Since we’re all staying securely inside of our homes these days, I’ve been thinking a lot about how our homes can make us feel: safe, comfortable, relaxed. At least, that’s how they should make us feel, but maybe you’ve been paying closer attention (what with all the being home) and realized that you could perhaps stand to make a few pivots in order to feel more cozy and safe in your nest. I’ve also been doing a little Marie Kondo-ing of our household essentials and a bit more ingredient list reading which inspired this post. 

In fact over the last few years, I’ve started paying closer attention to what’s inside of all our personal and household products and trying to gradually make more natural swaps. I feel better knowing what the ingredients are inside our products rather than words I can hardly spell, let alone pronounce, filling ingredient lists. Chemicals might have a purpose, but after doing my research I’ve found that there are SO many naturally derived ingredients that are just as powerful as the chemicals, and way less harmful and harsh.

Here are 5 Easy At-Home Swaps to Incorporate More Natural Products

I know that switching to more natural versions of household items can feel overwhelming, and once you start reading labels, it’s tempting to throw everything away and start over. But my biggest piece of advice is to finish using what you’ve already got, and when it’s time to order a new bottle or container, replace it with a more natural option!

These are the categories that we’ve been cleaning up over the last little while and have noticed that the quality is still amazing, and we feel better than ever knowing we are choosing natural-based products to use in our home and on our bodies!

01. Household cleaners:

I don’t know about you, but the smell of certain cleaners is almost nostalgic to me. But recently, I’ve started to make swaps for better cleaners that clean effectively with more natural ingredients. When I started noticing that Conley comes in contact with so many of our surfaces that we use cleaning products on (hello, blowing raspberries on windows anyone?), it inspired me to find better alternatives. I love that so many mainstream stores now offer natural cleaning products so you can pick some up when you’re grabbing paper towels!

02. Toothpaste:

Our little lady is getting her teeth in and she LOVES mimicking what we do. Every morning, she comes in the bathroom, grabs a toothbrush, and imitates us. It made me dig deeper into the ingredient list on our tubes of toothpaste, and we ultimately switched to ARM AND HAMMER™ Essentials that is powered by natural baking soda. Not only are my teeth looking whiter, but they are also feeling clean and fresher than ever. Free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, parabens, and preservatives, I love that this is a product I could let Coco use and not think twice about what’s going into her body.

03. Deodorant:

If you’ve been considering making the swap to a more natural deodorant, there has never been a better time for it than this season of social distancing! Usually, when you swap to a non-toxic option, you go through a detox period that lasts 1 to 2 weeks, so being at home is a GREAT time to make the swap to a better alternative. Many big-name deodorants have aluminum in them to block sweat and odor, but it can also lead to serious health risks. Look for a natural deodorant that’s aluminum-free to make the switch to a cleaner underarm swipe.

04. Fragrance:

This is one we’re still working on. Drew LOVES scented candles and air fresheners, so I’ve started digging into more natural options for fragrance in our home. When you start to Google, you’ll find some awesome options like diffusers, essential oils, and just plain old fresh air. The issue with synthetic fragrance is there’s no telling what’s in them — many have toxic chemicals in them and so it’s no wonder we probably don’t want to fill the air in our homes with that or spray it on our bodies. Instead, look for candles, oils, and even perfumes and colognes that are made with natural fragrances. Better yet, look at the ingredient list and make sure you understand everything that’s on it — bonus points if it’s filled with natural plants and minerals.

05. Skincare:

Not only is being home giving our skin a break from daily make-up (at least for me), but it also gives us a chance to practice our at-home spa rituals and take care of our biggest organ, aka skin! There are so many amazing natural skincare options out there, and now seems like the perfect time to clean up our products and even face-mask it up while we work from home! When I began to make the switch to natural skincare, I was amazed at how many natural, plant-based ingredients have the power to reduce fine lines, clear up breakouts, and heal your skin into the glowing, dewy kind I’d dreamed of. If I’d known plants had that kind of potency, I’d have been slathering them on my noggin since day 1! 

See, friends? It doesn’t need to be a home overhaul, but you can certainly take small steps to a more natural home with simple everyday products! These are the areas we’ve been working to clean on up, and I hope you feel inspired to bring more naturally derived options into your home sanctuary to feel more at ease and cozier than ever.

This post is sponsored by Arm and Hammer, a product we truly use and love (and that Conley actually steals from our drawer each morning!) Thank you for supporting our family by supporting the products we believe in.

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