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A Real Holiday To-Do List

Jenna Kutcher 

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My holiday to-do list looks the exact same as it did last year! After spending the week in Guatemala, my world again was rocked. I see our world constantly shouting at us, telling us the things we need to be happy. With social media feeling like a screaming match, our email inboxes filled with sales and specials, and the to do lists stealing the joy from the holidays, it’s time to focus on the real reason for this beautiful, blessed, humble season. No crazy shopping, no nights spent wrapping, just time being. Coupled with the big house move this year, we are focused on ways to share experiences and not gifts this year. Each year I aim to do less and less. Instead of running around on black Friday, I sleep in with my husband, instead of bookmarking pages and saving links of things I “want,” I focused on new ways to give.

Please, please remember the real reason of the season, please praise God for the blessings of health and family and even the simple things we forget about like clean water and shelters to keep us warm. Some people are so poor, all they have is money. What a blessing to celebrate during this busy season but what a pure reminder of what really matters. I’m not sure who invented this beautiful list, but sitting down and writing it out each year makes my heart grow a few sizes! Treat time as your currency and spend it wisely this holiday season! Let’s make this list go viral over all of the other things telling us what we need! We need: joy, presence, generosity, love, and to be the light. Presence > Presents, my friends. Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

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