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8 All-Natural Skincare & Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without

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Once I started getting on the natural makeup and skincare train, my life kinda changed — and I mean that in the most dramatic way possible. From being a mama to Coco to being a business owner, my life is BUSY. Finding the right natural skincare and makeup products has been a huge game-changer for my time and for my peace of mind.

At this point, I’m no newb to natural makeup and skincare. Over the last several years, I’ve tried SO MANY products to find out what works for me, and I’m really happy with the lineup I ended up with. 

There are a lot of reasons why I switched to the natural makeup and skincare side of life, from being fed up with skin issues to cleaning up all of our household products after our second miscarriage. At this point, I know I’m never ever going back. My skin has never looked better, and it’s the nicest thing ever to feel confident about what I’m slathering on my face.

Are you ready to switch to natural skincare?

I would literally recommend a skincare and makeup detox to every person in the world. And there are a couple of things I like to tell everyone starting the detox process themselves:

  1. Start slow. Switch out one or two products in your medicine cabinet and makeup bag before throwing everything out. The whole starting from scratch thing is just unnecessarily stressful, okay?!
  2. Give it some time. Just like with any other skincare or makeup switch, your body might be like “uhhhh…” From that cute smell that comes with detoxing your pits to your skin adjusting to a new foundation, just give it a minute! Obviously stop anything giving you a poor reaction, but trust that your skin will adjust.
  3. Find some brands that YOU like and trust. Look, everyone and their mama knows that I’m obsessed with Primally Pure and everything they stand for. However, I’m also a big fan of quite a few other brands that just work for me. Some people aren’t crazy about them… and that’s okay. Remember: girl, it’s YOUR skin. Do what works for you.

My 8 favorite all-natural skincare and makeup goodies

Trust that this list is full of years of trial, error, and then a whole bunch of “YASSS!” These are the products that have truly found a forever spot on my shelf (sorry for your bathroom space, Drew!) and they’re just the best ever. From an oil cleanser to the best-ever powder SPF, these guys work. 

And, just to put this out in the universe, I would NEVER recommend something to you guys that I don’t actually really love with all my heart. These 8 products are the best, and I don’t say that lightly. I’m all about excitement, but I’m also all about trust and honesty. Trust me, friend: these are the golden ticket(s).

Tried-and-true skincare friends:

Cleansing oil: This is the first product that really started my natural skincare obsession, and for good reason. It might seem counterintuitive to rub oil on your face, but just trust me! Let’s take a trip back to high school chem and remember that like dissolves like, yeah? Oil cleansing is the deepest clean I’ve EVER gotten. It’s a far cry from my old harsh cleansers packed with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

Clarifying serum: I’ve always had major struggles with texture and tone on my face (thanks for nothing, melasma). This serum was the first and only thing that ever made a big difference for me. You need the tiniest bit to make the biggest difference, and this serum is SO helpful for texture and pigmentation issues. Also, it smells REALLLLL good.

Natural deodorant: Okay, so deodorant might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to skincare. But trust me on this. Switching to a natural deodorant can be stinky (you HAVE to trust the detox process). But it’s so, so worth it for your health. This deo smells really good (so many essential oils packed in there), and it eliminates the aluminum + icky chemicals you’ve spent time slathering near your precious lymph nodes with conventional deos.

Everything Spray: I’m all about a multi-use product, and this spray is a must-have in my skincare collection. I love to spray it on my face for an all-natural toner (it creates the best canvas for serums and masking). It’s the greatest way to calm down things like ingrown hairs or zits when they pop up. With lavender, tea tree, and apple cider vinegar, you can trust that this goodness is full of the natural A-team.

My favorite makeup ever:

Hydrating foundation: This foundation is great for full coverage (I even like to mix it with tinted moisturizer for a little extra somethin’ somethin’). It’s the perfect way for me to feel covered but not TOO covered. Basically, it covers up those imperfections without making me feel like I’m on stage at a pageant. So, it’s pretty perfect for everything from podcast recordings to grocery store runs. 

Powder SPF: Sun protection is HUGE for helping my melasma. I’m also obsessive about wearing SPF everyday anyways. This powder is the perfect setting topper for my makeup. It has SPF 30 along with vitamins that make my skin perfectly glowy. It never looks cakey (a must for me!) and is a great option instead of traditional sticky, thick sunscreen. I’ll either layer it on top of makeup or wear it on daily walks with Coco for some sun protection that still makes my skin look refreshed.

Cream highlighter: So, I’ve tried cream sticks before that have made me look like I ran a tube of oily glitter down my face. This one is not that. This is one of the first products I ever bought in the natural makeup realm, and I love that it makes my skin look like it glows from within. I swipe it on my cheeks for extra glow. Plus it’s great on the tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, and inner corner of my eyes to make it look like I just catch the light ever so naturally. *chef’s kiss*

Bronzer: There is nothing worse than putting bronzer on your face that looks like you rubbed dirt on your cheekbones, am I right?! It definitely took me a while to find a bronzer that makes me look like I got the perfect amount of sun. This one has been a must-have for me ever since. I’m partial to the Dune shade, but I’m also partial to anything that makes me look like I’ve been in Hawaii when I’ve really just been in Minnesota. Ya feel?

I’m a huge believer that there’s nothing better to invest in than yourself… That goes for the products that you put on your body, as well. Making the switch to all-natural skincare and makeup has been a huge blessing for my skin, and I know it will be for yours, too. From Paula’s Choice and Beautycounter to Primally Pure and W3ll People (some of my personal faves), try all the things! Your skin will never have been happier.

Don’t forget to take 10% off your Primally Pure order.

Use the code JK10 to snag the discount on my favorite all-natural non-toxic skincare goodies!

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