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June 21, 2023


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Are you ready for an innovative and exciting way to grow your business and connect with your audience on a deeper level? Make a QUIZ! 

That’s right: a Cosmo-style, ridiculously fun quiz can play a key role in growing your email list, serving your clients, and giving you insight into what people need or want from you. It’s my *favorite* marketing strategy that I’m giving you allllll the deets in today’s episode! 

We’re diving into:

  • The benefits of having a quiz
  • 3 types of quizzes that have worked well for me
  • Ideas to get you started on creating your own, and
  • My top tips that you MUST use when creating your quiz

So, buckle up, click play, and get ready to learn from yours truly, as we delve into the power of quizzes for your business! 

Why Quizzes?

I LOVE using quizzes for my business because:

  1. You can strategically ask questions that provide insight into your audience. By understanding the quiz taker’s preferences and behaviors, businesses can use this knowledge to improve their products and services, as well as to tailor their marketing efforts to better serve their target audience.
  2. Quizzes can be used to collect email addresses to grow your email list. By offering a fun and interactive quiz, businesses can entice potential customers to provide their email addresses, which can then be used for targeted marketing efforts.
  3. They can help guide the next steps for someone. By providing personalized results based on their answers, businesses can use quizzes to connect their audience with relevant products or services, or to provide further information to help them make informed decisions.

3 Quizzes That Worked Well for Me

We’ve used quizzes for several years and have added hundreds of thousands of new email subscribers to my list while connecting them with what they are telling us they need.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Brand Quiz: What’s Your Secret Sauce is our entry level quiz that helps me understand more about my audience. It has lived on our website and blog for years and years, and we’ve got over 105,000 subscribers through this quiz (which is a TON!)
  2. Offer Adjacent: We created a quiz adjacent to my book! My book is called, “How Are You, Really?” and we created a quiz, “Who Are You, Really?” that is adjacent to the book. The fun part about this one is it’s amazing for people who have read the book but it also helps people who haven’t gotten the book yet connect to the messaging of it. So in the results, we incorporated specific excerpts from the book, led them to pick up the book, or select it for a book club!
  3. Audience Insight: Most recently we did our Level Up quiz and this one was a quiz for us to gain insight into different audiences and segments of our audience to see if they are following more for business or pleasure.  This helps us understand the segment that wants more of the business and marketing strategies versus the segment that wants more of the lifestyle, health, and motherhood content.

We did a dual approach on this one, so we used Manychat to build out the automated Instagram DM version (if you want to try that you can just DM me on Instagram with the words “Level Up”!) and we also built out an Interact quiz for desktop users to hit both audiences with it. Since we have different audiences on different platforms, we created the categories of ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ to help us find out if people wanted more entrepreneurial help or lifestyle resources. 

Quiz Ideas to Get Your Juices Flowing

Here are some topic ideas for a quiz that a small business owner can use as a lead generator or email list builder:

  1. Personality quiz related to your business: Create a quiz that is related to the business niche and the target audience’s personality. For example, if the business sells beauty products, create a quiz titled “What is your beauty personality?”
  2. Knowledge quiz related to your niche: Create a quiz that tests the audience’s knowledge related to the business niche. For example, if the business provides online marketing services, create a quiz titled “How much do you know about online marketing?”
  3. Quiz based on customer pain points: Create a quiz that addresses the pain points of the target audience. For example, if the business provides accounting services, create a quiz titled “How much do you know about managing your finances?”
  4. Lifestyle quiz related to your niche: Create a quiz that is related to the lifestyle of the target audience and the business niche. For example, if the business sells organic food products, create a quiz titled “What is your organic lifestyle?”
  5. Quiz based on customer preferences: Create a quiz that addresses the preferences of the target audience. For example, if the business sells fashion products, create a quiz titled “What is your fashion style?”
  6. Quiz based on customer goals: Create a quiz that addresses the goals of the target audience. For example, if the business provides life coaching services, create a quiz titled “What is your life goal?”

These are just a few ideas to get started. The quiz should be engaging, interactive, and valuable to the target audience. It should also be easy to complete and share on social media platforms!

Top 3 Tips for Creating Your First Quiz

My favorite platform to create quizzes with is Interact. They have nearly 1,000 quiz templates that are easy to use, and they also launched InteractAI, a free service included when you start a free trial, where you can request a custom quiz that’s built just for your business! 

When creating your first quiz, here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Optimal Quiz Length: 10 questions or less. If it’s too long, people will get bored and won’t finish. If it’s too short, they will feel like you’re not actually getting to know them. In those 10 questions, my advice is to make 3 of those questions super strategically positioned to give you insight that will literally help guide your business… but don’t make it all business. You need it to be FUN, too, otherwise people won’t take it! So we drop in memes like “If you were a Friends character, which one would you be?” or “If we were sitting together at a coffee shop, what would you order?” Those don’t really tell us too much information, but in the 10 questions, we have three very specific questions that will guide us so that we have the right insights about each person that’s taking it and we can serve them in a more meaningful way, so there is an objective that we are trying to accomplish.
  2. Beef Out Your Results page: The last thing that I’ll say is that we create really epic results pages and it’s not necessary, but it’s amazing how many people will screenshot them and just say like it feels like you were living inside of my head. And so we spend a lot of time on the results pages and what that next step is so that the result isn’t just the end. This is in the invitation for them to go deeper with your brand now that they feel ‘understood’ by you and your quiz – so be sure to link to additional resources we have or freebies or training or things like that.
  3. Plan out next steps: What do you want them to do after they get their results, how will you be in touch with them? What are your plans to serve them based on the info and insight they just gave you through their responses? 

All in all, quizzes provide valuable audience insight that can be used to improve your marketing and better serve your customers! If you’re ready to create your first quiz, check out Interact: a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and recommend products!

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