Scared to Put Yourself Out There? 5 Easy Ways to Start

May 29, 2024


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Calling all goal diggers who have never publicly shared your dream, the project you’re working on, or about the business you want to start! I know that putting ourselves out there can be incredibly scary…. But it’s necessary to your success. 

Sharing yourself and what you’re working on allows you to leave  breadcrumbs on the path to help people understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it — and why they should be willing to invest in it.

It’s true that people buy from those they know, like, and trust, and the best way to invite others to get to know you is through the content you create. I’m sure you knew that already! But what if it’s not that simple? What if talking about your business doesn’t come as naturally for you?

I know that feeling all too well – there have definitely been seasons in my entrepreneurial journey where I was either scared to put myself out there or genuinely didn’t think I had anything ‘interesting’ to say. I knew I had to post, but didn’t know where to begin!

If you find yourself struggling to tell your story and sharing who you are and what you do, in this episode I will share 5 easy ways you can start posting TODAY to build awareness of your business and boost engagement.

By embracing these steps, you’ll gain confidence in letting your voice be heard and building meaningful connections with your audience, too!

#1: Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Share glimpses into the process of creating your product or service. People love to see the human side of businesses, so show them the messy desks, brainstorming sessions, or even mistakes and challenges you encounter along the way. This authenticity builds trust and connection with your audience.

Start to talk about your curiosity; it doesn’t even have to be angled that you’re going to start a business around it, but share how you’re leaning into the curiosity whether it’s books you’re reading, podcasts you’re listening to, people you’re learning from. 

When I was writing my book, How Are You, Really?, I shared a TON of behind-the-scenes content. The best part of this was that I had a lot to share, and by the time the book was published, people were so invested in it that they couldn’t WAIT to get their copy!

(Speaking of grabbing a copy, you can get yours HERE!)

Remember: it doesn’t even have to be YOUR content, it can be other people’s but it starts to anchor the direction you’re going. This can simply include sharing quotes or graphics and Reels to your Stories that reflect your values or mission, for example – content created by someone else but that let’s people into what you’re passionate about or working on!

#2: Share Your Why or the Transformation

Tell the story behind your idea. What inspired you to create it? What problem does it solve? Sharing your passion and motivation behind your venture can resonate deeply with your audience and compel them to support you.

Friend, your origin story matters and you might be living it right now. Even before you have an LLC or the sales page for your new product, now is the time to help anchor in “why” you are doing it and start leaking out bits of that to your audience. 

The more you start to help people understand why you’re creating something or building a business, the more they are bought in – even if they don’t need what you’re selling. 

You can share your own personal transformation OR a transformation you got for someone else. Be sure to share the journey, not just the before and after!

If you haven’t listened to my recent interview earlier this month with Ashlyn Carter, check it out here!

In our conversation, she talked about how the only true monopoly we have is our story… That no matter what product or service we provide, our uniqueness is what makes us stand out from our competition.

This is why it’s so important to share our why and how we have transformed our lives and our businesses; it just might be the thing that causes someone to choose YOU over someone else.

#3: Ask for Feedback

Invite your audience to be a part of your journey by asking for their input or feedback on certain aspects of your product or service. Not only does this engage your audience, but it also makes them feel valued and involved in the creation process.

The other day I saw someone do a poll to have their audience help them name their podcast episode. I’m 99% sure they had already named it but I loved this because it was a gentle reminder that they had an episode coming out and within the options, it gave the listeners insight as to what the episode might contain. 

Another way I’ve seen business owners do this recently is by creating private Broadcast Channels when they are in the midst of creating their next product or service. This is a place for their ‘die-hard fans’ to be a part of the creation process, such as helping choose a logo or packages or labels or flavors or designs… whatever it may be.

The main takeaway of this point is that when people participate in the development and growth of what you’re creating, they will be far more invested in it and likely to take action! So ask for feedback as you create.

#4: Offer Value

Provide valuable content related to your niche or industry. This could be in the form of tips, tutorials, or insights that demonstrate your expertise and establish you as a trusted authority in your field. By consistently delivering value, you’ll attract and retain a loyal following.

This is the name of the game in my opinion – do NOT make the mistake of waiting to start talking about what you’re doing until you have something to sell. Here’s your chance to serve. 

If you can get people a result or valuable insight for FREE, they will be far more likely to pay for what you have to offer. 

Remember: You can start building an email list BEFORE you have something to sell! My motto is to serve, serve, serve, serve… THEN sell. 

Learn how to start and grow your email list in my FREE class here!

#5: Tease the Launch

Build anticipation for your launch by dropping hints, teaser images, or countdowns. Create excitement around your upcoming offer without giving away too much detail. This can pique curiosity and encourage your audience to stay tuned for the big reveal.

This is so easy and so powerful – there will be so many steps along the way that you can start to build suspense and crack open the door! Make people curious. 

Share different aspects of the launch whether it’s photos, you working on the offer, colors you’re using, product details, you creating the product… Again, content can come easy when you stop thinking about just the end result and start deconstructing what goes into it. 

For example, when I was preparing to launch the Goal Digger Podcast, I shared why I was launching it, asked for suggestions of who I should interview, shared different cover art options, asked for help titling it, posted pictures of me recording it, and more.

Now It’s Your Turn!

I know it can be scary to put ourselves out there for the judgment of others. But whether it’s sharing our work, starting a new project, or expressing our ideas, that hesitation can hold us back from valuable opportunities and connections. It can hold us back from reaching our fullest potential… and from digging our biggest goals! 

I truly believe that the world needs what YOU have to say the way YOU say it, so I hope this episode gave you practical ideas to start getting your voice heard right away.

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