5 Pinterest Strategies To Implement in 2024

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February 22, 2024


“Leverage Pinterest for Business” is most likely on your to-do list for 2024…. and if it’s not, it should be. While Pinterest might be on your radar, stepping into that world strategically (i.e. without the overwhelm of not knowing what you’re doing) is the real work ahead of you. Harnessing the power of Pinterest is the key to making sure all your creativity, hours, and energy that go into the content you share for your business is highly effective. So what does it really look like to use Pinterest the smart way? I’m all about keeping my strategies as powerful and simple as possible, and since I’ve mastered my Pinterest strategy, I want to help YOU by sharing five Pinterest strategies I’m focusing on in 2024.

Content that lives and dies solely by the social media algorithm is only doing you (and your business) a disservice. Pinterest optimization is less about doing the most, and more about getting that Pinterest algorithm demystified so you can work less and get more eyes on your content. The point of Pinterest marketing is saving you time so that your content can work hard and drive your business to the right audiences without you being behind the wheel, right?

Get ahead of the game in 2024 with these five Pinterest strategies that’ll help your content’s life span extend and get you the reach and conversion you’ve been dreaming about!

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01) Define Your Pinterest Targeting Strategies

Getting smart about how you use Pinterest can help your pins be seen by the right people! You know that the words you use for your pins and in your profile help Pinterest learn more about you, but what most people don’t know is that the way they personally use Pinterest affects this, too! What you favorite, share, search for, click-on, and pin to any of your boards has an impact on what the algorithm is learning about you. As it tracks how and what you interact with, it’s creating a profile about who you are and who to show your pins to.

So, take time to examine not only what content you’re sharing and bringing onto the platform, but also how you engage with the platform as a whole. Get clear about what you’re searching for and pinning. What would your target audience be searching for and pinning? You don’t have to create all this content yourself; you simply need to engage with it! And the Pinterest algorithm will help take care of the rest. 

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02) Don’t Overthink Your Pinterest Keyword Research

It’s normal to feel like you need to develop a deep keyword list and make sure you’ve connected your audience to your content in as many ways as possible — but that can overcomplicate your time and fail to deliver the results you’re looking for. Your Pinterest keyword research can actually be quick, powerful AND simple.

Create a keyword list of just 5 core keywords that describe your business and your offers. Start by thinking thought a few categories that your blog or business fits into, like the themes you most frequently cover or the top few topics you write about on social media. These are the pillars of your brand and likely what people think of when they think of what you do and who you serve. A few of mine would be entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, podcasting, and online education.

Next, head on over to Pinterest and type your themes into the Pinterest search bar and see how it auto-populates other words in combination with the words you’ve typed. Grab a few that catch your eye, and you’ve officially got Pinterest algorithm-approved keywords and content ideas generated so that you’re amking the content people actually are looking for! 

Focus on just 10-15 keywords throughout the content you share. Put these keywords in your profile name, description, pin titles, pin descriptions, board names, board descriptions, and anywhere else you can find a place to type on Pinterest. Rather than doing Pinterest keyword research every time you want to upload a bunch of pins, pull from this focused list and Pinterest will help your audience find you consistently.

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03) Plan to Create More than Curate on Pinterest

You could potentially waste time trying to figure out your own balance for how much to pin and how much to re-pin and curate on Pinterest. Naturally, the algorithm is going to favor fresh content over reposted content, because they don’t want a feed of only recycled content. In Pinterest’s words, “the smart feed will place a strong emphasis on distributing fresh, relevant content brought into the platform”. If you upload just 1-2 fresh pins per day, you can reach thousands if not millions of people every month on Pinterest. 

What you’re looking for here is a better ratio. When you curate pins you think your audience will find interesting, you’re helping the algorithm learn more about you (remember step 1!) But the goal here is to prioritize sharing fresh content over curating content already on Pinterest.

To help guide what kind of fresh content to create and share, think through what problems your content is solving for your client avatar. While some of the content you create is solving that, in what ways would you solve it differently? How does your business and brand show up uniquely compared to what they would find when they search keywords on Pinterest? And how can your fresh content stand out in those search results?

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04) Optimize Your ‘Fresh’ Content Strategy for Pinterest

Thinking about having to ‘create more content’ probably isn’t what you wanted to add to your to-do list, since our goal is to streamline and simplify! So, here’s the good news about optimizing your content strategy to keep this process stress free for you this year: Pinterest defines “fresh” content as a new pin graphic that points to a URL you’ve already pinned.

A highly effective fresh content strategy on Pinterest for 2024 is to take just one piece of fresh content you’ve made (i.e. a blogpost, podcast episode, freebie, paid offer, etc.) and turn it into 10-15 graphics ready to be pinned. Then pin each of them to a different board! Each of these can point to the same URL, and in turn, the Pinterest algorithm is appeased. Basically, you’re taking one piece of content and remixing it!

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05) Batch and Schedule Your Targeted Pins on Pinterest

Scheduling your pins is a must-do for your Pinterest marketing strategy this year. Why waste your precious time manually pinning when the scheduler feature in Pinterest (or even 3rd party app like Tailwind) can make it happen for you? You can literally set-it-and-forget-it each week in under an hour, letting your pins work for you all week long without you as much as logging onto the platform. 

In fact, it’s more powerful to pin 1-2 targeted, fresh-content-focused pins of your own with your Pinterest-researched keywords than to spend an hour or more curating 50 other pins without a plan. When you think about it, all that effort curating is primarily helping other people’s content get seen. And that’s not your primary goal or best use of your time!

Batch your pinning efforts and let a scheduler trickle them out for you over a week or a month. That way, your presence can stay consistent without you having to be present on the platform every single day. And small moves every day add up big time over the course a year!

Pinterest Strategy Optimization Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Having a smart approach to the way you plan, create, curate, and automate your Pinterest strategy means you’re spending minimal time working on your Pinterest strategy and are, instead, giving it the most time and opportunity to impact your business! Small adjustments to your strategy means way more meaningful results.

Remember: Pinterest is designed for simplicity. You don’t need a complicated Pinterest marketing strategy in order to connect your content to your audience. A lightweight but smart process is the best approach to using Pinterest for your business. It’s a search engine and it wants its users (over 450 million of them!) to find their solutions. Your goal? Make sure your solution pops up when they search for it.

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