20 Social Media Prompts You NEED to Write Better Captions

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February 18, 2021


Ever feel stumped when it comes to what to write about in your captions? Hi, hello, same. I think social media writer’s block is a very real thing, and so many factors can affect it… Not wanting to say the wrong thing. Hoping for solid engagement on a post. Wanting to write something relevant and interesting and also authentic, charming, and true to you.

Even the most natural creatives and writers in my life have a hard time with it, because it’s not just a few words you slap next to a photo. (Well, actually it is, but it’s ALSO so much more than that.) Great captions are a way to connect with your audience, to show your human side, to get real, to tell stories, and to grow closer to those who follow you. Those words leave a legacy in some ways.

No pressure.

In fact, I believe if we start to think of our own social media feeds as a legacy that we can look back on one day with pride, it could actually serve us really well! View each post with the lens of, “Would I be happy for my future grandkids to see/read this?” And you might end up creating brilliant snippets of history rather than half-thought-out ramblings on your feed (… don’t worry, I’ve been there, too).

20 social media prompts for better captions

Here are 20 social media prompts to get you started on writing captions that connect, convert, and capture special, life-giving moments in time. Bookmark this post and come back to it anytime you’re having social media fatigue or writer’s block!

  1. We connect best when we see MORE than someone’s highlight reel. What’s a challenging lesson you’ve walked through personally or professionally this year, and what has it shown you about your own resilience?
  2. What’s a hobby you recently picked up? Has it taught you anything new about your personality type?
  3. Share a favorite book, movie, or Netflix show you consumed lately and what you loved about it. Encourage your followers to drop their recent favs.
  4. What’s something that’s brought you peace recently? Is it an activity or item you utilize often, and how does it make you feel?
  5. Share 5 weird or random facts about yourself and ask your audience to share something unusual about themselves.
  6. What does your morning routine look like? Do you follow a strict set of guidelines and rituals, or is it more free flowing? How does the flow of your mornings affect the rest of your day?
  7. What’s a recent project you’re especially proud of in your business or work life? Share what it was like to check it off and get it done.
  8. What are three bucket list items for you? What excites you about doing them one day? Ask your followers to share a bucket list item of their own.
  9. Did you ever expect to be in the career or stage of life you’re in? Share a little about your early adult aspirations and where those have ended up leading you to now.
  10. What’s your version of success? Think about it in terms of feelings and daily routines rather than just numbers or accolades. For example, my version of success is the freedom to build my own days, say no to opportunities that don’t energize me, teach marketing practices that work, and show my daughter that it’s possible for her to achieve anything.
  11. Share your dream job! If you weren’t in your current career path and money and training weren’t an issue, what would your dream job be and why? Ask your followers to share theirs!
  12. It can be so impactful to take ownership of our imperfections and show how we’ve grown with them. What’s a perceived flaw about yourself that you have learned to love over time? What did that evolution look like over the years?
  13. How’s your heart doing this week? So often we ask one another, “How are you?” but don’t or can’t share the honest truth. Share an update on where you’re at emotionally—whether you’re drained, rejuvenated, fulfilled, numb, or just getting through—and what you’re doing to tap into, listen to, and nurture those emotions.
  14. Share an embarrassing, awkward, or funny moment you had at work recently that gave you a laugh or brightened your day. 
  15. What’s one habit you’re working on improving (could be personal or work-related) and why?
  16. Tell a story about a recent time where you faced a roadblock in a work project and how you were able to ultimately resolve or fix it. How did you work through the process and what did you learn?
  17. What’s your favorite way(s) to turn a bad day around? Share your best uplifting tips for those cloudy days that we all have, and ask your audience to share theirs.
  18. Reflect and think of what you would bestow on others that might help them on their journey. If you could tell your 20-year-old self ANYTHING, what would you tell him or her? 
  19. Share one thing you’re most excited about in the next 6 months to a year. How does it make you feel? What are you looking forward to about it?
  20. Share your to-do list for the day or week. What’s coming down the pipeline and how are you managing the different priorities and tasks on your plate?

Ahhh, how fun are those? My hope is these social media prompts give you inspiration to share from the heart in a real and honest way so that you can connect and engage with your followers authentically. Social media is more than just a highlight reel or a photo album. Let it be the medium where you share real-life and gut-deep truths with your people in order to become closer to them.

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