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January 3, 2022


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Let me add to the chorus of joyous celebration around you right now — Happy New Year. We’re standing at the start of a brand new year, and I think we can all find some common hope as we turn the calendar after the last two years of uncertainty and change. 

I’m starting this year as a mother of two, and my goodness, that has brought some new challenges and new norms in the Kutcher household. It also made me reflect back on the last year as we prepared for our new arrival and the results of the decisions I made in life and business. Some of those decisions were big needle movers in my entrepreneurial world, and if you know me, I love to analyze the strategies and methods that moved things forward in my business so I can adapt and expand on those things moving forward. 

One of those needle movers was joining the HubSpot Podcast Network. The Goal Digger Podcast was independent from day one, which honestly is kind of unheard of for a show with an audience of this size. I mean, last year alone, we saw nearly 15 million downloads. That number will always feel humbling to me, no matter how long I’ve been in the podcasting game. 

Why switch things up when Goal Digger has been a successful show without a network to back us? Well, it comes down to an important part of the entrepreneurial experience — community. Having the support of a community around this show is a game changer. Now, we have a network of over a dozen incredible business podcasters who bring with them their own genius and expertise that I get to learn from behind the scenes, while sharing mine with them. 

Since it’s a new year, with new goals and visions and plans to move the needle in our businesses, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to some of the other podcasters I’m surrounded by on the HubSpot network. I asked them to answer one of the following questions — What was the biggest needle mover in your business in 2021 and why? Or, what new strategy, system, or tool are you implementing in 2022 and why?

Some of the best and brightest voices in business podcasts are about to share their needle-moving secrets and new strategies with you — so take notes and get ready to feel all sorts of inspired for the new year we have ahead of us. Ready? Let’s dive in with the hosts of the HubSpot Podcast Network.

The Needle Movers

In this episode, you’ll hear from the hosts of Female Startup Club, Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People, The Salesman Podcast, Success Story Podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire, Online Marketing Made Easy, and Duct Tape Marketing. Here’s a peek at the ideas, systems, and needle-moving strategies they employed in 2021 or plan to implement in 2022.  

Want to know the power of updating your SOPs (standard operating procedures) for your business and podcast? Listen to what Doone Roisin has to say about SOPs, as well as what she saw after transcribing every podcast episode and posting the transcriptions to her website. 

Curious about masterminds, from creating and hosting or joining one? John Jantsch explains why he’s doing both in 2022. 

John Lee Dumas has a massive goal for himself and his podcast and it starts with the acronym OPP. Before you start singing that song, let me tell you what it stands for – Other People’s Platforms. Press play on this episode to hear how John Lee Dumas is leveraging the power of other people’s platforms to grow his own in 2022.

It’s so great to know that my friend Amy Porterfield is now on the HubSpot network, too. I couldn’t miss an opportunity for Amy to share her needle moving strategy for 2022. Amy shared that during the live launch of her program Digital Course Academy, she implemented a “Concierge Team” with team members from customer service, content, and community engagement. These team members were available to speak with potential students who were on the fence about buying the program. Amy believes we need more personal touchpoints in launches so people feel seen, heard, and taken care of before they make big purchasing decisions. The key here was that Amy’s team didn’t work on commission so there was no hard selling. This new Concierge Team was a big success with a stellar conversion rate, so Amy will be taking this strategy into the next year.

The Big Picture

See what I mean about the beauty of community? There’s plenty more inside the episode, so just hit play for all seven tips from these HubSpot Podcast Network hosts. I tell ya, being in this group of brilliant business brains is such a treat, and I’m so grateful they shared a piece of their genius with you on the show. Be sure to tune in and follow all of the shows on the HubSpot Network wherever you listen to Goal Digger.

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