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5 Ways That Outsourcing Will Make You Money


CL_Wedding-1-16-1 5 Ways That Outsourcing Will Make You Money

Okay, folks, time to listen up! This topic took me a very long time  to fully grasp, accept, and utilize. As entrepreneurs we are natural go-getters, dream-chasers, do-it-all’ers— almost to a fault. With all the time, energy, and WORK we put into our business, it can be hard to let others “in” and contribute to our business. After all, this business is our baby and no one can truly help because they don’t know it like we do, right? Wrong!

In fact, giving others the chance to work, strategize, and manage for your business can be one of the best moves you can make – for both you as a person and your business as a whole.


CL_Wedding-1-16-1 5 Ways That Outsourcing Will Make You Money


1) Free up your time to focus where you’re most profitable.

Outsourcing gives you the chance to spend time on the areas that will make your business grow because you no longer have to waste energy on the  time-suckers of your business. Whether it is your email inbox, blog posts, photo edits, or outreach that drains time from your work day, outsourcing gives you the chance to put your passion, energy, and time towards other, more impactful areas. By saying “no” to some areas of your business, you are able to enthusiastically say “yes!” to those areas of your business that capitalize growth, increase your impact, and promote exposure.


2) Work ON your business instead of IN your business.

Outsourcing allows you to plan for the future and envision where you want your business to go, because you are not as swamped by the “now”. By freeing up brain space, your planner, and your time investments, you have time to DREAM. You are able to detach from your business, evaluate it through a new lens, and create bigger, better goals.


3) Give you TIME to say YES to the right opportunities.

Outsourcing frees up time and gives you permission to pursue the avenues of living you’ve always wanted– both professionally and personally. Whether your visions are business-focused in nature or more lifetstyle related, outsourcing can make time for it! A website reformat? That backpacking trip in Europe? A collaboration with an inspiring brand? Whatever it is that you are saying “someday” to, you will now have time to dream it, prioritize it, and make it happen!  


4) Free you up mentally to be more creative or innovative.

Remember that elated, limitless feeling you had when you first dreamed up your business? Sometimes it can be hard to channel that inspired, sparkly-eyed lens when you are in over your head as a one woman show. Outsourcing allows you to get back to the roots of your business and rediscover the why of your business. By opening our schedules and freeing up brain space, outsourcing can lead to a more open, fearless side of us. With a calm spirit and relaxed mind, there is no telling what creative, innovate ideas you can dream up!

5) Allow you to raise up a team.

When you grow a team you are able to can serve more people and have a greater impact. The saying “the more, the merrier” can be applicable as a business model as well! Outsourcing allows our solo job to outreach; thus expanding your impact. With more bodies working towards the same vision, your business can flourish. When each member of the team is able to utilize his or her talents to contribute, the paths for your business are limitless.

It took me a long time to bite the bullet, but man, I am SO thankful I did. Utilizing outsourcing and a team-based business approach has done wonders for both personal and professional growth, and I really encourage you to pursue it! What’s holding you back?

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by Jenna Kutcher 

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