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December 27, 2021


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No one told me that signing up for entrepreneurship also meant I’d become a content creation machine. Blog posts, social captions, podcast episodes, emails, Instagram Reels… I ran the numbers, and I’ve created roughly 2.4-billion pieces of content. Or at least, it FEELS like my numbers have hit the billions. Creating content requires a key element — creativity. And sometimes that creative well runs dry. What then?

As a seven-figure launch strategist, Destinee Berman knows plenty about content creation. On her busiest weeks, she will spend up to 15 hours recording podcast episodes, creating five-day challenges, filming live video and more. But she doesn’t do it on sheer will alone. There’s an art to making sure that your creative well doesn’t run dry and that you come up with content that will truly capture your ideal clients’ attention.

Waiting around for inspiration to strike isn’t efficient. Destinee will walk through developing a content creation strategy that works for you and keeps the ideas flowing so you can keep creating. 

Content is Key

Destinee is a big proponent of creating content for your brand because consistent and authentic content creates loyalty in your relationships with listeners, subscribers, and fans.

“I don’t believe you can grow your business without having original content in there, especially if you’re a part of the creator economy,” Destinee began. “It’s a way for you to monetize, and while paid advertising is a strong channel, you can’t do it for the long-term and it just gets too expensive.”

Creating content for organic content marketing for your brand is key. Destinee explained, “There’s so much content out there. You really need to carve out your voice and your niche for people to pay attention, for people to become loyal subscribers and to have loyal fans.”

A lot of times when we think about content creators, we see perfectly curated Instagram feeds and social media influencers. However, Destinee encourages creators to own their channel — meaning you need to be able to own your email subscribers, podcast subscribers, website traffic, etc. and move them across platforms. 

Content Schedule

Creating a content creation schedule is key for the consistency piece of the puzzle. For Destinee, she knows that Tuesdays are her best day for creating podcast episodes, so she aims to batch record several episodes on Tuesdays. Not every session turns out the same number of episodes, and sticking to a Tuesday recording day requires preparation, but she’s more likely to be consistent if she knows that every week on Tuesdays she will be working on her podcast.

What would that look like for you and the content you create (or want to create)? What day of the week or every other week is the most conducive to your creativity? 

The preparation piece is important, too. If the act of “creating” means sitting down to record a podcast episode, then what needs to happen before you step up to the mic? Simplify the creation process by preparing in advance the assets, tools, and resources you need to have a successful day of creation.

Consistency Mindset Shift

In the beginning, it’s easy to think that you want to be on three different platforms at once and then get overwhelmed by the creation that has to happen (especially when you don’t have a team to support you in this area yet). Instead, Destinee recommends picking a platform for longform content that calls to you and starting with that first. 

Then, you need to decide on a creation schedule that you can stick to with consistency. “Consistency is above all,” Destinee says. “You need to commit, and this is more of a mindset shift, but we want to stop negotiating with ourselves. No matter how much we have going on, we’re going to do it.”

Batch producing and scheduling helps with consistency, but Destinee says the first step is, “You have to commit, there’s no negotiation.”

Measure Your Outcome

“It’s hard to keep going when you don’t know what the outcomes are,” Destinee explained. From the very beginning, you’ll want to measure the outcome of your efforts. 

Of course, building an audience and traffic will be challenging at the beginning before you leverage paid advertising, but you can measure if you’re building your email list, if you’re getting reader/listener/audience responses, or other forms of feedback that signal your content is reaching people and not falling into the void.

More from Destinee Berman

What are Destinee’s tips for renewing your creative energy? How can outsourcing help your content creation goals? How can you find your voice in a noisy creative world? All of these things and more are inside the full episode — just hit play above or find Destinee’s interview on the Goal Digger Podcast wherever you like to listen. 

Follow Destinee Berman on Instagram @desberman and online at for more resources on creating content with consistency.

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