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7 Female Founders You Should Have on Your Radar in 2020

Jenna Kutcher 

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So much of my mission in this life is leading other entrepreneurs and teaching them what I know about marketing and business online. It’s legitimately one of my favorite things ever, too, utilizing this digital space to impact others and show them how they can also serve their clients, customers, or audience well and maximize their influence.

And as I’ve been going down this path, I’ve come into contact with literally thousands of badass female entrepreneurs whose businesses and brains have blown me away. Like, here I am trying to serve them what I know and how I move the needle in my business, and meanwhile, they’re teaching me just as much about their own industries.

So today, I want to share 7 female founders who have seriously changed the game in so many arenas, from beauty and fashion to email marketing and health. I mean, these are ALL areas I know I could use some schooling in, and the women I’m showcasing today deliver some of the best products and services I’ve ever encountered. I can’t wait for you to learn about them and fall in love with their businesses, too (and maybe even get some inspo for your own from them — I know I have!). 

01 + 02. Rebecca Shostak and Martha Bitar of Flodesk

Okay, I have to shout out both of these ladies because what they are doing is unbelievably rad. They set out to simplify beautiful email marketing practices and make designing and drafting emails absurdly easy (yes, even if you label yourself “tech challenged”). And it’s not just emails alone; it’s list building, too. 

They took the hassle out of every aspect of email marketing and made it more affordable than ever, on top of that. As someone who preaches and teaches the power of email marketing for a living, I have been amazed by these women’s prowess in the email space, and they make it approachable for everyone, no matter the size or age or industry of your business. AND, they launched Flodesk without any funding, which is just impressive as all get out. Keep an eye on these two this year — they’re doing big things.

03. Kate Field of The Kombucha Shop

Full disclosure: Kate was on Shark Tank in 2018 and got a deal that fell through, and I low-key reached out to her because I was super interested in hearing more about her business, The Kombucha Shop, because I wanted to invest — it’s just THAT good. It’s a kombucha home-brewing supply company created with a simple mission in mind, that health and wellness should be accessible to everyone. And everything she does it just incredible, from branding and a beautiful product to customer interaction and acquisitions. I was just drawn to her presence and how she carried herself on the show, and it’s clear her passion and confidence shines through to her products.

I ordered all of her products that night her episode aired and we have been brewing our own kombucha at home ever since, I’ve got to say ours tastes better than what you buy in a store! Kate was a nutrition educator for low-income families when she discovered her love for kombucha and began brewing her own. But she quickly realized there wasn’t really a great kit that offered quality tools and fully detailed directions for home brewing the ‘booch. Her ingredients are all organic, and her methods are legit. She makes kombucha brewing easy and affordable (and not to mention: fun!) for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or you avoid cooking at all costs.

04. Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure Skincare 

This founder, I have watched her take over the world of clean skincare in the front row seat. Y’all already KNOW my love and adoration for all things Primally Pure. I mean, it’s the number 1 thing I recommend to anyone, from the quality of the products to their price point and branding. It checks all the boxes for amazing skincare, and the founder, Bethany, keeps releasing new and incredible serums and masks and moisturizers and more that I legit can’t (and won’t) stop buying. (Seriously, one peek at my bathroom cabinet and you’ll see my love is true.)

Bethany was in my mastermind last year, so I was able to mentor her, but our relationship didn’t stop there! I actually got to go visit where they make the products earlier this year and was so impressed by the entire production. They really have made quality and care their top priority, and at the same time, Bethany had her second baby this year! As a mama of 2 with her biggest year of business yet, Bethany is totally a superwoman business owner and a dear friend that I can’t help but look up to in every way. Catch her episode on Goal Digger to hear the whole story of how she got started.

05. Keiana Cave of Sublima Pharmaceuticals

I met Keiana at an Aerie event and was blown away by her poise and utter intelligence. And she’s only 21 years old. I don’t even want to think about what I was doing at 21, but it certainly wasn’t researching the toxicity of oil in ocean water (work she started at age 15!) or creating the first-ever hormone-free birth control, which is in pre-launch right now. She’s done multiple TEDx talks and developed solutions to large-scale oil spills. I mean… this woman is unstoppable, and crazy inspirational.

As someone who’s spent years trying to figure out my hormones and how to regulate them calmly, the idea of non-hormonal birth control is something I’ve never even considered a possibility. And Keiana is bringing the impossible to life with her company, Sublima Pharmaceuticals. She’s been on lists like Forbes 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Young Millionaires List, and Glamour’s Women of the Year. If you don’t already know about her, you’ll want to keep her on your radar because this chick is changing the world.

06. Cara Bartlett of VETTA Capsule

I love everything about this brand and what Cara stands for. She’s made capsule wardrobes accessible to anyone, and does it with care, simplicity, and thoughtfulness. If you’ve never heard of one, a capsule wardrobe is a small handful of clothing items that can be mixed, matched, and worn in multiple ways together. So, Cara keeps releasing these collections of 5 stunning pieces that can be worn 30 different ways. How insanely cool is that?

And all the VETTA capsule pieces are crafted responsibly with eco-friendly materials and made in the U.S. in small batch runs. Plus, all of them are stunning and simple pieces that make me want to use all the heart-eye emojis (and basically throw my wallet at Cara’s face, in a good way). This is the most thoughtful and sustainable way to build a closet of beautiful clothes you’ll actually wear, and that isn’t stuffed to the brim with things that don’t fit or that you hope *might* trend again soon. 

07. Jaclyn Johnson of Create + Cultivate

Jaclyn has been on the podcast before (catch her super eye-opening episode here) and is killing it in the space of inspiring and educating women. She throws these incredibly beautiful events showcasing powerhouse women who speak and do panels and teach the audience about how to create dream-worthy lives, in a nutshell. And the events are basically heaven for your Instagram feed; no corner, wall, or open space is left unbranded.

She has a podcast and a book called Work Party and she just launched a product line, which is such a great move and natural extension of the events, and I’m honestly tempted to pick up one of everything she’s offering. (I already snagged and am OBSESSED with the planner.) If you follow her, attend a Create + Cultivate conference, tune in or buy a product, you’ll soon learn that everything she does is so beautiful, well designed, and helpful in creating and cultivating your own dreamy future.

Tell me, are you feeling all the inspired and go-get-’em warm fuzzies? Something about hearing other women’s success stories makes me so much more jazzed to go after my own big goals — what about you? If you have a moment, drop someone whose biz or life has been inspiring YOU lately in a comment below. I’d love to check them out!

I love the way these ladies are focused on doing good and improving the lives of others the best way they know how, and I can’t wait to continue cheering them on (and also, buying all their stuff because it’s seriously THAT good) all through 2020. Keep ’em on your radar, if nothing else than for a kick of inspiration and major girl crush vibes to encourage you to chase your wildest dreams, too!

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