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December 30, 2019


Jenna Kutcher with her business coach Dean Graziosi


When I last spoke to my business coach Dean Graziosi on the podcast, I was just beginning to pick up steam after a long maternity leave with Coco. It was about 8 months ago, and I have to say, even in that short time my business and life feel different. I feel like even my brain changed. The way I work evolved in the last 8 months as a mom and business owner.

If you haven’t listened to episode 250 with Dean in a while, here’s a quick recap. He challenged my mindset blocks around selling. With his ideas and advice I started to brainstorm the next step in scaling my business. And he walked me through one big challenge I was facing, and still face right now — relatability.

I took that conversation to heart, I applied what we talked about, and now Dean and I are hopping back on the line and hitting record as I ask him for coaching and guidance for what’s next. Dean always helps me see myself and my business through a new lens — a wider angle but with a sharper focus. We are days away from 2020 and with all of this new energy and anticipation for a new year pouring in, I’m eager to chat with Dean so you can listen in on his advice, too.

Stick or Carrot Motivation

Dean and I have worked together all year long, and one big moment of clarity I had with him over the course of the year was about motivation. What motivates my audience (i.e. YOU) to act? It could be buying a program or giving me your email or as simple as commenting on my Instagram photos. What makes you take action?

So much of my marketing communications are based on possibility. The “what if” and the idea of reaching for something bigger in your life. But in reality, that only speaks to a percentage of people. I asked Dean to walk me through the other side of the coin, the other thing that motivates people: fear.

Dean described it as a stick and carrot situation. If you are a “stick” person, you’re afraid of going backwards. You’re afraid of what’s behind you and that is what’s pushing you forward. A carrot person is motivated by possibility. You could get that carrot, whatever that carrot might represent (more time, a bigger house, a fancy car).

I feel like I am only hitting half of my market because I am selling the way I, myself, buy. Are you doing this in your business too? Take a look at your marketing communications and evaluate the language. Are you selling to only the carrot person, only the stick person, or are you balancing both in an effective way?

What would Dean do?

It’s always interesting to hear Dean’s perspective on my business because we come from different business worlds with different goals. So I asked him, if he were me and had my business, what would he do next?

Dean told me he would have a better escalation model for my students. Essentially, Dean encouraged me to think about the next iteration of my courses for people who have learned from me before and want to know where to go next. “What could be a potential next evolution for clients who want more Jenna?” One of his ideas included a 3-day live workshop with students who wanted to take it to the next level.

Before I could even verbalize it myself, Dean called me out on my objection to this idea. I don’t want to commit more time. He totally called me out for this and then encouraged me to think of it through that lense. How can I help my students reach their next level and implement the skills I’ve taught them on a broader scale without committing more of my precious time? That’s the challenge Dean has for me moving forward.

What are my superpowers? Where can I grow?

Trust me, this wasn’t an opportunity for me to get alllll the compliments from Dean, but I wanted to hear what he sees as my superpowers and how I might maximize those moving forward. Sometimes we’re so close to our own gifts that we don’t even recognize them ourselves so I asked Dean to help me identify whatever I could be missing.

Dean believes one of my super powers is an “eye to serve” and “a deep level of authenticy without trying”. He dove into those ideas deeper with me. Press play on the episode above to hear this full analysis. It might help you dig into your own superpowers, too.

So now that I’m good and buttered up, where can I grow? Dean wants me to work on checking my limited beliefs. One of those limiting beliefs is around writing a book. Jenna Kutcher, the published author? Dean thinks I can do it but I’ve resisted the idea for a while and I share why in this episode.

Dean shared some advice on writing a book, including his voice memo hack that would get the first chapter of my book written fast. Press play on the episode to hear how you could start writing your book right now, too. If I finally wrote a book, would you read it?

What Do Women Need?

I asked Dean, who speaks on stages with women and coaches women and works with women, what does he think needs to shift for women in 2020? What could women do or change in the next year?

“Women, way more than men, [need help] to overcome their limiting beliefs,” Dean explained. “The only thing holding you back from [having what you want] is the story you tell yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Dean challenged me to tackle this limiting belief topic in my own business and teach others how to beat their own inner dialog. Do you battle limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

More from this Episode

Dean always helps me see myself from a new view and dial into the things I do best while challenging me to do better. I hope this conversation shines a light on the challenges I still face at this stage of my business. My hope is that hearing these coaching dialogs makes you think about your own super powers, weaknesses, and goals for the next year. Press play on the episode above to hear more from this chat with my business coach, Dean Graziosi.

And don’t forget to snag Dean’s new book (with a chapter featuring yours truly), Underdog Advantage.


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  1. Abigail Wilson says:

    LOVED THIS EPISODE! It’s so great to hear another mastermind walking you through your past year in business. As a “carrot” motivated person, Dean’s tips inspired me just as much as they clearly inspired you. Also, PLEEEEEASE WRITE THAT BOOK!!


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