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April 28, 2017


It is officially that time of year where you remember that once upon a time you set a 2017 new year’s resolution and at some point abandoned it (um, there’s always 2018?). While setting year-long goals is awesome, sometimes it is better to ask yourself what goals are you setting for TODAY. The following list is my three go-to tactics to get in the zone, tackle my to-do list, and get. it. done.

1) Start your day with writing your biggest 3 priorities:

Begin your day working on your “Big 3” as I like to call them! It’s amazing how much doing this one thing simplifies your life and workflow. By mentally reducing the clutter and focusing on the three most important tasks you have to tackle today, you will accomplish so much more. By simplifying and “ranking” your tasks, you are able to tell yourself what is truly crucial to accomplish and what is optional. Thinking of your to-do list in this way really boils it all down and makes it feel much more simple and manageable. This tactic is awesome because it clarifies and reduces stress while still ensuring that the vital things get accomplished. When you grab ahold of your list and set clear goals, you are much more likely to accomplish it!

2) Press Pause On Your Email Inbox

Don’t open your email until those three previously mentioned tasks are done or you’ll spend your day just responding to emails. All of us at one point or another have told ourselves we are “just going to look at my email really quick” and two hours later you are head over heels in a never-ending gmail inbox.

Often times answering one simple email turns into hours of replying, forwarding, and sorting. While emailing is absolutely a critical part of business management, there can be more productive ways to spend your time. That is why I always make an effort to accomplish my top three priorities before I tackle my inbox. When you tackle it in this way you are still getting to your email, but getting a heck of a lot more done altogether!

3) Fine Tune Your Work Space

This one is FUN, guys! You know those spaces or environments where you just feel like your best self— where you feel most alive and content? Well I firmly believe that those spaces should exist for your best work self, as well. Maybe you already have your go-to spot and habits, or maybe you are in the trial and error phase, regardless it is crucial to make a space that fuels your ambitions, gets your creative juices flowing, and inspires you to get to work! For me personally, that looks like a airplane mode phone, an office with a lot of windows (this girl is solar paneled, y’all!), a good playlist, and an endless pot of coffee. That said, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you and that’s the beauty of this!

I find it also extends beyond the physical work space and into my work flow itself— create a style of work that works for you. Whether it is rearranging your communication process, email sorting process, or day-to-day responsibilities, create a system that works for you and makes you feel in control and excited about your work. There are so many things that can motivate & inspire a person and if you are excited to be in your work space, I promise that enthusiasm will trickle into your work.

Put it into motion!

Alright gang, I just covered three super simple, easy-to-apply tactics that helped transform me from a dreamer into an action taker. By establishing these habits, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish on a daily, yearly, LIFETIME level. It’s time for that to-do list to motivate you and not drain you. Let’s get to work, eh?  


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  1. I am going to start doing #1 immediately! Email rules my day, and that needs to stop. Thank you!


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