From Bachelorette to Mom with Desiree Hartsock


From Bachelorette to Mom with Desiree Hartsock

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You might know her from a TV Show called The Bachelorette, but I know her as a dear friend in my life. Today I’m hanging out with Desiree Hartsock, who met her incredible husband Chris on the show and they now have a sweet baby together. We’re going to talk all about navigating being on TV, how to know when you’re being called to do something that might feel uncomfortable and what it is like being a new momma while running your own empire!


“That’s what I think is so great about life, you never know what is going to happen but you have to be willing to take those risks to really find out your purpose.” (3:51)

When Desiree was first approached to become the bachelorette she was completely shocked. As a creative, she is used to being more behind the scenes. (6:24)

She shares that she prays about certain decisions, and if she feels peace about it she knows it was the right direction to go. (7:31)

Desiree didn’t realize how passionate others were about their opinions on social media and how the would affect her after recording was over. (7:41)

“It is extremely hurtful; I think we always need to know it is a human being with a heart and a soul (we’re talking about).” (8:31)

She says that life on the show was emotionally and spiritually draining, and that battling physical and mental exhaustion was difficult. (10:00)

“Being in there with all the emotions, you don’t have anyone in there to really lean on.” (11:18)

People ask what made Desiree and Chris last, and she says not pursuing the spotlight and getting back to reality and everyday life is what they needed. (17:20)

“Being a mom has really helped me live more in the moment and be present and I feel more relaxed then I ever have been.” (19:16)

The piece of advice Desiree has to give to other women that are chasing a dream or feel stuck is to just go for it! (29:58)

“Stop saying yes to everything and really think about what is important to you and what makes you happy” (30:01)


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