How She Did It: Use Client Feedback To Transform Your Biz

January 1, 2018


A how she did it episode on the Goal Digger Podcast with guest Bethany McDaniel all about using client feedback to transform your business.


“Done is better than perfect” is a phrase you’ve probably heard me say a million times on this podcast, but it’s only because I believe in its message so darn much! But, I get it, it is straight up HARD to put yourself out there– flaws and all– but guys, there will never be a perfect moment! Start today, adjust as needed, and grow!

Which is exactly why I couldn’t resist asking the adaptability queen, Bethany McDaniel, onto the show. Bethany owns the most incredible, all-natural skincare brand Primally Pure, and has adjusted her sails constantly along the way. In this episode, Bethany tells us how she made the “jump” into pursuing her hobby as a business and how she blew full steam ahead despite the imperfect beginning stages. Not only is her story crazy inspiring, but she also gives her top tips as to how YOU can engage your audience, receive feedback, and GROW your business. We’ll cover everything from how to receive your feedback (both good and bad!) all the way to tweaking your product (and BONUS, you’ll hear this expert’s TOP tips for glowing, radiant skin!)


Ah, the confusing, scary, all-consuming beginning stages of starting your business. Bethany told us how she eventually just went for it, and truly lived out “done is better than perfect”. Don’t get me wrong, her product was quality and her heart was in it, but she didn’t wait until everything was perfect to start chasing her dream. She had the vision, she went for it, and worked her tail off.


One of the hardest parts of owning a business is creating a certain amount of space between you and your product. I mean, in some ways, it feels like your baby– you’ve spent so much time on it, and invested so much, but you have to step away and look at your product critically. Bethany is the queen of this. She is always open to feedback on her product and areas for growth. Guys, if you learn anything from Bethany, learn THIS. Learn to look at your product through a customers eyes and always, always, always be striving for improvement.


This is where listening to this episode will change the game. There are so many routes you can go to get feedback on your product: social media movements, targetted emails, discounts for reviews, even paying for a review. Bethany mentioned that her team is in the midst of an initiative of donating a dollar per review to charity. I mean how cool is that?! A total win, win. For all the juicy details on how to fully get the most of your reviews, you’ll just have to tune into the magic of this episode (PSSST: you will not regret it!)

“It’s easy to be paralyzed by things not being perfect” but you truly just have to go for it and evolve and grow along the way! Not only is this super episode relatable– but is SO important for moving your business forward! As we approach 2018, it’s time to live out our mantra:

DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. Let’s make stuff happen, Goal Diggers.

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  1. Lindyn says:

    Speaking of client feedback! 😛
    I was really looking forward to this podcast because I wanted some tips on how to ask for feedback from my clients – but I found instead you talked a lot about Bethany’s business and skin care. There were a few nuggets in there that I took away, as I always do. But I wanted to let you know your title misled me a bit. Thank you!



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