Advice for Finding Inner Peace in Times of Chaos

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April 4, 2022


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Inner peace or inner turmoil – have you checked in to figure out what’s really going on inside that brain and body of yours lately? Finding inner peace, that calm in the chaos, is at the center of our guest’s work. She learned how to find that inner peace through her own personal epiphanies and experience with depression, anxiety, and the mental health challenges so many women are surviving with these days.

Shannon Kaiser is a world-renowned spiritual and self-love teacher, speaker, author, and empowerment coach. She guides people to awaken and align to their true selves so they can live the life they are meant for. 

Self-love, inner peace, hearing and trusting your intuition… These are the topics that light me up lately, and I’m so excited to dig into them with an expert. You’ll learn how to begin the work towards inner peace, how to turn the volume up on that guiding voice you have inside of you, and routines and rituals to strengthen your connection with yourself.

What Is Inner Peace?

Shannon Kaiser describes inner peace as our alignment and our truth, “I really feel that inner peace is our natural state.”

Shannon continued, “Where are we focusing our attention? Because love is peace. And we are love.” When it comes to finding that inner peace, we have to be aware of what is blocking us from it. “It’s the fears that come in, it’s the world that tries to tell you, you need to do it this way, be this way, look this way – That’s all that stuff comes in and blocks us from our peace. So really it’s about revealing and removing all the barriers that are keeping us from being what is natural to us.”

Think back to moments in your life where you may have found this feeling of inner peace, your natural state. It might be a time in your childhood or a moment where you felt at peace and contentment. From there, you have to practice tuning out what is keeping you from that state of inner peace. For Shannon, “It became a practice of a daily ritual if you will, of tuning into my inner world and realizing that peace exists within, it’s not going to come from something outside of ourselves.”

Trusting Your Intuition

“The number one superpower that we all have, that already exists, is getting in touch with your intuition,” Shannon began as we dove into one of my favorite topics: intuition. 

Getting in tune with your intuition and turning up the volume on that voice is a process, Shannon told me. “Your intuition is going to talk to you very differently than maybe a significant other or a friend, and it’s about learning how your intuition talks to you.” Shannon’s process of tuning into her intuition looks like mantras and power statements. Try these: 

I’m willing to see the love that is available to me in this moment and trust my intuition. 

Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Shannon has a quiz that will help you determine what kind intuition style you have – it’s super interesting. Press play to hear her explanation of the different kinds of intuition, from clairaudient, clairsentience, clairfeeling, and beyond. Take her quiz here.

Tangible Ways to Connect with Yourself

Shannon is a big fan of tangible, actionable steps to connect and get quiet with yourself in your journey to finding inner peace. Some of these tools are external (like journaling) but there are also great internal practices you can start right now. 

“One of the easiest things we can do is wake up in the morning and before I even put my feet on the ground, I go through gratitudes,” Shannon explained.

Then, give yourself an intention for the day. Understand that you have more power than you’ve been giving yourself credit for, “And you’re in a place of such relaxation often that you allow whatever word comes to you.”

More from Shannon Kaiser

Shannon brings an energy of calm and peace to the show, while also being vulnerable and honest about the life experiences that led her to this work. I encourage you to hit play on this episode and give yourself space to connect and find your own version of inner peace.

Connect with Shannon Kaiser on Instagram @shannonkaiserwrites and online at playwiththeworld.com. Don’t forget to check out Shannon’s new book, Return to You: 11 Spiritual Principles for Unshakable Inner Peace.

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  1. Magda says:

    Really helpful post. I love them! Selfcare its one of more important issue in life.


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