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July 8, 2021


Where are my Pinterest lovers at?! If you’ve ever found yourself down a rabbit hole of cookie recipes and drool-worthy home design on the platform, you might not realize just how valuable Pinterest is for your business and content strategy… At least, not yet!

Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with using Pinterest for things beyond just fabulous treat ideas and outfit inspo. (Although, I still love it for those things, too!) If you run a business where women ages 20 to 50 (Pinterest’s main user demographic) fall within your ideal clientele, then you ought to be hanging out there, too, promoting your content and getting more eyes on your offers with the unique tools Pinterest has to offer. 

How to seamlessly use Pinterest for your business content:

Here are a few (nearly) effortless ways to incorporate Pinterest into your business and content plan with little effort on your part! This isn’t about creating more, it’s about refining the way that you show up, serve, and share! Our Pinterest strategy takes just an hour a week but drives massive results!

01. Take advantage of graphics you’re already using elsewhere.

Those graphics you’re building for Instagram posts and stories and Facebook posts? They can (and should) be on your Pinterest account, too! Any graphics you’re creating to share your content in other places can be used on Pinterest.

In the past, best practices stated that Pinterest graphics had to be at a 3:2 ratio, but that’s not the case anymore. (Praise be.) So if you’re designing square graphics for Instagram or a quote graphic to share in stories, make sure you’re pinning those in addition to the pin graphic you create for your content to maximize the exposure to your content without more work.

Hey, if you’re already creating it, you might as well post it one more place!

02. Keep up with Pinterest’s Trends.

Check out Pinterest’s Trends—they’re released every January with updated best practices, news, and tips to help inspire and maximize your Pinterest content. It’s likely that what is currently trending on Pinterest will also resonate with your audience, so checking out these topics can help you when writing your content plan for the upcoming months or year.

Plus, who doesn’t like a little extra support coming up with content topic ideas?! I know it’s a valuable way for us to get a pulse on what people are looking for in my community.

03. Regularly research keywords using Pinterest’s search bar.

If it’s not already, part of your content plan should include identifying top keywords that your audience is searching for and then infusing those words into your content. Guess where a great place to do this research is? You guessed it! Pinterest.

Like any other search engine, you can start by putting specific words into the search bar of Pinterest and then Pinterest will give you suggestions based on what people are searching. Use these related keywords to help create your content plan based on what people are searching for, and make sure to weave them throughout all of your content in an organic way.

For example, if you’re a wedding florist, you could type “wedding flowers” into the search bar. Pinterest pulls up all of these related search terms that you can then use in your content to create the most effective content possible:

  • Wedding flowers centerpieces
  • Wedding flowers fall
  • Wedding flowers spring
  • Wedding flowers summer
  • Wedding flowers sunflowers
  • Wedding flowers peonies
  • Wedding flowers blue

Repeat with any and all related keywords and phrases for your business, industry, and location. And remember, these change with time and as trends change, so make it a practice to research keywords every quarter or even monthly if you crank out a lot of content!

04. Check out which pins are performing best.

I’ve talked before about which Google Analytics numbers you should be paying attention to in your business, and one way you can take this a step further is to check out the data on your Pinterest traffic. From your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals > Pinterest and you will find a list of the top URLs visited from people coming from Pinterest!

This is suuuuper valuable because it lets you see not just what people like pinning, but what content they actually click through to land on your website. Check out your top-performing content, and then try to think of ways you can make more content like that, since you know it registers with your Pinterest audience.

Alternatively, consider what pages aren’t doing well, and see if you can tweak your pins directing traffic to those pages to increase visitors to those pages. Sometimes it’s not the content that’s off, but the pin design or headline. Test a few new ones and check out whether your click throughs improve!

05. Don’t forget Pinterest Analytics!

Similarly, you should be using Pinterest Analytics to help direct your content planning decisions. But first, be sure you have a business account to access analytics in Pinterest. (Super easy: just click the arrow in the top right corner of your Pinterest home page and select “unlock business tools.”)

When crunching our data, we really care most about the pins that are getting the most engagement, meaning they are getting repins and clicks through to our content. Checking out not only what graphics are performing best, but also what topics and boards are most popular are key indicators for what our audience is looking for from us. Dig into those insights specifically to help direct the topics you choose to elaborate on as you’re planning future content ideas!

Between digging into some of the numbers, incorporating a keyword research plan into your content routine, and utilizing social graphics you’re using on other platforms, you’ll have a fool-proof, super-simple strategy to up your content game on the platform and totally overhaul your effectiveness when using Pinterest for business!

Want to learn the 3 secrets behind Pinterest success? 

Watch this short video where I walk you through WHY Pinterest works!

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