5 Ways to Heighten Personal Wellness

March 29, 2017


Today I’m really excited to walk you through some of the best tips I have for establishing a self-care routine to heighten personal wellness, making it a priority in your life and business and making sure that your cup is always full – so that you are able to pour into others in the most brilliant of ways! Don’t miss my personal list to refer to when making self care a priority in your life by clicking on the box below!



Seriously, how much sleep are you getting? Are you making it a priority? What sort of sleeping conditions are you in? (TV, screens etc.) Taking the TV out of our room, reading before bed, essential oils, magnesium. Our dogs make it harder to get good sleep (amateur mistake) but we try to keep a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time, even on the weekends. When you get good sleep, you’re less likely to get sick, you are more productive, sleep helps you stay and feel creative, it can strengthen your memory, and help you avoid burnout! I mean, if that isn’t enough of a reason to get more Zzz’s, I’m not sure what is.


Rest might be different than sleep but equally important, how are you actively resting in your business? Are you setting boundaries? Time off? Are you giving yourself time away from the business? Closing the office doors? Not giving out your phone number? Setting and communicating office hours?

For my team, we identify top 3 goals for the day, the rest is filler and fluff so that we focus on the big movers and then we can get to the rest once those are complete. It helps us stay zeroed in on the things that make the biggest impact. Also identify a life-giving or nourishing “task” for the day. What’s going to bring joy to your day? Identifying one thing and putting it on your daily to do list will add up and make a difference. Little and often makes a big difference.


Where you work makes a giant difference. I get more done when I am in my office with out distractions (ahem, looking at you Netflix) and when my office is clean, I am usually more focused. Also, fresh air. Are you getting outside at all? It sounds easy, right? But when was the last time you went on a walk outside just because?

We often sit down at our desk and the day flies by and we wonder what we actually accomplished. Getting our dogs out helps me stretch my legs out, get some fresh air, not feel like the only human on the planet… It can rejuvenate you!


When was the last time you sought out true community – not just through Instagram comments etc. As an introvert and home body, I usually dread leaving the house but whenever I have wine nights with my girls or a coffee date with a fellow entrepreneur I feel seen and heard and I feel less alone. From the Rising Tide Society to just a girls day, it’s important to find community so you don’t feel like.

While I’m sure your spouse LOVES hearing you talk all about work or Instagram or whatever it is you feel like talking about, there is something truly special in being with people who are in the trenches along side of you (or who make you forget about the trenches all together!) Make community a priority – even if you’re a yoga pant wearing hermit like me, you’ll thank me later. Real conversation trumps “likes” and comments any day!


What are things you love doing outside of work? Things like working out, running, bible study, painting, ice skating, whatever they look like. It’s so important for you to get out of your little bubble and to pour some time and energy into things that set your soul on fire. Not sure what you even enjoy anymore? Sign up for a class that sounds interesting, study something new on Youtube, get outside and explore your community, donate your time to serve others, play with your kids more… whatever it looks like. It’s so important to have hobbies outside of your work. My hobbies? Reading books (not business ones!) before bed, pulling out my paints and brushes, decorating our home, CrossFit, and being a frequent eater of sushi!


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  1. Joice says:

    I loved this episode! thanks for being so inspiring Jenna!

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