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December 14, 2021


The number one question we get around here goes something like: “I want to take ALL your courses—WHERE do I begin? Which course is the correct place to start?” 

I don’t want anything holding you back from launching the thing, learning the skill, mapping out the dream, and seeing it all come to life. So let’s first review the JK course options you have available to you, and then we’ll walk through scenarios and FAQs to help you build the perfect course bundle for your business to start 2022 off right.

A complete overview of the Jenna Kutcher digital courses we offer:

Let’s start by going through all of my courses so you can suss out what would be a perfect fit for your JK class line-up!

1. The Instagram Lab

Say hello to your A-to-Z blueprint to learn the Instagram ropes for a deeper connection to your digital community that drives engagement and profits … all in a 4-module, self-paced program backed by a community of over 10k like-minded entrepreneurs. You could space this out for a month or crush it in a weekend!

You’ll learn what to actually post on IG to drive results and engagement, how to plan out your Insta-content so you never feel rushed to pull together a post again. Learn how to turn followers from passive onlookers into paying clients! Plus, you’ll receive TONS of bonuses, including deep-dive trainings on how to write the perfect bio, how to rock IG stories, a hashtag breakdown, and so MUCH MORE. We stacked this course, because Instagram shouldn’t be a headache.

If you want to grow your biz on the ‘gram, look no further than The Instagram Lab. Here’s what a student had to say:

“I’ve been working a little at my strategy every day, and I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned, and all of the new clarity I’ve gained through new strategy. The JK5 Brainstorming helped me so deeply, in that it gave me a deeper grounding + understanding…I feel stronger + clearer about [choosing] to take on this course and the journey of brand building. The Instagram Lab really, truly is an amazingly built course. I’m thankful!!” – Ama McKinley

2. The Pinterest Lab

I’ve taken everything I’ve seen and learned from making Pinterest a #1 traffic driver for my business and turned it into a 4-step, fluff-free, done-in-a-day online training program for multi-passionate business owners like you.

We get crystal clear on how to determine who your ideal client is on Pinterest (and how to create content precisely tailored to them.) You’re going to master how to create viral-worthy pins, pins people want to keep repinning for years! And you’ll learn how to completely set up your Pinterest account to make way for that incoming business — no half-filled out profiles allowed. You’ll have streamlined systems in place that grow as you do. And you won’t be having Pinterest nightmare or stress-sweats; implementing your fresh Pinterest strategy and routine takes less than 30 minutes a week to get your Pinterest strategy running smooth as butter.

If you’re looking for more leads online and less dead-end content that doesn’t meet your dream clients’ eyeballs, The Pinterest Lab is your new bestie. Here’s what a student said:

“From 0 to 30,000 in the last month alone…I built my account from scratch after finishing the course. I have a VERY niche market so with the help of Jenna’s team I was able to come up with some ideas to try to collect people that were the perfect fit for my brand and now my top ten pins have collectively had over 30,000 organic impressions in just the last month alone. I have a very specific market, so being able to get in front of this many new people for FREE is invaluable.” – Michelle Welcome

3. The Podcast Lab

I’ve spent a year encapsulating everything I’ve learned from launching over 500 episodes of my Forbes’ top-rated, iTunes chart-topping business podcast and turned it into a 5-step process. Call that some major synthesizing! But don’t worry, I didn’t dilute the content a single bit. This course is fully-stacked and ready to help you create your OWN path for planning, recording, launching, promoting, scale, and monetizing your podcast in 30 days.

From determining your unique niche, style, and approach, outlining your episode content, and creating a long-term game plan —-to actually knowing what equipment you need or how to make money from your podcast, I cover EVERYTHING you need to know about launching a successful, soul-aligned podcast that you’ve been dreaming of.

Listen to this student-turned-podcast-host:

“I joined the program after an unsuccessful podcast launch and now, podcasting has become more than a marketing strategy, it’s my favorite way to build connections with amazing business owners around the world. Jenna provides clear lessons with easy-to-follow directions which basically took away any excuses I had to not execute!” – Tianna Tye

4. The Content Lab

Content creation should be an effective business strategy AND a creative joy — never a time waster. I’ve consolidated my own simple and strategic content creation methodology that garners hundreds of thousands of weekly blog pageviews (and a whole lot of conversions, too) so that you can take one piece of content, repurpose it 10 different ways, and see results for 90-plus days after publishing.

If you’ve ever wondered how the pros keep up with juggling their social media, blogging, podcasting, and all the other content mediums out there while continuing to grow and communicate with their audiences… I get it. It looks like a lot, but YOU can do this (and maybe even better than they do!) I’m here to SIMPLIFY things for you. I’ll show you how to create purposeful, reusable content for multiple platforms that drives leads, engagement, and ultimately … sales.

