Hiring Associate Team Members with Nancy Ray


Hiring Associate Team Members with Nancy Ray

Jenna Kutcher 

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Today I am chatting with Nancy Ray on the Goal Digger podcast and we are talking all about how to hire and choose the right associate team members when you’re ready to expand your team. I’m so excited to deep dive into her photography business and to talk about how mine has evolved over the last 6 years. We are going to get down to the nitty gritty and the fears that come along when you consider whether you should expand or not.  Don’t miss her free guide “Our Top Five Secrets to Building a Team” by clicking on the icon below!


About four years into Nancy’s solo photography business she, along with her husband, decided to expand by adding associate photographers (2:00).

Nancy knew what the right time was for her to grow, and shares how she did it (3:26).

“I need help, like I really need help. I can’t do the one man show anymore and do it well.” (3:40)

A lot of fears arose for Nancy when she decided to hire help, and protecting her brand was her top priority. She was able to do this by having a calculated contract for her associates, and trusted them to be fully committed to her brand (10:06).

One of the biggest pieces of advice that Nancy received was to be highly thorough during the hiring process (15:12).

“The first step to managing that quality is to really be thorough on the front end because it will save you tons of hours, tons of work, lots of headaches” (15:30)

Having processes when building a team is something that is going to allow your associates to learn and grow as you maintain your brand (21:37).

“I’ve realized that my time is more valuable as a leader and growing this business by being the visionary and leading my team” (25:09)

When it comes to being the face of your brand being thoughtful and calculated on introducing your associates to your clients is important. Nancy was able to do this by delivering a well thought out launch process (34:22).

“Trust your brand that you’ve built, and if people trust you they’re going to trust your word in recommending someone” (34:55)

Nancy realizes it is a common worry for people to question finances when they are starting to look at outsourcing or building their team. In her own situation, they added to their business emergency fund to ensure they had more than enough finances to cover the expenses (39:40).


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