7 Habits of Highly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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July 30, 2019


habits of highly successful women entrepreneursI’ve met so many women who inspire me, energize me, and push me to be the best version of myself. Watching other women succeed only motivates me to continue pursuing my unique path and finding innovative ways to teach and lead others. But I’ve noticed that the most successful female entrepreneurs didn’t get to where they are by chance.

No, they strategically fill their days with life-giving, soul-quenching habits that help them to propel forward and keep going after their heartiest goals. Today, I’m sharing 7 habits that I’ve seen in other successful women’s lives and that I try to incorporate into mine. Take a peek, and see if you can squeeze a few of these simple shifts into your own daily routines.

1. Practicing kindness.

Wait, what? Did I just get you caught off guard. Maybe you’re ready to click back to your Amazon prime order but hear me out: kindness doesn’t always come easy.  When your kid’s whining for the third straight hour or a car honks and cuts you off, it’s so much more natural to immediately go into frazzled mode (or straight up pissed off). But successful women are able to keep the big picture in mind and approach frustrating situations with compassion and calmness.

Of course, we all have our moments… I know I certainly do. But by actively pursuing the kind response or the kind action as much as possible, we’ll not only brighten other people’s days but our own, too. And as they say, kindness is contagious. So, how can you spread a little today?

2. Setting boundaries

Listen, it’s hard to shut off work at the end of a crazy day when people still need answers from you or when your computer is sitting on the nightstand taunting you to open it. It’s also hard to be the person who doesn’t partake in chatty gossip with girlfriends. But creating boundaries around our work, relationships, and other lifestyle habits is vital for our success and mental wellbeing.

Even if you have to shift your boundaries over time, be clear with your colleagues, family, and friends about what you are and aren’t okay with from the start. Maybe you have a strict no-email policy on the weekends, or a promise to not look at social media for the first hour of the day. Whatever your boundaries are, stick with them because they determine a whole lot of your mental and emotional bandwidth.

3. Believing in yourself.

Let me ask you this: are you afraid of success or failure? Because something tells me that innately you believe in yourself but you doubt that feeling. I mean, it’s so incredibly nice to get affirmation from a spouse, friend, or parent, but if YOU don’t fully believe in yourself, your gifts, and your capabilities first and foremost, then everyone else’s confidence won’t matter for a minute. And if someone has some sort of constructive criticism (or just straight-up haterade)?

You can bet you’ll be practically internally combusting and itching for their approval, all while you really only need your own self-assurance to find confidence and worth. We all have times when others’ opinions get us down, but as long as you believe in yourself at your core, you’ll be able to navigate the criticism or tough times with a whole lot more gumption.

4. Maintaining Positivity

Gosh, life can be hard, you guys. But I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. The attitude we try to keep as we work through life’s ebbs and flows impacts everyone and everything around us.

Approaching the less-than-good occurrences with a “poor me” attitude will only ever keep you in a state of victimhood. Even if a tough time isn’t your fault, approaching it with can-do, optimistic energy makes it so much more bearable and makes solving problems immensely more approachable. After all, everything does work out in time — just remind yourself of that when things get difficult!

5. Keeping a morning routine.

Bah, morning routine… as a new mom, I have to smile at this one and while my morning routine looks a little different than it used to, it still exists and for good reason. Morning routines are so powerful for kicking off your day on a good note. Fill your morning routine with things that bring you joy, because we could ALL use a little more joy in our lives, especially first thing in the morning.

Successful women often avoid looking at their phone or email right away in the morning because it puts us in a place of reactivity rather than empowering proactivity. Whether you get a sweat in, enjoy a slow breakfast and cup of coffee with the fam, or spend some time meditating or reading, create a routine you enjoy and that you’ll want to stick to every day.

6. Communicating confidently.

Confident communication is key, whether it’s via email, in person, or even your body language. By speaking with clarity and resolve, you’ll let others know that you believe in your capabilities, which better equips them to trust you thoroughly. I think confidence is such a major attribute that leads to success, and even if you don’t feel all that confident all the time, this is an area where it’s definitely okay to fake it ’til you make it.

A few ways to appear more confident include making eye contact during conversation, standing up straight with your shoulders pulled back, and enunciating your words when you speak. Avoid mumbling, slouching, or fidgeting too much.

7. Going the extra mile.

A lot of times it might be tempting to call it quits when a project is done but just “okay.” It might look done, but we always know when it could use another once-over or a little more refinement. Successful women always push themselves to complete their tasks to the very best of their abilities, even if it means more time and resources being used.

By going that extra mile, you’re letting other people know you are dedicated and trustworthy. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed, I can guarantee that. And you’ll feel so much better and more fulfilled knowing you put your all into your work and consistently delivered projects you can feel proud of.

So friends, keep pursuing healthy, purpose-driven habits that make you feel more full of joy, persistence, and gratitude. By prioritizing the pursuit of better living, you’ll experience deeper bliss, better relationships, and more significance at work.


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