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How to Leave a Legacy

Jenna Kutcher 

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When was the last time that you thought about how to leave a legacy, specifically your active legacy – as in the fact that you are living it right now. It’s easy to look at someone far older than us and think of all the stories, lessons, blessings, and trials that stack up to write their legacy, but we often forget that no matter what our age is, we are working on our legacy, no matter how mundane our days are.

What do you want to be remembered for? What is your purpose? How is each day bringing you one step closer to that?

Five things I’ve learned in my quest to create something bigger than myself:

– Grief comes in waves, especially with a loss: some days you can stand on the shore and watch the waves crash at your feet, other days you are sucked in and pulled under. You’ve got the ride the waves, each day.

– God’s timing is never off. We learned of my Grandma’s loss the same day we were on a mission trip in a third world country. It was symbolic of the life should would want us to live and somehow we were all together in an experience when we got the news of her passing.

– When it comes down to summing up one’s life, it feels impossible to share someone’s legacy in a few paragraphs. I asked myself, “What do people need to know about my Grandma? What would sum up a woman who taught me so much?”

– Our focus in this life need not be profits, popularity, or anything of the sort, it should be a focus on how we can make the biggest impact, on the world, in others lives. When you shift your mindset from worldly things and to impact, beautiful things happen.

– Stop getting caught up in the small stuff. When you experience a big loss, it’s easy to look at the “problems” of this life and they feel so significant, it’s all about mindset and it’s a reminder of what truly matters in this life and where we should focus our time.

How to live your legacy out loud and share it with the world:

1.) Recognizing that your story is important, empowering it, and sharing it.

2.) Distinguishing what connects you to other people in a meaning full way to put relationships first.

3.) Telling a bigger story through every post

4.) Trusting your gut on what to share and how to share it.

5.) Being the author of your life and your clients lives, how are you sharing THEIR story as well as they could share it.

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