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An Honest Review of The Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield

It is time! My mentor-turned-friend Amy Porterfield’s new Digital Course Academy is HERE, and it is everything. No, really… everything. I was thrilled to get an insider peek into the latest version of her signature course, and as the nerdy, course-loving gal that I am, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to explore, check out her processes, and pick up a few new tips along the way. 

And you guys, I got WAY more than I bargained for. Amy’s always updating, adding, and changing up her course to reflect her newest strategies. I went in hoping to take away a few new nuggets of strategy and see her behind-the-scenes of all that she’s offering so I could share it with you! After all, I have been creating courses for some time and sort of have a handle on what I’m doing! But I came out of it with ALL kinds of tactical advice and new ideas and impactful takeaways that I can’t wait to implement into my own business and courses. It’s pretty wild. 

But to get a full array of feedback, I wanted to ask a few of my team members to take a look, hit play, and poke around, too, and today I’m sharing all of our reviews of this one-of-a-kind program that will teach you how to take your knowledge, build a beautiful course around it, and sell it to the masses. If you’re wondering if this course is right for you, just take a look at what my team has to say:

Caitlyn – Team JK Course Creator:

“Far too often I think people have to be convinced of their genius and that they have a unique perspective and skills to share with the world that could change someone’s life.

But maybe you’re like me and actually have 10,000 ideas and love to teach and can imagine this path of creating an online course for your business. As the course creator for the JK team, it’s not the “what” or the “how” of creating online courses that keep me up at night. It’s the promotion “how are we going to tell the world about this awesome thing we created?” piece.

The final module in Digital Course Academy is worth the price of the course alone. She starts with walking you through how to design a profitable webinar presentation, then holds your hand with a step-by-step plan for filling up your webinar with the right people through a high converting registration page, social media posts, live broadcasts, email invites and paid ads.

Next, she teaches a 5-part launch offer framework to make sure your webinar converts well and knocks it out of the park with live webinar success secrets and what to do post-webinar, as well.

She truly takes the guesswork out of getting your big idea in front of your target audience so you can begin to impact lives with what you have to say. This content is pure gold, and I’m thankful we’ve had Amy as a mentor for our team throughout our years of creating courses for our audience, and now you can, too!”

Stephanie – Team JK Community Support:

“What I love most about this course is how user-friendly it is. Amy lays everything out in a super easy to follow, step-by-step fashion. You do NOT need to be a tech geek to figure it out.

From finding and serving your ideal customers to course building, webinars, and finally SALES, your hand is being held as you are walked through the entire process beginning to end.

Each video lesson also includes the content in audio and transcript versions, so no matter how you learn best, there is an option for you. This course WILL transform your business in ways that you never imagined possible!”

Marisa – Team JK Project Manager:

“I don’t know about you, but whenever I get my hands on really juicy, implement-in-the-moment content, I can’t help but dive straight into the create-and-disseminate mindset. Following the creation phase, I typically freeze on next steps because I failed to take the time to intentionally nurture my audience or thoroughly plan my ‘pre-launch runway,’ as Amy coins it.

We ALL know that planning is one of the most important pieces to the content creation process, yet it’s a place a lot of us don’t know how to navigate well and end up feeling like we failed! Okay, maybe it’s just where I’ve personally failed a handful of times before…

Amy kicks things off by breaking down the success secrets to planning a 14-day live launch experience, which includes a 90-day full launch cycle, 30 of which are all about what happens BEFORE you even launch! Talk about the power of planning.

If you are like me and typically see big-picture things better and, in turn, struggle with the step by step, Module 2’s “Course Creation Framework” will make your heart so very happy. Amy talks planning from a 10,000-foot view, which she then breaks down into actionable, “get it done” checklists. Pure magic, if I may say so myself!

Audrey – Team JK Content Creator:

“For someone who craves community and digs online education, this course has everything and then some. I love that Amy kicks it off by talking about YOUR unique audience — what you can, and should, be doing to communicate with them right now, in this very moment, to begin prepping them for the cool thing (ahem, your course) that is to come. She doesn’t stop there, either.

As she walks you through the exact processes and software to use to turn your concept into a course, she gives actionable steps to nurture your audience and keep them invested and engaged in your journey. That way, by the time you have a course prepped and ready to sell, your audience will be right there with you on the journey, ready to buy!

This ability to keep your community interested through weekly content you serve up is the difference between crickets and major conversion come launch time… And Amy teaches you just how to communicate to your audience regularly and well, on TOP of the logistics and processes you need to know to actually conceptualize, create, and launch your course. Pretty dang cool, right?!”

Jenna – CEO and Fearless Leader: 

“Amy changed my life with her course all the way back in 2015… I had all the skills and know-how to be successful, but what I was missing was the step-by-step blueprint to put all of the pieces together. It would be easy to think that you could figure it all out yourself, but why the heck would you do that when someone who has gone before you and experienced MAJOR success has laid out the step-by-step process for you?

As human beings, we tend to overcomplicate things — not Amy! Amy approaches difficult topics like course creation, webinars, and launching with easy-to-digest processes that help you find success quicker (and with less frustration!).

The blueprint is waiting for you, all you need to do is honor your genius and follow Amy’s fool-proof plan! Amy’s education has been a beacon for me as I’ve pivoted and navigated the world as an online entrepreneur, I can’t recommend her system enough. The keys to the kingdom are waiting for you!”

The JK Bonus Educator Suite

Welp, my team has spoken. (And they’re kinda really smart.) For real, though — this is your opportunity, my friend. If you’ve thought about wanting to share your unique knowledge with your community — with the world — this is THE A-to-Z roadmap for getting it done with as little hiccups and in as little time as humanly possible.

And it’ll be a stellar, beautiful, impactful course that you can modify, tweak, and continue to sell for YEARS to come. That’s the dream, isn’t it? I hope this Digital Course Academy review was helpful and you can find more details about the course below. Oh and here’s the BEST part, I’m linking arms with Amy as an affiliate so if you join through my link, I get a referral commission and YOU get my extra special educator suite bonus for FREE. So you get me AND Amy for the price of one.



Ready to see all the details about this course?

Check out The Digital Course Academy plus my special bonus right here.

by Jenna Kutcher 

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