A Step-by-Step Guide: Transform Your Wealth, Body + Life with Manifestation Expert Mimi Bouchard

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May 6, 2024


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Is manifestation real?! Science says it is, and my guest today is about to walk us through exactly how to activate the part of our brains that will allow us to transform our wealth, body, and life with manifestation.

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Mimi Bouchard is an entrepreneurial trailblazer who defied convention by making radical changes to pursue her vision of creating a new type of audio – Activations – offered on her top rated app, Superhuman.

Hailing as one of the OG personal development bloggers from almost a decade ago, Mimi has accumulated over 250,000 followers across her social media platforms and is the host of the highly successful MIMI podcast, with her journey to success resonating deeply with her audience.

Superhuman, her groundbreaking luxury motivational audio app was founded just two years ago. It has quietly amassed tens of thousands of subscribers and millions in yearly revenue, including high profile devotees like Miranda Kerr, and it has changed the way we think about meditation.

Designed to fit seamlessly into daily life, Superhuman is a functional audio app designed to help subscribers make the most of moments everyday to live the life they’ve always imagined. I am obsessed with the app and if you keep listening to the episode you can experience some of the content that’s on it and take advantage of an insane offer just for our listeners. 

At just 27 years old, Mimi has become a new, pragmatic motivational voice for women globally, earning comparisons to Mel Robbins for her no nonsense advice and measurable results.

I can’t WAIT for you to hear her insights on developing new neural pathways to achieve your goals, her two-step formula to transformation, and how you can use activations to manifest your dream life!

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a powerful concept that extends beyond simply visualizing your desired future. As Mimi and I discussed, it involves embodying the energy of your desired future in your body.

Mimi stressed the importance of not just thinking or seeing what you want, but actually feeling it within yourself. She explained that the biggest misconception people have about manifestation is believing that merely creating a vision board or visualizing with their eyes and thinking with their brain is sufficient to manifest their desires.

If you’d like to manifest your dream life, physically feeling the energy of your future in your body will help your brain change its self-image and attract what you want in your life. Mimi highlighted the role of self-image psychology in manifestation, stating that feeling something inside of you is the most effective way to become magnetic towards what you desire. 

To manifest effectively, we must embody the characteristics of the person who has what they want, rather than just thinking it into existence!

What Are Activations?

By focusing on feeling the energy of your desired future in your body, you align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your goals. This approach helps in establishing a deep connection with your desires and reinforces the belief that they are attainable.

By embodying the energy of your future self in everyday moments, you actively shape your reality and pave the way for the manifestation of your dreams. This shift in mindset and energy can lead to transformative changes in various aspects of your life, as demonstrated by Mimi’s personal journey of transformation and success.

Superhuman activations offer a unique and innovative method to transform into your future self in everyday moments. The concept revolves around using guided visualizations, affirmations, and motivational content paired with powerful music to help individuals embody the energy of their desired future self.

Activations differ from traditional methods like meditation, as it focuses on energizing and motivating individuals rather than calming them down.

The key to Superhuman activations lies in their accessibility and ease of integration into daily routines. With a variety of categories such as grounding, powerful positivity, and mini pep talks, users can select activations that resonate with them and listen to them during various activities like skincare routines, driving, or even while doing household chores.

Personally, I have been incorporating their activations into everyday moments to shift my mindset, beliefs, and energy towards my desired future self and I have loved it!

How to Transform Your Life

Mimi also shared the two-step formula for transformation:

  1. Gain clarity on who your future self is and what you desire in the future. This involves thinking big, envisioning the details of your ideal life, and describing how it would feel to have those things in reality. 
  2. Become that version of oneself in everyday moments. Embody the energy, posture, dressing style, and habits of your future self to align with the desired outcome and watch your life transform!

Superhuman activations offer a practical and effective way to reprogram the mind and create lasting change. 

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Also, be sure to connect with Mimi on Instagram and follow Superhuman on the ‘gram, too!

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