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A Virtual Look Inside of Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy

Jenna Kutcher 

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I think you are pretty DARN special. I think you’ve gone through some energizing growth periods and challenging setback seasons. I think you’re striving and working your butt off to get to the next level. I think you’re brave and intentional and imperfectly pushing onward and upward. And I know you have some pretty incredible stories, experiences, and knowledge learned through practice, trial and error, and educating yourself.

I just KNOW that about you, because you wouldn’t be here if that weren’t true. That’s why I want to give you, friend, an insider look at something I know will knock your socks off and change your world — if you let it.

I’ve talked a lot about how Amy Porterfield’s first course changed my business when I took it back in 2015. It gave me the tools and takeaways to build my email list (which was practically empty back then) and reach a larger audience, and I took that information and absolutely darted with it. Well, she’s since become a mentor, a peer, and then a dear friend of mine, and she’s continued serving up incredible resources, courses, and free content to push her audience to grow their businesses and streamline their lives.

This week, I am absolutely jazzed because she’s launching her newest program, called the Digital Course Academy, a fully fleshed-out guide that will walk you through how to conceptualize, build, launch, and sell your very own digital course, packed with your unique knowledge and one-of-a-kind experiences. And it. is. LEGIT. (Saying that as a friend AND peer, FYI.)

Y’all know I wouldn’t back anything I didn’t completely, totally, 150% believe was worth it, and I think this course is about to change not tens, not hundreds, but thousands of lives with its step-by-step, approachable, and applicable lessons. That’s why I am so stinkin’ stoked to bring you a virtual look inside of DCA today.

If your heart’s been tugged at by the course creation bug, or if you have a BIG idea you’re itching to share with the world, or even if you’re not sure if course-creation is right for you… You’ll want to check out this comprehensive overview of this unparalleled course that covers everything about, well, making your own knockout course.

The education breakdown: EXACTLY what you’ll learn in DCA

Okay, okay, enough chitter-chatter. What are you actually going to learn if you enroll in the DCA? I’m so glad you asked…

  • How to nail down a course topic: diving into what topics and helpful information you already know well, extracting that knowledge, and uncovering how it could benefit your audience to learn, as well.
  • How to validate your course: making sure your audience is ready, excited, and coming along for the journey as you create your course and eventually sell it. You’ll learn actionable ways to keep your people engaged and interested in your story and what’s to come (*cough, cough* your course!) so they’re ready and wanting to buy when you launch.
  • How to record and publish your content: yep, she covers all the “tech” stuff in the most approachable and accessible way, even for us more technologically-challenged, we’ll say. This is the EASIEST way to create course content that actually looks stunning and is easy to get out to your audience. She dishes up the programs she actually uses for her own courses and how to navigate them with ease.
  • How to build a high-converting webinar to pique your followers’ interest: by teaching your people small snippets of your course topic in a webinar, you’ll be feeding them just enough info to implement, but they’ll be inclined and enthused to enroll in your actual course because they can SEE how great the content is.
  • How to leverage social media and email: even if your email list or follower count is small, Amy will show you how to maximize your audience through Facebook ads, email funnels, and Instagram posts and stories to not only get your current audience super excited — but to also grow your audience confidently as you build and prep your course for launch. She’ll teach you all the marketing strategies her team actually uses for her own launches. (Which is CRAZY-cool.)
  • How to create a captivating course sales page and email funnel: after you host your wildly impactful webinar, you’ll need an email funnel to keep in touch with attendees and a sales page for them to get more info about your course. Amy unpacks everything you need, from software to copy and design techniques, to amplify your course sales and ensure your prospects have the best opportunity to convert.
  • How to onboard students to get high success rate: webinars and courses are only as good as their completion rate, in my opinion. If you get a hundred people to sign up but only 5 complete it, then there’s something amiss. Amy will show you how to engage with students with an email sequence to encourage their forward motion and improve success rates (and, ahem, cut down on refunds).
  • How to make your course evergreen: aka, it lasts forevah. Which is pretty freaking awesome, because it means you can continue teaching and impacting the masses (and making passive income) for as long as your course is live.

The DCA tools and takeaways: What comes with the program

When you enroll this week, you get an insanely valuable package of tools that will enable you to create an epic digital course, including:

  • 8 Implementation Modules: these show you legitimately ev-ery-thing you need to know and do to turn your expertise into a renowned digital course that people will be dying to get their hands on.
  • Comprehensive Launch Plan: you’ll learn how to develop and deliver a high-converting webinar (psst, this is the exact method that I actually use!) that genuinely and ethically enrolls dozens of students each time you run it.
  • Webinar Fill-up Formula: the step-by-step guide to how to fill your virtual classroom and get a primed group of ready-to-buy prospects.
  • Unmatched Email Marketing, Sales Page, Advertising, and Social Strategies: Amy’s next-level strategies for building buzz around your course commonly garner up to 3x the enrollments.

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group and Q+As with Amy herself, so you can get feedback and present your roadblocks to the master (and an entire community of others going through the same process as you!).

The instructor: Why Amy is the BEST one to teach it

The thing I love about Amy and her programs — and something I make sure to implement in my own — is she offers a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee. I always say this, but when an educator is willing to refund your money if the education doesn’t work, that’s how you know it actually DOES work. 

It means they’re committed to getting you results, and I know firsthand that Amy is committed to your success and helping YOU launch a digital course… and this year, at that. I hope this little peek into the DCA helped you get a feel for exactly what you’ll walk away with when you enroll.

Plus learn from me: My JK Educator Suite Bonus

You don’t think I would just link arms with Amy without sweetening the deal for you, my people! I mean, I had to add in some of my own teachings so that you can get both of us for the price of one. When you join DCA through my link, you’ll also get:

  • My special Kajabi bonus: Kajabi is my fave platform to build, market, and sell my courses and when you join with me, you get 45 days FREE to install your new course, and 10% off membership. That means you could essentially install and launch your course, generating revenue with your new course before you’ve even paid a dime for hosting software. Say whhaa??
  • My email list accelerator mini course: In this bonus created just for DCA students,  you’ll get 3 BRAND-NEW modules to turbocharge your list to lead up to your launch. We’ll cover the types of opt-ins you need to have ready to roll, and I’m sharing my top 2 ways to grow my email list. I’ll tell you how to use social media to grow your list, and you’ll get 12 email swipe file templates + my subject line cheat sheet so you can get ready to breadcrumb in your new course to your email subscribers.
  • My exact team launch checklist: I created this guide for my team and the only humans who have gotten their hands on this are the women who were in my $25,000 mastermind program last year… one girl even said this checklist was worth the entire fee alone. In this 12-page PDF, you’ll hear exactly what each role needs to tackle (and it’s okay if you’re #alltheroles at first!), from: visionary to tech to content creation and ad strategy. I lay it all out for you!

I truly couldn’t be more honored and excited to share a look at this program with you all because it’s legitimately the only course of its kind, and I know it has the ability to change your business and your world. It’s the most comprehensive program for creating, launching, and selling your very own digital course, and impacting others for years to come with the knowledge you and only you can share with your people. I can’t wait to see what you do with it and who you impact, friend.


See it for yourself and grab your spot!

Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy

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