Read this from a past student:

“The Content Lab majorly removed the overwhelm for me. I just finished this up and am now implementing and can’t recommend it enough! Seeing how the content is repurposed in various ways makes it feel so fresh, even a month later! And now I have it all set to swap out the images, videos, captions and such, so it feels super simple. Don’t hesitate friends…it’s worth every penny!” – Janelle Marion

5. The List to Launch Lab

Your email marketing roadmap is here – and it’s not scary or confusing in the slightest! It’s up-to-date and super applicable with everything I’ve learned over the years built into a comprehensive, swipe file-packed, tech-tutorial-loaded course, focused on getting you your next (or first!) 1k email list subscribers.

You’ll learn how to set up your email list (yes, even if you have NO clue where to start or how to figure out the tech), how to attract subscribers, what to say to them right off the bat, how to craft compelling subject lines and conversion-friendly email copy, and how to grow your biz and speak to your ideal audience in a whole new, intimate, impactful way. In their inboxes. Every single week (or as often as you like!)

Here’s what another student said:

“This course has completely helped me… STEP.UP.MY.GAME. The best part about this is that it’s so simple and using the resources I already have to grow my audience. You don’t own your followers and they don’t see everything you post, but your emails go straight to your email list. SO GLAD I signed up for this course.” – Tiana Howard

So … Which Jenna Kutcher digital course is right for you?

Now that you’ve got the lay of my course-land, let’s dive into where YOU should start! Read through these scenarios and pay attention to the ones that most accurately describe YOU!

… I have absolutely no following. → The Pinterest Lab

… I’m not sure what I’m going to be selling yet. → The Instagram Lab

… I have a following, but my content is not converting to sales. → List to Launch Lab

… I have many moving pieces and need a plan and method to organize the madness. → The Content Lab

… I have wanted to start a podcast forever but the backend know-how has stopped me from just starting. → The Podcast Lab

… I am TIRED of social media, and know there has got to be a better way to communicate with my audience. → List to Launch Lab

The best bundles based on scenario:

Ready to bundle it up? 

Here’s my quickstart pairing guide to create the best course bundle for you:

(Side note: these are just bundle IDEAS! Ultimately you get to pick which courses you want, Choose-Your-Own- Adventure style, but I wanted to provide some options so you can see the different benefits of different bundles!)

The Instagram Lab // The Pinterest Lab // The Content Lab

For the entrepreneur ready to create and get their message out to the right audience as efficiently as possible, while prolonging the shelf-life of what would otherwise be content that gets gobbled up by the algorithm! This is truly the trifecta of courses!

The Podcast Lab // The Pinterest Lab

For the person who wants to start a podcast and grow their niche-specific listener base from the start.

Starting a new podcast and Pinterest go surprisingly hand-in-hand! The smart feed in Pinterest can help get your new show off the ground.

The Content Lab // List to Launch Lab

For the business owner ready to create meaningful, conversion-friendly copy that lives on and actually serves their audience and engages a larger portion of your audience.

Set up your content calendar, learn how to promote it in 10 different ways and then really go deep on an email marketing strategy that will be the number one way you drive profits in your business.

Common JK course FAQS:

If you’re hesitating because you have questions … we get it! And, we have your answers. 🙂

“I already have XYZ course and want to take XYZ course—will there be overlap? Will it be confusing? Can I take both?”

All of the JK courses fit together in an ecosystem meant to build off one another. Where you start will depend on which area you need the most help with and there’s no right or wrong answer.

All 5 courses dive deep into their specific area of strategy, but all center around the same guiding principles and approach, so they work cohesively together when you are implementing more than one at a time.

All of the course strategies center on working smarter not harder, finding the RIGHT audience, and converting them in a way that will drive profits and sales. 

“I want to buy them ALL but am worried about time. How long will I have to go through the courses?”

All of our courses are go-at-your-own-pace and you get them for the lifetime of the course, so don’t stress about rushing through the content. Some will Netflix binge a course in a weekend and others will implement slowly as they go over the course in a month or more. 

“I don’t have a business or product quite yet, why should I join now? How will this help me?”

Oh sweet friend, this is the time. Here’s what I think: if you ever decide to launch a business, start a blog, or sell a product or service, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, it’s going to take time, but time will pass anyway.

These courses will teach you how to grow a following and learn who you’re speaking to (so that your audience will be warm and excited to join your newest adventure!). Trust me, your future self will thank you for taking a leap today!  

Still have questions? You can always email support@jennakutcher.com for 1:1 feedback on what the best fit for you and your unique business stage. 


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