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September 10, 2018


Conversations with my mom - Jenna Kutcher has a very special guest on the podcast today: her momma! Tune in to hear all about Jenna as a child and wisdom from this super special lady!

Goal Diggers, today I am introducing you to my ultimate superwoman, my momma! My mom truly does it all: she is a mother of three (I have one brother and one sister), she has been married for 37 years, is a grandma to two (with two more on the way!), she has been a nurse for over 37 years and specifically a nursing instructor for 29. Not to mention, she coordinates my mastermind, is a Make A Wish granter, and is just generally the most positive, calming person you could ever be around!

Today, I wanted my mom to come in to discuss #allthethings like only a mother could do. Hearing what it was like being a working momma, how she found her path, what advice she has for me as I become a mom, what she *really* thinks of my career, and just ALL the mom goodness! Safe to say, I will treasure this episode forever– without further adieu, my momma, Sue Shelerud!


    • Share a little bit about you, what you do, what you’re passionate about, what you’re excited about?
    • Tell me about your nursing career, how did it start, how did it evolve?
    • From a mother’s standpoint, what was it like when we went through our miscarriages, struggles?
    • How are feeling now that we’re pregnant?
    • How is it with us moving home?
    • What are your tips of advice for being a mom?
    • Are you going to be in the room when we have the baby?
    • What was it like when you held me for the first time?
    • Was it kind of weird when you had to repicture life with a girl when you thought you were having a boy?
    • What was I like as a child?  Was I always a leader, dreamer, did you know I’d do things someday?
    • What did you really think when I told you I’m leaving my job to be a photographer, when I’d never even taken an art class?
    • Tell everyone what you think of Drew? What was your first impression of him?
    • Have I ever done anything to make you uncomfortable?
    • What makes you most proud of my journey?
    • Is it weird if people know that you’re my mom?
    • How have I changed in this journey?
    • What is it like having a daughter who has changed many lives?
    • There’s gotta be secrets to this parenting thing…. How would you describe yours and dad’s parenting styles?
    • How did you and dad end up together?
    • What has it been like having me as boss?
    • What are you dreaming of, as you’re approaching retirement age?
    • What’s next?
    • What are some of your favorite mother/daughter memories?
    • Do you think I’m going to have a girl or a boy?
    • What is your last piece of advice for women out there?


I had SO much fun with this interview– basically because I just got to have a heart-to-heart with momma bear! She is hands down one of the wisest people in my life, and hearing HER perspective on my growth, my career, (…and my underwear pics), was so, so enlightening. Goal Diggers, you will LOVE this episode.



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  1. Angie Cockings says:

    My favorite podcast of yours to date. How wise is your Mom?!? Love your relationship and it gave me hope raising 16 year old daughters and the hope one day they will praise me as much as you do your mom. Love love love sunshine Susie. ~Angie

  2. Lindsey says:

    I so rarely write comments, and almost never to people I don’t know personally, but I feel compelled to leave this note. This episode made me so happy and nostalgic for conversations with my mom across the kitchen counter, or on our back porch, or in the car on the way to the garden store. She, too, was a teacher and summers off with her are some of my most precious memories—I wouldn’t trade having a teacher mom for the world! You and I are the same age, Jenna, and I have two sons, a 3-year-old and 1-year-old (boys run strong in this family, too 😉). It’s so weird (or maybe just hopeful), but your mom’s voice almost reminds me of my mom’s, and although I’ve never met you, this episode brought me so much comfort, as if this was a glimpse of the conversation she and I might have had while I was pregnant with my first child. I never got to have that, or see her hold him for the first time, or get those pure, unsolicited babysitting offers, because she unexpectedly passed away just three weeks after I married my husband, years before we had our first baby. She was so excited about our wedding because it meant grand babies were close behind, and that’s really what she looked forward to most in retirement. Perhaps because I never got it, I feel so strongly that all women who can should embrace and cherish having their moms to help them navigate the messy, confusing and exhausting journey into motherhood. They have so much wisdom to impart, even if they were imperfect moms themselves (we all are). So that’s why this episode made me so happy—because you do embrace and cherish it, and it’s beautiful to see a mother-daughter relationship grow because of it ✨💞 Congratulations on Baby Kutcher and welcome to motherhood!

  3. Leila says:

    my dearest darling LOVE it ALL!!!

    quick typo – it is actually:

    Without further ado –

    not adieu – adieu means Goodbye in French !

    thanks again 🙂

  4. Bella Pietsch says:

    Jenna, this segment was great! I’m originally from Wisconsin (I was even sitting in on one of your Comm Week talks at UWSP a few years ago!) but now live in Austin, Texas for work. This chat with your mom was like a little piece of home and family for me. Your relationship with your mom is a beautiful one–and she seems like a truly inspiring, sweet and one-of-a-kind person! Apart from your beautiful conversations with her, I was brought to tears while listening to this podcast sitting at my desk because after high school, I had no idea what path I wanted to follow in life so I took a gap year and volunteered at a small English-centered nonprofit school in the DR! It’s called The Esperanza Project in Cabrera if you have the time to check it out online. (: It makes me so happy to hear that you and your family dedicate time and funds to that beautiful country and the people in it! My life was forever changed from that experience and I completely agree with your statements of their gratitude and vibrant culture, no matter their circumstances. Thanks for being such an inclusive, empowering and inspirational person–but also for feeling like a little piece of home.. XOXO

  5. Elle Bacon says:

    Very fun and cute to listen to while editing away:)
    Lots of good insight!

  6. Mary Haight says:

    Just listened to this. You now have me bawling. I left Wisconsin at 23 (now am 53), never really intending to be gone for the rest of my life. But here I am in WA state and so much time has passed. My mom is now almost 88 and I will never get that time back with her. You are so making the right choices being close to her! By the way. She lives on a lake in Oconomowoc and I LOVE visiting and spending every moment enjoying that lake lifesyte. Thanks for this wonderful podcast with your mom even if I am a blubbering mess right now (and…also so you know…I NEVER cry!)


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