home:

  1. Comfort. It’s important to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a sense of comfort and ease. Design should not make the home feel like a museum, but rather a place where residents can truly relax. Lindye feels that comfortable home design contributes to a positive living experience.
  2. Connection. While acknowledging the kitchen as the heart of the home, Lindye also emphasizes the importance of creating spaces that foster deeper connections and meaningful conversations. A well-designed space can facilitate discussions about challenges and struggles, ultimately leading to stronger relationships and an enhanced overall experience.
  3. Inspiration. According to Lindye, clients often seek out designers to be inspired and have their initial ideas expanded upon. She even shares her personal experience of living in a home she designed herself, which has brought her daily inspiration. This inspiration is so profound that they even hold creative sessions at their own house. An inspiring home design not only enhances the experience for residents but also serves as a source of inspiration for others!

Overall, she highlights the idea that designing a home that is comfortable, connected, and inspiring can greatly enhance the overall living experience for those that live there.

I can speak to this from experience. When I first started working with Lindye, I told her I wanted a “warm, cozy, inviting spa feel.” I dreamt of a space we could snuggle up as a family, a place to host our loved ones, and a home that felt put together but inviting.

We got alllllll of that and then some! Check out the final design of our home here. And you can connect with Lindye on her website or Instagram…  maybe one day, you’ll be sliding into her DMs like I did, begging her to give your home a makeover!

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