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May 30, 2024


As a mom who admittedly thinks that emptying the dishwasher feels like an eternity, I am always looking for ways to make my routines easier without sacrificing efficacy, and I’ve also become increasingly aware of any toxic products I’m bringing into my home. That’s why I’ve proudly perfected my 5-minute makeup routine and, with it, watched as the clean, non-toxic products healed my skin issues right before my eyes. (By the way, I timed the dishwasher unload, and its like 3 minutes max. Oops.)

My ADHD diagnosis taught me a lot about how I view time and so I wanted a quick process with results that feels as good as it looks. And with the warm days ramping up, I want to be able to get up and glow… and not feel trapped under cakey, thick makeup. That’s what I’ve found with my favorite clean makeup product line-up! And if you were once a BeatyCounter fan (hand raised over here too!), then I bet you’ll love these alternatives too.

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Why I Love a Clean Makeup Routine

About 8 years ago, I began working on my internal health and learning more about what fuels my wellness. I learned a lot about how my skin was reflecting what was happening inside me, and that I need to consider more carefully about what I apply to my skin since its our biggest organ. 

I was hesitant to make the shift, because, like most makeup wearers, it’s really hard to give up what you feel like are your holy grails. With a little bit of trial and error, I found a line-up of non-toxic products from Crunchi that totally blew me away. Not only can I feel good about the clean ingredients, but the way they feel on my skin is better than anything I’ve ever used.

Since trying them, I’ve converted nearly everything in my makeup bag to Crunchi Products! It’s been years since I made the switch, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup Roundup

Once my skincare is done and my face is prepped, I use these clean products within my makeup routine every single day, and it never fails me. I always feel glowy, fresh, and ready for the day no matter what’s coming my way.

01. The Primer: I used to skip this step, but using a primer helps create a smooth, even base for makeup! It fills in pores and fine lines, creates a more even texture, and helps makeup stay in place all day long (without reapplying). This primer honestly feels like skincare, and it’s the perfect first step of my quick routine!

02. The Foundation: I’ve been using this, along with the primer, for years and am still astounded at how skin-like and natural I feel after applying them. I have tried just about every “clean” foundation out there and I’ve liked some but never LOVED one… until this one. It blends in fast and covers everything with little effort.

03. The Bronzer: Since I’m wearing SPF in my skincare routine and won’t get that sun-kissed glow we all strive for, I need to warm up my face with a quick bronzer. This one blends like a dream and is never patchy. Bonus: a little bit of this goes a long way, so it lasts me forever!

04: The Liquid Blush: This is the blendable blush of my dreams! It doesn’t eat away at my foundation or bronzer and helps me come to life with a few small dots on each cheek. I once heard an Instagram makeup guru talk about how bronzer and blush are like the instant facelift and to not skip these steps — so, sign me up!

05. The Highlighter: I enhance my glow with a few swipes of this on the high points of my face. It gives me the perfect amount of glow without feeling like a slathered on my Bath and Body Works glitter from high school (anyone else remember those days?!).

06. The Brow Pencil: I used Shade 01 to help the brows pop in about 10 seconds. I already have full brows, but even these dark brows have some gaps that need filling. Pro-tip here: Choose a pencil that’s a few shades lighter than your brow hair tone to make it look more natural!

07. The Lip Crayon: I love this lip crayon in the shade ‘Coral’ because it goes with everything I wear. This crayon feels like a ‘my lips but better’ kind of effortless look I’m going for. No matter how much sleep you’ve had, a pop of color on your lips makes you look alive, I swear!

08. The Mascara: This is one non-Crunchi fave that I use almost daily. I’ve tested a lot of clean mascaras, and to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve found one that I’m confident enough to absolutely swear by. But, this one is still a favorite that I tend to gravitate towards. It’s great for every day wear!

P.S. Looking for non-toxic skincare to replace your BeautyCounter skincare products, too? You can save 10% on all of my FAVES from Primally Pure with code JK10!

Ready to Face the Day with Safe Cosmetics?

Yep, I crush my make-up routine in just 5-minutes of my morning and I feel like a million bucks. And the best part is that it lasts. As a parent, I can’t tell you how relieving it is to know that my face isn’t slowly melting away all day as I run my business and chase my kids around, and the products in my makeup routine aren’t harming my skin either (did you know your skin is your body’s largest organ?!).

Don’t get me wrong, I think long and intricate makeup routines are a magical skill. ‘Getting into full glam’ is a really fun experience that I truly do enjoy on special occasions. But I know that when I make the process easier, I stress less about doing it (in fact, I look forward to it). So, if finally ready to clean up and simplify your makeup act, plus fall in love with a few products that can stand the test of time, take a scroll through my fave clean makeup line.

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