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July 7, 2021


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When it comes to content creation, I typically see two general groups. Either someone starts their business with content at the core — blogging, podcasting, long-form videos, and beyond. Content is their passion, content is where they make money, content is the focus. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs start their business and approach content creation later. It becomes another task on their list, a struggle to stick to with consistency, and then once it’s created, the task of promoting that content adds even more to a growing list. Where do you land? 

Regardless of your content creation status, if you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle, the fact is that content creation is an important, powerful, often profitable tool in your business when done with consistency and strategy. That’s what this episode is all about. 

Kylie is back on the show and we are digging into content creation, content promotion, why it’s necessary, our secret tools to getting organic results, and how to make sure your content is seen and not just seeing on the day you publish it, but for weeks and months to come. Hit play to tune in to the full conversation covering content creation 101.

What Can You Create?

The first thing to figure out when establishing your content creation strategy is what kind of content you’ll be creating. I think the biggest thing that people do wrong, especially when they’re starting out, is that they try to show up everywhere, for everyone, in all the places.

What I have done and continue to do in my business is I start in one spot, get really consistent and good with that, create a routine or a structure around it, and then I start with the next thing. For example, if you like to write content, starting with an email list or a blog would be a great place to begin. If you love to be on video, a YouTube channel or showing up on IGTV TV or Instagram stories or Reels would be great for you. If you love audio, recording a podcast, or even doing voice notes or things like that would be a great thing for you.

The number one obstacle in the beginning is proving to yourself that you can follow through on creating something consistently. What does consistency look like for you? What do you have in terms of time and bandwidth to offer right now? Maybe it’s one email a week. Maybe it’s one blog post a week. Maybe it’s one Instagram post a week. 

Be realistic about it so that you don’t let yourself down and enter the shame cycle that we all tend to do. Start to show up consistently and start to create a system around it that gives you this ability to work ahead and know what’s coming next.

Content is Key to Serving

So much of business and branding and community building these days has to start with serving. No matter what you’re creating or what platform you’re creating on, you need to first establish your credibility, paint yourself as an expert, provide value, and get people results. This builds the trust factor. Content marketing needs to come from a place of serving before you ever go to sell something. 

What’s really interesting is content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. So if you’re listening to this and you don’t have a massive budget to invest in Google ads or Facebook ads or Pinterest ads or any sort of ads, and you don’t have the ability to just go straight to market and invest in that traditional style marketing, then content marketing is going to be your key in building that know, like, trust factor, but also in creating an actual community and building a true brand and not just a business.

Content Hamster Wheel

When I first started my business, I committed to blogging five days a week, every week, for years. I was consistent (which we know is key!) but I never turned around to measure the results from that daily blogging. Was it actually driving new people in my business who were taking action? I didn’t take a hard look at my numbers until much later, and I kick myself for it now.

When you are creating content and you feel like you’re just getting on the hamster wheel, like you’re just creating for the sake of creating, it might be time for you to really take inventory, look at your results and make sure that every piece of content that you’re putting out there serves a purpose and the purpose is not always in selling.

In fact, I would say 10% of the time you should be selling 90% of the time you should be serving. Is it creating connections? Is it helping people get results? Is it helping paint you as an expert? Is it showing people what’s possible? There should be a direct result through every piece of content that you’re creating.

Content Promotion

Creating content doesn’t end with hitting publish. The next step is possibly the most crucial step in the whole process — promoting that content. You want eyes on your content and you want them to keep showing up long after you’ve hit publish. 

For us, the biggest secret to getting longevity in terms of getting your content that you’ve created seen and in front of the right people is actually Pinterest. I think that actually shocks a lot of people because we talk so much about things like Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest is that hidden tool in our tool belt that is driving the most organic traffic for us and is giving our content the longest shelf life — I’m talking years — and that’s through Pinterest.

Press play on this episode to hear more about how we use Pinterest and our favorite tools for powering Pinterest strategy. If you’re ready to dive into more Pinterest strategy, join me for my free Pinterest training.

More from this Episode

If you’re ready to dive into content creation for the first time or reimagine your strategy, this is your episode. From the secrets to getting more traffic to the systems we’ve fine-tuned in my business today, Kylie and I dig into content creation and promotion from all angles. Press play right now.

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  1. Sandra Campos says:

    This episode is everything that I need to hear and more! Thank you Jenna for always keeping it real and giving USEFUL information for FREE! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from you. I can’t wait to take one of your course to help expand my small business! Thank you so much for all that you and your team do!

  2. Jessica Hodgson says:

    Hi Jena! Absolutely loved this particular episode. You had mentioned towards the end to reach out if anyone had an entrepreneur business success story without relying on social media for main marketing; well, here I am! Last year during the height of the pandemic, I began my business of Sustainable Living waste free body care products. I used direct marketing to local small businesses, my personal Facebook account & very little Instagram. With tons of hard work & mainly direct sale marketing to potential clients, my little business Soapstone Mill has grown into a six figure revenue maker in less than a year. My social media accounts are next to null with followers, but my brand has grown we have products stationed in 4 states & growing 🙂 all from me personally reaching out to potential buyers (other small businesses that carry specialty products) with what i do and why I create.
    Thank you for always providing amazing content for business owners like myself!


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