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December 12, 2017


Pop the bubbly, babes! We’re doing a little celebrating today!

In the last month, Goal Digger Podcast hit 1 our year birthday AND 2 million downloads (that’s a lot of candles….)

We couldn’t think of a better way to CELEBRATE these milestones than sharing our 10 most downloaded, most listened to, and most impactful episodes. (Because, duh.)

These episodes were our biggest game changers, and we couldn’t resist recapping them in hopes that you get to relive the magic! These episodes are in no particular order, but individually and collectively, were hands down, our TOP 10 EPISODES. EVER. And you can’t miss ’em:


1. Lara Casey

“Goal Setting For People Who Hate Goal Setting”

The day I hung out with one incredibly inspiring lady, Lara Casey! In this episode, Lara led us through goal setting for people who hate goal setting (amen!) and she will share her best tips in how to set goals that you can (and will!) achieve! This is THE perfect episode to revisit as we approach 2018 and all the new dreams, plans, and resolutions that come along with it. Get ready for an encouraging conversation to start the year off right! Grab the: Episode Shownotes


2. Liz Bohannon

“What Failing on Shark Tank Taught This Entrepreneur”

Theeee amazing, Liz Bohannon, the founder of Sseko Designs joined us on episode 66! I was first introduced to Liz by a “little” show called, Shark Tank!

As you’ll hear, passion is something that Liz truly believes in, and this brought her from a chicken farm to fashion design! Her “failure” on Shark Tank propelled her ahead in business, and she tells us how this experience impacted her significantly going forward. Liz also shares that your mission and your impact is not your brand, and why it’s so important to create major transparency when it comes to the makers and distribution of your physical product.

She quite literally hijacked the retail model to align better with her goals, and you’ll be fascinated to learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur’s journey to get to where she is today! Grab the: Episode Shownotes 


3. Amber Lilyestrom

“How To Share The Hard Stuff and Inspire”

During this session, I team up with Amber Lilyestrom, a true do-it-ALL’er with her toes dipped into the waters of branding, business strategy, writing, photography, athletics, parenting, you name it!

Amber talks about the importance of connecting the dots that led you to this moment, this career, this situation. Digging into the WHY you are chosen as the person that has to serve in this particular way– whatever that may be. That includes the hard stuff; Amber mentions owning the difficult things that happen as a crucial part of finding yourself. “The more you meet people, the more you realize that everyone has their “junk”– their hard stuff. Don’t play the victim– take comfort that, yes, this happened to me, but it’s not my story.” Grab the: Episode Shownotes 


4. Ashlyn Carter

“How to Pack a Punch With Words”

Tune in as I check-in with my very own copywriter, Ashlyn Carter, where she’ll share her personal story about making the transition from the corporate world into owning her own calligraphy and copywriting business. She’ll share tips on how to find your voice online as well as building a business starting with your email list. This episode is AMAZING if you are in the process of leaving your job and transitioning into a side gig. Ashlyn is the “real life”, informative breath of fresh air that you were waiting for! Grab the: Episode Shownotes 


5. Jordan Dooley

“The Secret To Finding Your Brand Voice”

This guest, Y’all. SO GOOD. In this episode, I team up with the brilliant, inspiring Jordan Dooley of Soul Scripts. Jordan is a blogger who is threading real-life experiences, growth, and advice on the internet with her incredible brand. Her slogan is “your brokenness is welcome here”, and I could not love that open arm mindset more.

Jordan and I dug into the creative process, writing for us AND our followers, proclaiming your faith in the business world, and embracing the process and chaos of it all. This chick is INSPIRING, you guys. Full of energy, positivity, and a healthy dose of realism. What a gift she was to interview! You guys have to listen (and listen again!) to this episode! Grab the: Episode Shownotes 


6. Abby Grace

“The Best Ways to Avoid the Inbox Time Suck”

This week, I paired up with the incredible, Abby Grace, an incredible D.C. based photographer and communication guru.

Abby and I chatted everything from our career trajectory to being part of a husband-wife team all the way to communication strategies that ensure our clients feel satisfied, heard, and valued. Abby is a total wiz at creating an amazing customer experience through words and I was lucky enough to pick her brain! So grab a pen and a notebook because you guys are in for a treat! Grab the: Episode Shownotes


7. Amanda Bucci

“What Is A Mastermind and Why YOU Need To Join One”

I am so, so excited to reintroduce you to the amazing Amanda Bucci! I met Amanda this year in our mastermind and in this episode we talk ALL about what a mastermind is, how to join one, why we picked the one that we did and how it’s really propelled our businesses forward. THINK: Mastermind 101 🙂

If you’re wondering how you can up-level your business while learning from amazing educators, joining a mastermind might be the right option for you. In this episode, I want to share all about our experiences (and, at the end, I reveal a super big secret!) Grab the: Episode Shownotes


8. Natalie Franke

“Starting a Movement and Fostering Community”

Tune in as Natalie Franke, co-founder of the Rising Tide Society shares how she started the community over competition movement and grew the attention of tens of thousands in a few short months. Natalie redefines what real community looks like, shares the shortcomings of navigating new territory, and shares the #1 biggest thing that her movement has done in the life of one of its members.

Community over the competition isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a movement with a heart that embraces real community. Grab the: Episode Shownotes!


9. Sarah Adler

“How YOU Can Eat Your Way To Business Success”

OOOOH, Goal Diggers, this episode is GOLD. And you need to tune in (again and again!) to get the scoop on how you can fuel your business- from the inside out!

The name of the game is food, and we talk ALL about how what you put in your tank can make or break your energy, your stamina, your mood, and…. you guessed it, your work!Calories are not the topic here, folks- We are teaming in with Sarah Adler, author of Simply Real Health Cookbook, to discuss how the timing, quality, and methods of eating that will keep you alert, healthy, and productive!  Ready to feel Empowered, not guilty? Wanting to fuel your fire! Press play, baby! Grab the: Episode Shownotes 


10. Hayley Paige

“Staying Creative and Reinventing Yourself”

Today I am interviewing the incredible wedding dress designer and total girl boss, Hayley Paige. Hayley openly shares her journey as a designer who you’ve likely seen on a little show called  Say Yes to the Dress. She shares how she stays inspired, what she loves most about her brides and the experience that she has added along with her one of kind garments. Grab the: Episode Shownotes

There you have it, our top 10 episodes EVER. Individually and collectively, these episodes are going to rock. your. world. Are you new to the Goal Digger Podcast? Welcome to the party!
These episodes are thee perfect episodes to get ya acclimated to how we do things around here!
And what about the Goal Diggers reading this that have listened before? I have one tip– listen again! You never know what tidbits of inspiration and motivation are going to hit your ears the second time around!

I think in this world we often let milestones and celebrations pass by without really pausing to pat ourselves on the back and truly enjoy the moment.

But today, I am choosing to show up. To reflect. To celebrate.
And I’d love to invite you to join in.

If Goal Digger has touched you, impacted your business, or refreshed your spirits at ANY point please consider sharing our show to join in the celebration! Whether you share it on facebook, text a friend, or put it on your Instagram story, life truly is the more, the merrier– and there is room for everyone at the Goal Digger table. 

If you think the world needs a little more confetti and celebrations (and A LOT more of women building one another up!), let’s share this post and spread some Goal Diggin’ magic! Cheers!

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